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History & Military

  • Media and Culture

    by Nayeem Showkat
    This book, research based, spells out the effect of media on culture. The book reveals the difference between the rural areas on culture in presence of media.
  • Abraham Lincoln And Mexico

    by Michael Hogan

    This new book by a noted historian and professor is one of the best books available about relations between the United States and Mexico before, during, and after the Mexican-American War. It examines Abraham Lincoln's opposition to the war as a Congressman, and his support for Mexico as President. The book is long overdue because it treats Abraham Lincoln as an international figure, not merely an American one.

  • The American Presidents from Polk to Hayes

    by Robert A. Nowlan
    American Presidents, Polk to Hayes. What They Did. What They Said, What Was Said About Them is the second book in a planned five volume series, covering all the Presidents. These 43 men (so far) have succeeded in some regards and failed in others as they strove to do the best they could in what is surely one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Only they can truly appreciate what it takes to be the president. Others can only speculate. People feel strongly about U.S. Presidents. Some they ad... more
  • Henry Morton Stanley: Emergence of the Pearl of Africa

    by Jonathan Musere
    Welsh-born Henry Morton Stanley was raised in an environment of deprivation and torture. But against insurmountable odds, short and hard-headed Stanley gradually rose to eternally become internationally signified as an adventurous soldier, journalist, geographer, explorer, discoverer, prospector, colonialist and diplomat. In this account Stanley is followed from his beginnings, to his migration to America where he would participate in the Civil war, to his travails along the way, and to his sa... more
  • 9781518749490

    by Eli Gifford
    In January of 1854, on the shores of the Puget Sound, Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Nation gave prophetic speech: "The whites too shall pass; perhaps sooner than all the other tribes. Continue to contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your waste." Except he didn't say it. Professor Ted Perry did in 1971. Dr. Henry A. Smith claims he was present when Seattle spoke yet he waited thirty -three years to publish the speech and Seattle certainly did not speak the Victorian English f... more
  • My Father's Battle

    by Vicki Hartman
    Part biography, part war-story, part message of hope, this book is a vivid, timely reminder of the cost of war shouldered by veterans and their families. The true story of fifteen year old Ken Rowland who gets caught up in the adventure of WWII. He comes home at age twenty-one a changed man hoping to leave the nightmares behind. Years later his daughter is haunted by his silent witness to war. She learns the truth of what it is that stalks her father's dreams when they return together to the ba... more
  • KRONOS All-Devouring Federal Reserve

    by Amelia Arcamone-Makinano
    A veteran teacher/journalist exposes a monsterous Federal Reserve Board which is intentionally causing the skyrocketing illiteracy in the nation's classrooms. The Fed's own archives, which have recently been made public, along with other primary sources, provide the groundwork for a historic analysis of our third central bank. A tale of historic, international, intrigue naturally unfolds as author Amelia Arcamone-Makinano takes the reader on a quest that begins with the question, Why are school... more
  • Travels with King Kong

    by James Henderson
    James Henderson’s overland trip across Africa may have happened forty years ago, but it continues to have a profound effect on his life. It was 1974 when he joined his best friend John, who had always spoken of traveling around the world—starting in Africa. The adventure began as soon as they crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to the African City of Tangiers, where they were surrounded by a small army of children. They kept most of them away by hiring one as their guide, who turned out to make some... more
  • When the Wolf Rises

    by Colonel G. Alan Dugard
    When the wolf rises was a term used by Theodore Roosevelt to describe "Fear" as experienced in life situations, to include combat and other extreme happenings. This term is applied to the role of the B-52s and the effect on the crews, flying out of the island of Guam and from U-Tapao, Thailand during the eleven days starting on December 18th, 1972. This personal account is a graphic description on the results of those raids from a commander of a B-52 squadron during the raids which led to the en... more
  • The Brave Ones: A Memoir of Hope, Pride and Military Service

    by Michael J. MacLeod
    How does the US Army mold a video-game generation with its thumbs on the joystick into a proud fighting force with its fingers on the trigger—and lives on the line—in America’s War on Terror? Michael J. MacLeod, already an accomplished professional photographer and journalist, decided to find out the hard way: by enlisting in the armed forces at age forty-one. What he observed and experienced as an embedded reporter and a serving soldier makes for an unflinching and inspiring portrait of enduran... more
  • History, Prehistory and Biological Evolution (Time Maps Book 1)

    by Martini Fisher
    Written with a Mathematician’s precision and a Historian’s curiosity, Time Maps covers over millennia’s worth of developments & impacts of civilizations, migrations, leaders and continents. Illuminating concepts of societies, dynasties, heroes, kings and eras through incisive and thorough research, looking at ideas, theories & world views with a sense of wonder and delight. History, Prehistory and Biological Evolution is the first book of the series, as it deals with the general misunderstandin... more
  • From Omaha to Da Nang Reflections of a 2-Yr Marine

    by Michael J. Schneider
    From OMAHA to DA NANG Synopsis Not everybody can be a hero but everyone can have an adventure. This book takes you through the rigors and humiliation of Marine Corps Boot Camp and onto the life afterward. What could an enlisted Marine serving during the years 1969 – 1970 expect? Well Vietnam for sure; but this Marine avoided combat even though he served over 14 months in Vietnam. Life in a rear based unit did have its challenges whether it was trying to stay on your feet patrolling the... more
  • American Environmental History: Part One

    by Dan Allosso
    Finally, an American Environmental History for everyone! After years of teaching Environmental History at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst without a textbook, Dan Allosso decided to take matters into his own hands. The result is a concise, comprehensive survey covering the material from Dan's undergraduate course in a format that will appeal to anyone interested in how we got where we are today.
  • Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life Volume II

    by Philip Njemanze
    These Books (volumes 1-3): Igbo Mediators of YAHWEH Culture of Life, unveil the historical, religious, archaeological, genetic, ethno-linguistic basis of the Culture of Life. For the first time in modern literature, the secrets of ancient Egyptian civilization hidden in hieroglyphic writings are explained. These and other pictographic writings exist in many archives, museums and libraries of many countries both officially unofficially. My intention is to make this knowledge of reading of these a... more