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History & Military

  • Rene's War; Memoirs of French Resistance in WWII

    by John Brewer
    The coin goes up….. it comes down and the destiny of two brothers is decided. One faces prison in Spain before being released to join the French Army under General Giraud, and finally ends up para-trooping into France as a decoy for the D-Day invasion. The other becomes a leader of his group of the French Resistance and a member of the British Mission, driving verboten cars, being shot at, saving American airmen, and more. This well written true story has it all; action, drama, romance, spies, l... more
  • On Two Fronts

    by adam fenner

    When two unlikely friends are separated by war, they must learn to cope with the effect it will have on their lives, their futures, and their relationship.

    Lance, a gay Las Vegas entertainer, who has never felt the effects of war, must come to grips with the reality of Adam’s deployment as he struggles with his own conflicting and complex emotions, and the lingering question of whether or not their friendship will survive… or if Adam will.

    Adam, a veteran of the war i... more

  • Behind the Lines

    by Jeffrey B. Miller

    The nonfiction Behind the Lines covers the time from August 1914 through December 1914 and takes place in England, Holland, and Belgium. Using lively personal details, the book follows a Belgian woman, a priest, and a businessman in German-occupied Belgium as well as a group of Americans in the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB). As the war raged around it, the CRB initiated, organized, and supervised the largest food and relief drive the world had ever known. Working in concert with its ... more

  • American Boys: The True Story of the Lost 74 of the Vietnam War

    by Louise Esola
    It was 1969. War and protest rattled the nation while the troops marched on. The warships set sail. For coming-of-age American boys, death seemed one hill away. By then, nearly 300 of them were coming home in boxes each week. They were young men caught in a war machine, one of chance, circumstance, and misfortune. In a tragedy of just the same, lost in the turmoil of what would become America’s most unpopular war, lies a story buried 1,100 fathoms deep in the blue waters off Vietnam. In th... more
  • SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth

    by Steve Snyder
    Shot Down is about author Steve Snyder’s father, Howard Snyder, the ten man crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth, and the unique experiences of each man after their plane was knocked out of the sky by German fighters over the French/Belgium border on February 8, 1944. Some men died. Some were captured and became prisoners of war. Some evaded the Germans for awhile but were betrayed, captured, and shot. Some men evaded capture and were missing in action for seven months. The stories are all different a... more
  • SEALs: Naval Special Warfare in Action

    by SF Tomajczyk


    SEALs: Naval Special Warfare in Action is the first book in the new “United We Stand” series that celebrates America’s armed forces. It provides a heavily illustrated (140+ images), inside look at the SEALs and the men and women of Naval Special Warfare who support them on missions. Richly written text and photo captions provide surprising details about mini-submarines, combat assault dogs, warfare tactics, remote training facilities, weapon system... more

  • Essays on the Classics!: American History, 1861-1917 (The Great Books Revival) (Volume 5)

    by Jason R. Goetz
    The second volume of the American History set opens with a Preface by Dr. Elizabeth T. Adams, VP of Undergraduate Studies at California State University, Northridge. The first essay covers the philosophical and political reasons for the Civil War, examining them through Jefferson Davis’ The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government and Ulysses S. Grant’s Memoirs. It explains the conflict over social contract theory, and describes how the North followed (however unwittingly) Hobbes’ theory an... more
  • World War II Memories: Behind The German Enemy Lines

    by MaryEllen Simms
    Theodore Roblee was drafted into the Army in June of 1943. He served his country for 28 months. One hundred and twenty-six day were behind the German enemy lines This is a tale of his experiences and the brave men and women who helped to survive.
  • Essays on the Classics!: American History, 1776-1860 (The Great Books Revival) (Volume 4)

    by Jason R. Goetz
    The American history volumes of the Essays on the Classics! series bring to life the great works of American nonfiction, making history relevant through their examination. The first volume consists of seven essays, and the second and third each contain six. The first volume begins with a Preface by renowned legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky. Its first essay is an exploration of the fundamental theorems of American history and government: that the power of government is derived from the ‘consent... more
  • Easter In Images

    by Suzi Love
    Easter in Images is Book 2 in the non-fiction Historical Events collection by Australian author Suzi Love and is a companion book to History of Christmases Past, both of which focus on the customs and traditions celebrated throughout world history at the time of these important religious holidays. Easter in Images is a pictorial look at Easter through history, which includes artworks, postcards, and Faberge eggs and jewelry. This book is full of paintings and images of Easter through history... more
  • History of Christmases Past

    by Suzi Love
    History of Christmases Past is Book 1 in the non-fiction Historical Events collection and is a companion book to Easter in Images, both of which focus on the history, customs, and traditions celebrated around the world for these important religious holidays.
  • The Conflict That Was A War In Vietnam And At Home - ISBN 1477489428

    by Jim Money
    Short first hand stories about some of the combat experiences of Vietnam veterans from the US Army, US Marine Corps., US Air Force, and US Navy. They also reveal what they had to go through upon returning home from Vietnam.
  • Reflections on Ladakh,Tibet and Central Asia

    by Inamullah Abdulmatin

    A well researched book about the history and culture of Ladakh, written by one of Ladakh’s native and most prominent scholar. This book brings together 22 of his papers, originally published elsewhere, and dealing with topics as diverse as new perspective on Ladakh's history, Ladakh's interactions with its neighbours, Islam in Ladakh and contemporary cultural manifestations. It provides a comprehensive overview of different facets of Ladakh's rich cultural heritage, especial... more

  • The Anunnaki of Nibiru: Mankind's Forgotten Creators, Enslavers, Saviors, and Hidden Architects of the New World Order

    by Gerald Clark
    Many historical and scriptural findings not included in the Canonical Bible, have now come to light. Access to texts such as the Lost Book of Enoch, the Nag Hamadi Gospels, and the Book of Jubilees, among others is now widely available and, when synthesized and correlated with existing documents like the Bible and Qu'ran, merits rethinking Western civilization's origins and intent. Prepare yourself for a profound belief-challenging journey through ancient Persia, Sumer, Greece, and Atlantis; ... more
  • America's Greatest Blunder: The Fateful Decision to Enter World War One

    by Burton Yale Pines
    Entering World War One against Germany was America’s greatest blunder of the 20th century. America had no reason to join the devastating three-year-old struggle. By sending two million doughboys to the Western Front, America shattered the battlefield stalemate and won the war, allowing Britain and France to impose a devastating peace on Germany, igniting toxic German cries for revenge. Absent America’s entry into the war, the exhausted combatants, drained of resources and manpower, would have dr... more
  • Saving Mona Lisa: The Battle to Protect the Louvre and its Treasures During World War II

    by Gerri Chanel

    In late August 1939 curators at the Louvre nestled the Mona Lisa into a special red velvet-lined case and spirited her away to the Loire Valley. Thus began the biggest evacuation of art and antiquities in history. As the Germans neared Paris in 1940, the French raced to move the masterpieces still further south, then again and again during the war, crisscrossing the southwest of France. Throughout the German occupation, the Louvre’s staff fought to keep the priceless treasures out of th... more