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  • More Than a Memory

    by Pragya Bhagat
    Does injustice bother you? What could loving yourself look like? How can you live with claustrophobia? “These poems are not just memories,” Pragya writes, “they are my stories.” In More Than a Memory Pragya takes you on a journey of self-discovery, one riddled with more questions than answers, more frustration than beauty. In her honestly-voiced poetry, she celebrates menstruation, compares a Shatabdi train to life, and writes letters to her future self. While reading her eight int... more
  • Heartfelt Sonnets

    by Sandra Haight
    Heartfelt Sonnets offers 100 poems that are written in the Sonnet form. The themes presented are varied, and they include many inspirational and emotional thoughts to ponder on the subjects of love, life, family, nature, God, the Universe, and more. Each Sonnet flows with rhyme and meter within its required fourteen lines. The first eight lines, called the Octave, set the stage or theme of the poem; the following four lines, called the Sestet, usually deliver some reaction to the theme;... more
  • The Lost Poems of Cangjie

    by John Briscoe
    This book presents the first translations, into any language, of the poetry of Cangjie, historian in the court of China’s Yellow Emperor who reigned, according to tradition, for a hundred years, from 2697 to 2597 BCE. Though Cangjie is a well-known figure even today in Chinese history, and legend, and though he was almost certainly a poet, neither history nor legend mentions his poetry. How his poems came to be preserved, and how the preserved poems came to be discovered, is explained in the aft... more
  • Walking on a Moonbeam

    by Bill McDonald
    Walking on a Moonbeam is a collection of poems written during Bill McDonald's career as an engineer/scientist working in the United States space and national defense programs. The poems were written based on personnel life experiences and are organized into nine topics: Youth, Adventure, Love, Seasons, Change, Hope, Places and Things, Farewells, and Prayer. Consequently it tells much of his own personal story, beginning with his youth, continuing with his adventures in the United States moon p... more
  • Revealing Layers: The Shell of a Woman

    by Tye Jiles
    A collection of beautiful and self-revealing poetry. This body of work highlights a journey through life, relationships and the growing pains of womanhood.
  • Scarred on Both Sides

    by Frank Houston
    This is a book of short stories providing an awakening for the broken/forsaken hearts and minds of a broken people.
  • I Came upon Coyotes: Poems

    by Carol Creelawn

    In I Came upon Coyotes, Carol Creelawn shows us the joys of paying attention to the wild world around us, articulating a sympathetic and sometimes playful view on topics as varied as love, death, divine architecture, and that small lizard under the picnic table.

  • When It Rains in the Desert: Poems

    by Carol Creelawn

    In this marvelous debut collection, Carol Creelawn leads us into a world where elephants rule the night, lakes are haunted by singing ghosts, and the simple act of driving a car sparks a moment of keen insight. Her poems reveal a deep love for the natural world while interpreting the events of everyday life with honesty and empathy.


    by Dina Ripsman Eylon
    The following is a short description of the book, written by Allan Briesmaster, Poet, Publisher, and Editor: "Dina, I have enjoyed reading The Heart of the City. Am greatly impressed with its range – geographical, tonal, imaginative. It’s admirable how you’ve gathered such a wealth of strong material in a relatively compact container.”
  • Songs of Love and Misgivings

    by Dina Ripsman Eylon
    Songs of Love and Misgivings is the 2nd revised and enlarged edition of Eylon's first chapbook in English. It includes personal poems laced with a constant yearning for that special connection to the divine and the humane.
  • A Flower in a Box

    by Bradley Perera
    This is about a becoming of choice that can be involved with betrayal, proposing it with an instinct of survival. Once in assurance, which must be by reaching your own estimation and not that of others, you are then capable of accepting and admitting the proposal. It becomes a productive combination, and in feeling this, each is made a comparative sake. To become identified as a part of each other still remains a suggestive take. So the connection is determined, and for however long that bond, t... more
  • Brighter This Time

    by Micah-Nahum Ferguson
    In graceful tone and spare format Ferguson explores themes of love, loss, spirituality and identity with equal diligence in this collection. The poems attempt to connect the jagged stars of a young man?s subconscious. Pieces display questions and affirmations, introspection and observation, self and society, truth and fiction. Brighter This Time is a dreamy and fragmentary work of someone striving to shine.
  • Podunk Moon

    by Erin Geil
    Podunk Moon is an anthology of mostly non-fiction poetry starting in 2016 and time traveling back through the years ending in 2003. A time capsule of heartache, depression, and the overall state of confusion that comes with being in your twenties. An excerpt of the suspense thriller novel, The Great American, follows after, leaving the reader with a taste of something that is altogether a darkly different breed of beast.
  • Today, I Found This Rose...

    by Cedric L. Jones

    Today, I Found This Rose... is a poetry collection that celebrates the romance, heartbreak and, sometimes, humor of relationships through a myriad of styles and voices. These confessional poems lay bare a journey of loving, longing and letting go that is, at once, a memoir and a catharsis.

  • Forest Lungs: A Poem

    by Andrew Zubinas
    In Lithuanian, "eileraStis" is the term for poem. "Eile" is the term for line. "RaStas" is the term for writing. -- Andrew G Zubinas
  • i think i need help

    by Sloan Kyler
    Emotional breakdowns are never easy. With only one semester standing between her and her diploma, Sloan Kyler lost almost everything-her friends, her health, her home, her future, her family, her mind, and her will to live. After bouncing from one mandatory hospital stay to another, searching for the right doctor to listen and the right medicine to keep her lucid, she did the only thing she still could: writing. This collection of poems (purposely ordered non-chronologically) detail a struggle t... more