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History & Military

  • On the Square: Decoding Freemasonry

    by Stevan Nikolic
    Are Freemasons a secret society, with dangerous agenda, as their enemies would like to present or a philanthropic association of good men (and women) trying to become better and improve the society they live in? Can we subscribe to the controversial idea that the phenomenon of Freemasonry has a life of its own within our collective unconscious that sustains itself regardless of human destiny? Enter into this mysterious world of symbols, bizarre rituals, secret words, signs, and handshakes and le... more
  • Around Cape Horn Once More

    by Paul W Simpson
    Around Cape Horn Once More is the story of the French Bounty Clipper Ship, Montebello. She was built in Nantes, France in 1900 and was lost on the rugged and lonely south coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia in 1906. This book is a tale of the adventures of the Montebello and the men who sailed her around the globe. It brings to light a period of France’s maritime history that has never before been told in such thrilling and dramatic detail. "We heard the roar of breakers, and then we k... more
  • Battles and Battleships

    by Paul Janson
    Battles and Battleships is a narrative history of the era of ship design from the first ironclads to the ultimate Dreadnaught battleship, from 1866 to 1905, from the Battle of Lissa to the Battle of Tsushima. It is a narrative history detailed and extensively researched but easily read and entertaining. It is hoped that serious students will see the parallels to our current world and take the lesson offered. The period covered is full of truly amazing events and personalities and I have not hesi... more
  • The History Of Lions

    by Linda Pavlos
    The History of Lions is an educational coloring book that explores the prehistoric lion's existence and evolution to the modern day lion, as well a look at the lion's family life. It also stimulates creativity in the user through free style drawing activities included in the book. This book is suitable for children and adults alike.
  • Samuel's Story: A Journey from Yorkshire to New Hampshire Through the American Civil War

    by Peter J. Cooper

    The book describes a two-year search for information about an undocumented ancestor who left England for the U.S. in 1851. The author was able to uncover much of his great, great-uncle's life from birth to death including his memoirs of the Union Army unit he fought with in the Civil War. These recollections have been combined with the historical record of the various military actions to produce a comprehensive description of the conditions and events involving his unit from Second Bull Run t... more

  • Anatomy of a Ponzi Scheme: Scams Past and Present

    by Colleen Cross

    Is Your Money Safe?

    Most of the all-time 10 biggest Ponzi schemes collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis and an even bigger Ponzi schem is about to implode in 2016. Today's financial markets are even more volatile, exactly the right conditions for a Ponzi scheme to collapse. Unwitting investors will be financially ruined and left holding the bag.

    The next massive Ponzi scheme is about to collapse and it will dwarf Bernard Madoff&... more

  • Answering the Call: With the 91st Infantry Division in the Italian Campaign During World War II (Third Edition)

    by Stephen L. Wilson

    This book describes Allen Wilson's war service as a platoon leader and forward observer in the 362nd Regiment's Cannon Company, and, after the war ended, as a member of the American occupation forces in Austria. Also portrayed is wife Barbara's life as a young mother during his deployment.


    by M.G. CRISCI
    7 DAYS IN RUSSIA. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Take one very, very curious American, mix in 145 million Russians and a century of preconceived notions and then pour this mixture out against the magnificent urban theater played out daily in Moscow, St Petersburg and Pushkin – and you've got M.G. Crisci's book, 7 Days in Russia—The Adventures of One American in Today’s Federation. We learn through words, insights and more than 150 revealing color photos taken by Crisci that Russia is not a pol... more
  • Advising Chiang's Army: An American Soldier's World War II Experience in China

    by Stephen L. Wilson
    This book describes the two years that Phil Saunders spent in China as an adviser to Chiang Kai-shek's nationalist army during World War II. It recounts how the troops he worked with gradually became an effective fighting force, shifted from defensive to offensive combat, and ultimately defeated the Japanese.
  • Such Mad Fun: Ambition and Glamour in Hollywood's Golden Age

    by Robin R. Cutler
    What determines who a woman will become? Jane Hall was an orphan at fifteen and a “literary prodigy” according to the press. How did this spirited young girl from an Arizona mining town become a Depression-era debutante, a successful author of magazine fiction, and a screenwriter at Hollywood’s most glamorous studio? At Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Jane wrote the story and the script for the “best social comedy of 1939,” These Glamour Girls, and established a lively camaraderie with F. Scott Fitzgerald, ... more
  • OPERATION CROSSROADS - LEST WE FORGET! An Eyewitness Account, Bikini Atomic Bomb Tests 1946

    by William L. McGee

    On July 1, 1946, millions of people around the world waited anxiously by their radios for the results of the first postwar atomic bomb tests code-named Operation CROSSROADS.

    Award-winning World War II military historian, William L. McGee, provides an eyewitness account of his participation at Crossroads, an event which many scientists considered the most significant of the twentieth century.

    The author, a twenty-year old U.S. Navy Gunner’s Mate at the time, who had served in... more

  • Tin-Can Canucks: A Century of Canadian Destroyers

    by S. D. Campbell

    Bordered by three oceans, Canada's Navy has always needed ships and crew who could brave the harshest of seas to enforce her sovereignty and protect her freedom. 

  • THE FIGHT THAT STARTED THE MOVIES: The World Heavyweight Championship, the Birth of Cinema and the First Feature Film

    by Samuel Hawley

    On March 17, 1897, in an open-air arena in Carson City, Jim Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons fought for the heavyweight championship of the world. The contest was recorded by film pioneer Enoch Rector from inside an immense, human-powered camera called the “Veriscope,” the forgotten Neanderthal at the dawn of cinema history. Rector’s movie of the contest premiered in New York City two months later. Known today as The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight, it was the world’s first feature-lengt... more

  • Part of the Family: Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust

    by Jason Hensley

    In 1938 and 1939, via a movement known as the Kindertransport, thousands of Jewish children were taken from Nazi occupied territories to safety in Great Britain. They came to a new family, a new country, and a new life. Approximately 250 of these children were sponsored by Christadelphians. 

    Often the Holocaust is considered in terms of statistics: how many perished and how many were affected, so much so that at times the individual stories are lost in the numbers. This series exam... more

  • Mittie & Thee: An 1853 Roosevelt Romance

    by Connie M. Huddleston
    North met South- an enduring love affair began- the birth of a President resulted. This 1853 story, told through one year of courtship letters between New York City's Theodore Roosevelt (Senior) and Miss Mittie Bulloch of Georgia, echoes through time. Her heritage is one of patriotism, education, and Southern social standing. He is the fifth son of a wealthy New York City businessman of Dutch heritage. Their courtship, conducted mostly through letters, provides the reader with an intimate peek... more
  • sleeping tiger by faris cowart

    by faris cowart
    current events. whats going on in our country America.non fiction educationa.l controversial. whitemans contributions to America and failures. he can only go forward. he cant go back.we must solve our problems or sleeping tiger will awake then its too late! .