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History & Military

  • The Mystery of an Old Master Painting: Madonna of Divine Love Painting by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino

    by Carla N.
    The Mystery of an Old Master Painting, Madonna of Divine Love Painting by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino is written with the purpose of clarifying the story believed for centuries of a painting on wood created in 1518 by a pupil of Raffaello (Raphael), although everybody knew that the master had painted the original on canvas in 1514. Unfortunately, the original disappeared for 471 years (from the time of the 1544 Vasari description to 2015), and until there is a side-by-side exhibit of the two pain... more
  • Forgotten Precursors

    by Nabil Hourani
    This is a book of educational essays dedicated to people curious to learn about distinguished engineers and scientists whose quest was to discover, build and transform the world. Its chapters, filled with photos, sketches, and quotes, bring to life the visual and written legacy of these geniuses. Several “sidebar” reveal examples of the earth’s own spectacular formation or of an engineered structure built around it with passion and care.
  • 9780692889121

    by Robin Whiteplume
    The book is a compilation of the historical formation of the Sho-Rap firefighting crews of the Wind River Reservation. The information was gathered through contributions from archived materials, newspaper accounts, historical books, and from former Wind River forester Roy Montgomery along with passages from Karl Brauneis, retired Forest Service officer. The Sho-Rap story is more than just about firefighting but the struggles to adapt to a changing world around the Wind River Reservation. The ... more
  • Factory Town: A 20th Century Memoir

    by David Kherdian
    David Kherdian has given us his finest, most complete, and undoubtedly final book on his Midwestern hometown. Here we have in fifty odd “chapters” the places, people, artifacts, and events, as experienced by the people of Racine during the long middle years of the last century, in a luminous way that will provide an awakening for all who were there, and not just the people of Racine, but all Americans, especially those in America's rust belt. This is the universal story of our country during a d... more
  • Alleppey houseboat

    by alleppey houseboat
    One of the main tourist attraction in kerala is house boat tourism in alapuzha. Most of tourist people are visiting kerala for backwater tourism. Alapuzha and kollam provides houseboat tourism in kerala. Houseboat tourism provides many entertainments such as site seeing, sea food, etc. Luxury houseboats provides many facilities such as ac rooms, tasty food items including sea foods, good services etc. house boat service is entirely different from all other tourism spots. Other than family touri... more
  • Kerala taxi

    by kerala taxi
    Travel cabs are getting more famous in Kerala. There are many active cab services are in Kerala. So how can we find the best cab services? The prime important factor is how long they had the experience in this field. An experienced cab services know how to handle various situations with customers. They will be knowing all services routes. Another way to find the best travel agency is to check what al features are they providing. Other than transportation facility some can services provides touri... more
  • Our Friend Mona: The Remarkable Life of a Young Martyr

    by Azadeh Rohanian Perry and Mark Perry

    Our Friend Mona tells the true story of Mona Mahmudnizhad, a 16-year-old girl who sacrificed her life for unity and peace in the world. Mona grew up in Shiraz—a city famous for its poets and roses. Shiraz is also a city sacred to Baha’is, for it is where their Faith began. And it was in that holy city, after revolution swept through Iran in 1979, where the persecutions against the peaceful Baha’is grew most fierce. The violence reached a peak in Jun... more

  • "The Shadow Tiger: Billy McDonald, Wingman to Chennault"

    by William McDonald, III
    If you enjoy learning more about World War II, aviation history or hearing tales from the greatest generation, Billy McDonald’s presentation about The Shadow Tiger, a new book which documents his father’s experience as wingman to famed airman General Claire Chennault, will surely capture your imagination. He will share largely untold stories about the formation of the Flying Tigers, his father’s unique flying adventures and shed light on what was the American experience in China.
  • The Trump Challenge to Black America

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    In the three-year period from 2015 to 2017, I covered and analyzed every aspect of the speeches, utterances, and positions Trump posited during his presidential campaign on health care, civil rights, voting rights, criminal justice and police abuse, education, and President Obama in my featured columns in the Huffington Post. My special emphasis was on the issues that most affected African-Americans that a Trump candidacy and presidency would impact. Those issues are health, education jobs, the ... more
  • Blood River Rising

    by Victoria Hubbell
    "The KKK weren't never about race. It were always about power and greed." So begins 86-year-old Hadley Thompson, who insists a rural historian research why two people were murdered. At first, Hubbell has little interest in the matter. Not only did the murders take place in 1924, there never was a question of who committed them. What difference could a motive make now? It is Thompson's insistence that an active Ku Klux Klan chapter fueled the feud between two blue-eyed, Baptist families that h... more
  • The Thai Way of Counterinsurgency

    by Jeffrey Moore
    This book describes Thai counterinsurgency (COIN) strategies, operations, and tactics for three wars ranging from 1965-present. Some of its highlights: - Provides an insider’s view of 50 years of Thai national security and Irregular Warfare (IW) decision-making in a way that no book has previously done - Profiles the war against communist insurgents (1965-85); southern separatists (1980-1998); and southern separatists/Islamist jihadists (2004-present/2014) - Discuses major Thai defense ... more
  • The Man from Mensa: 1 of the 600: Politics 1990-1995


    The first volume: 'the man from MENSA' - 1 of 600: Mensa research, had as its focus STEM research. This second volume in the series takes as its subject politics and the social sciences.

                Bernard Mulholland was born in West Germany during 1957 to a German mother and a Northern Irish father who was serving in the British Army. Having left the army, the family relocated during 1965 to the town of Portadown ... more

  • The Man from Mensa: 1 of 600: Mensa Research

    by Bernard Mulholland

    X-men are the vision,

    Mensa is the reality,

    X-Mensans are the future.


    There is little in the public domain about this élite international high-IQ society, MENSA, which boasts a membership tested to have an IQ among the highest two per cent of the population. This book was written by an insider who, as a member of MENSA, contributed extensively to this high-IQ society over a span of almost thirty years.

          &n... more

  • Tanks and Combat Vehicles of the Warsaw Pact

    by Russell Phillips
    The Warsaw Pact was as innovative as it was prepared, and these deadly war machines had the potential to change the course of world history forever. Find out more about these combat vehicles from how they worked to what they would have been capable of if they had been used in military action against NATO.
  • Operation Nimrod: The Iranian Embassy Siege

    by Russell Phillips
    In 1980, six terrorists stormed the Iranian embassy in London and took twenty-six hostages. After six days of tension a hostage was murdered. Millions watched live on television as black-clad SAS stormed the embassy. Operation Nimrod dispels the myths and reveals the truth of those six long days.