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Other Nonfiction

  • Idiots and Children

    by Diana Estill
    Award-winning author Diana Estill delivers twisted tales of past and present in her latest collection of humor essays. Having grown up with an absent-minded father and a mother who refused to wear—but nevertheless tried to sell—beauty products, Estill drolly recalls her childhood angst and confusion. Besides poking fun at herself and her kin, Estill unleashes tongue-in-cheek commentary on subjects such as populating Mars, finding the “fun” in funerals, cloning Neanderthals, and store gun pol... more
  • The Art of the College Essay

    by gabrielle glancy
    Readable, funny and smart, The Art of the College Essay takes the anxiety out of the writing process and replaces it with a completely organic, common sense way of getting to the heart of what you're trying to say. For students, counselors, parents, writers of all kinds and just plain everyday people who want to know how to write from the inside out, this book is the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Live Prayerfully: How Ordinary Lives Become Prayerful

    by Daniel Ethan Harris
    There’s a difference between praying and living prayerfully. This book guides you through three time-proven ways that millions of Christians throughout history have discovered make a difference. You, too, will see your prayer life spill over into everything you do so that your entire life becomes prayerful. As the author shares his own personal stories and passes along wisdom on prayerful living from other Christians of today and the past, you will sense God’s invitation to you to live prayerful... more
  • The Creative Year: 52 Workshops for Writers

    by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta
    Most writers struggle with three things: how to get started, how to improve, and what to do with a finished piece of writing. The Creative Year: 52 Workshops for Writers is a fun, concise guidebook that illuminates a path for all three. Each workshop contains three parts: process, prompt, and venue. Used together, these techniques provide the scaffolding for a sustainable, fulfilling writing life.
  • Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremony: Choosing the Perfect Words and Officiating Your Unforgettable Day

    by Dayna Reid
    This revised edition of the book previously titled, “Sacred Ceremony,” includes: Step-by-step, informative chapters, which describe the elements of a wedding ceremony from beginning to end, and the choices people can make with each element. “Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremony” includes a wealth of wording and ceremony selections, to celebrate diverse styles, beliefs and traditions, from Christian to Zen, to the simple declarations of love that transcend tradition. Readers are given all the infor... more
  • Beautiful Rainbow World

    by Suzee Ramirez
    A bright, soul-filled photography book of global children that appeals to all ages. The stunning photos were carefully compiled to represent children from all around the world including Russia, France, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, India, Libya, Japan, the UK and more. This book has a simple yet profound truth to share ~ we are all truly amazing ~ each person, just as we are. The song download, "Beautiful Rainbow World" by world-renowned children's folk singer, Daria, is included. Sing-along and sm... more

    by Donald Rattner

    How do we foster the next Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein so as to compete in a global marketplace that rewards innovation? How do we cultivate creativity in our children so they grow up happy and self-fulfilled? How do we nurture the next Picasso? Award-winning architect, educator and author Donald Rattner answers these questions in his new book The Creativity Catalog: play with stuff, he says.

    Not just any stuff, but a special class of household products specifically designed to cu... more

  • Yoga's Touch: Hands-On Adjustments, Alignment and Verbal Cues

    by Martia Bennett Rachman
    From New York Times Featured Author With more than 200 color photos of more than 40 common yoga postures, plus detailed instructions and intuitive cues, Yoga's Touch is an easy-to-use reference book designed to empower you to be a more effective, versatile and confident teacher. Martia Bennett Rachman, E-RYT 500 and LMBT, has taught thousands of classes and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers. Renowned for combining therapeutic touch with specific asanas to strengthen and heal the body, ... more
  • Venice: A Travel Guide to Murano Glass, Carnival Masks, Gondolas, Lace, Paper & More

    by Laura Morelli
    Every traveler to Venice wants to go home with a special souvenir—a carnival mask, a piece of Murano glass, a handcrafted piece of lace. But selecting which mask or which goblet to buy can be an intimidating experience. How do you know if you’re buying something authentic, something made in Venice, something made in a traditional way? How do you gauge how much you should pay, and how do you know if you’re being ripped off? How do you determine if you have fallen prey to one of the city’s many to... more
  • African Inter-Religious Dialogue: Philosophy and Theology

    by Leon Kabasele
    I, Leon Kabasele write book on African inter-religious dialogue I encourage African religions to take own, independent shape LONDON – “African Inter-religious Dialogue: Philosophy and Theology” (published by AuthorHouse UK) is my fifth book on religious discourse. It focuses on Africa’s religious diversity with the author’s research and analysis seeking to expose the importance of dialogue between religions. The book concerns itself with many issues relating to African theology and is meant... more
  • Philosophy of Motivation: You Are the Master of Your Life.

    by Leon Kabasele
    ‘Philosophy of Motivation’ helps readers find internal drive My book answers questions about motivation LONDON – Author I, Leon Kabasele wondered what was behind some people being intrinsically motivated while others struggled to come up with the drive to accomplish tasks. I began to delve into the makeup of the internal push that helps people reach their goals. My book, “Philosophy of Motivation: You Are the Master of Your Life.” (published by AuthorHouse UK), explains his findings.
  • Provence: People, Places, Food: A Cultural Guide

    by Cheryl Robson
    From the breath-taking heights of the Luberon to the azure blue of the Mediterranean coast, delight in the sights and scents of the lavender, of pine trees wafting on the breeze and the taste of fruity wine and fresh seafood. Artists, painters, writers and discerning travellers from royalty to rock stars have long been attracted by the region’s bright light, perfect climate and joie de vivre. Take the road less travelled as you find out more about the extraordinary range of places and peop... more
  • The Little Alvernon Stories Volume 2

    by Linda Boynton Pedersen
    Volume 2 of The Little Alvernon Stories completes the collection of bedtime stories told by my father, the late Alvernon Winship Boynton. I can still hear his deep gravelly voice tinged with Down East humor as he spun these tales of his boyhood growing up on a small farm in Maine in the early twentieth century. He was an imaginative and fun-loving little boy whose every-day adventures sometimes drew him into perplexing predicaments that had to be solved by good old Yankee ingenuity. It is my hop... more
  • The Little Alvernon Stories Volume 1

    by Linda Boynton Pedersen

    The Little Alvernon stories were born out of bedtime stories told by my father, the late Vernon Winship Boynton. I can still hear his deep gravelly voice tinged with Down East humor as he spun the tales of his boyhood growing up on a small farm in Maine in the early twentieth century. These stories afford glimpses of an era unfamiliar to us – of daily living without indoor plumbing, electric appliances, automobiles, television, computer technology, and all the conveniences we moderns ta... more

  • Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn (2nd ed.)

    by Jonathan Harnum, PhD
    Packed with information no trumpeter should be without, this book will help you understand and learn a diverse range of skills necessary for playing trumpet well. Includes basic techniques like tone production, but also more advanced skills like double- and triple-tonguing, circular breathing, and much, much more. Learn more at
  • The Gods of War: Boxing Essays

    by Springs Toledo
    "The Gods of War" is a celebration of stand-alone greatness and a study of the human condition, our shared potential, and the heavy hand of fate. By exploring the men behind the fighters and the fighters behind the legends, Toledo offers insights into the modern incarnation of an ancient sport not seen since A.J. Liebling's seminal "The Sweet Science" (1956).