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Other Nonfiction

  • The Box House

    by Brigid Marlin

    The Box House is the story of an abused and neglected child whom the author befriended more than 50 years ago in England. Eight-year-old Cassie is badly neglected and abused by her mother but fiercely protective of her younger siblings. She is determined to make a better life for them all, and creates a "real home" made of cardboard boxes, to which they can escape, if only for a short time.  

  • The Adventures of Mister Bubble - A Teacher's Guide

    by Luke Mathius Harlow
    The Adventures of Mister Bubble - A Teacher's Guide Activities based on the storybook "The Adventures of Mister Bubble - Mister Bubble and the Thoughtless Children" “Because you squeezed my bottle and set me free, I will grant you three wishes,” Mister Bubble told the children. “Any three wishes you want. But beware; if the wishes are not kind and good, the wish you make is likely to go wrong!” (Mister Bubble from The Adventures of Mister Bubble - Mister Bubble and the Thoughtless Children) Mist... more
  • Build Your Computer Skills

    by Luke Mathius Harlow
    Packed with over 100 pages of information and easy to understand guides, covering everything from how to make a music CD, to building your very own website. Build Your Computer Skills comes complete with a guide to buying a brand new computer, highlighting everything you need to consider before spending your hard earned cash. Other topics covered include; • Numbering Systems: Binary Explained! • Computer Hardware: A Glimpse inside the Machine • Guide to Cleaning your Computer • Under... more
  • Collecting Old Maps

    by Marti Griggs, Curt Griggs, F.J. Manasek
    A book for a new generation of map collectors. This revised and expanded edition is effectively a new book that covers every aspect of this fascinating hobby. The plush illustrations show the five-century evolution of printed maps, depicting the progression from simple woodcuts to elegant engravings, from baroque compositions to refined scientific cartography and finally to the technically advanced, but sometimes whimsical, approach of 20th-century mapmakers. Neophytes, veteran collectors,... more

    by timothy banse
    Words you'll hear on the street but won't find in your college or high school textbook.
  • Wait: Four Weeks of Preparing the Soul for Christmas

    by Daniel Ethan Harris
    Christmas is coming, and this book will help prepare your soul in unconventional ways. This year, go beyond the cultural craziness of the season by arranging your life around waiting for God throughout the four weeks of Advent. Through these daily readings and prayers, Daniel Ethan Harris helps you understand what Advent is and how any Christian can observe it in a way that will enable you to wait on God in the midst of the ordinary events of your life by paying attention to how God’s people hav... more
  • Follow: 40 Days of Preparing the Soul for Easter

    by Daniel Ethan Harris
    Easter is the greatest celebration for Christians, yet too often we come to it unprepared. This year, join millions of other Christians around the world and prepare your soul for a celebration of Jesus' resurrection by reorienting your life around following him throughout the forty days of Lent. Through these daily readings and prayers, Daniel Ethan Harris helps you understand what Lent is and how any Christian can observe it in a way that will enable you to follow Christ through the events of y... more
  • Societal Perceptions

    by Jessica McEachern

    Societal Perceptions was written to help readers connect with various experiences and identify misperceptions within society. The book utilizes experiences, observations, and narratives to explore how societal perceptions impact individuals, families, cultures, communities, and associations. By the end of Societal Perceptions readers will understand how viewpoints, behaviors, thinking, and experiences constrain individuals, families, communities, cultures, and race relations within society. T... more

  • The Akashic Muse: Collaborating With Your Soul & The Akashic Records for Writing & Other Creative Endeavors

    by Barbara Schiffman
    More soul-seekers, writers and artists than ever before are being inspired to consciously access The Akashic Records ~ the energy archive of our Souls' collective journeys through all lifetimes. Quantum physicists call this dimension the Unified Field; Carl Jung called it the Collective Consciousness. Learn how YOU can tune into Soul-level inspiration more consistently and easily by using Akashic tools to enhance your Creative Process from the inside out ~ for writing, music, art, film and o... more
  • Now Write! Screenwriting: Screenwriting Exercises from Today's Best Writers and Teachers (Now Write! Writing Guide Series)

    by Barbara Schiffman
    A compendium for screenwriters of chapters by top screenwriters and Hollywood writing coaches. My chapter is "Key Things to Know Before You Write" based on the things most writers leave out of their scripts which drive script readers like me crazy!
  • Martinis & Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe & Wtf?!

    by Shannon Day & Tara Wilson
    Stories that inspire, entertain, and make you laugh ’til you pee. Plus martinis! And not just any-old-martinis—these ones were designed just for moms! These tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?! share a little glimpse into the lives of other moms, who are a lot like you. Through their tales, we’re reminded to savour the little things (like capturing extra morning snuggles), to let go of the stresses (they won’t be in that unfortunate phase forever), and to be grateful for the laughs that the unexpe... more
  • Energy Serfdom to Energy Freedom

    by Donald R. Statter, Jr.
    This book will be a joy to the common citizen that is tired of the lies, politics, and misinformation that drives the petroleum industry. It opens with the question, "what would you do if you ran a business and agents remote from your control that said things and did things that drove up the value of your product?" The answer of course is that the petroleum industry will not challenge misrepresentations that improve their profits. The book is written for the novice in order to uncover the myster... more
  • Sixty Two Days of Terror: How Medical Neglect Changed Jody's Life Forever

    by Michael Miller
    This is the saga of Jody Miller’s sixty two day horrific stay at a major medical center in Ohio and how it altered her life. Jody, a nurse herself, developed a nagging pain in her legs only to find she had a critical condition requiring immediate attention. She sought help, attempting to resolve the issue with a non-invasive procedure. When this failed major surgery was required, the type of surgery that can be easily yield a fatality on the operating table. She not only survived, but thrived th... more
  • Tear-Free in Disneyland

    by David W. Edgerton

    New for 2015! A trip to Disneyland Resort in California requires a lot of planning, preparation and, when young children are involved, a lot of patience and understanding. Tear-Free in Disneyland is written especially for parents, with gentle advice and step-by-step instructions to anticipate, avoid and quickly fix tearful situations.

    You’ll find simple answers to tricky questions like, “How old should my kids be before I take them to Disneyland?” and “Which ride... more

  • CLAUTION's Electrical Engineer's Synonym Dictionary

    by Chris Hannon
    The Electrical Engineer's Synonym Dictionary is an essential desk reference that can be quickly and conveniently used to better understand various engineering jargon terms used on a daily basis by professionals and students alike. The book covers terminology related to, but not limited to topics such as Core engineering concepts, Digital communications, Graphics/displays, Multiplexing, Optical communications, and Wireless telecommunications.
  • Pleasing The Lord

    by Serenity Anderson

    In Pleasing the Lord (by Serenity), the ideas for how to live a Christ-infused lifestyle are beautifully shown through pictures and subsequent descriptions and verses. Comparing the descriptions to the pictures allows children to visualize the necessities of a faithful life. Teaching kindness, love and prayer to children allows them to seek God in all circumstances and follow His word in every situation. Serenity does a stunning job at reiterating how pleasing the Lord is a peaceful and lovin... more