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  • The Snowball Effect

    by Timothy McIntosh
    This book “The Snowball Effect” was written to provide a winning investment strategy that will allow investors to survive difficult markets and actually retire on time. By reading this book, you will •\tLearn how to reap income from companies each year through dividend & interest payments •\tLearn how to reinvest those payments in a prudent manner to build your investment portfolio over time •\tLearn how to sell covered calls against your investment portfolio to further enhance your income... more
  • Wait, How Do I Write This Email? -- Game-Changing Templates for Networking and the Job Search

    by Danny Rubin
    Wait, How Do I Write This Email? is a must-have resource for college students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, people who make a late-stage career change and anyone else who needs to "get out there" and form new business relationships. In his comprehensive guide, career expert Danny Rubin provides more than 100 critical email and document templates for networking and the job search. With each template, Danny saves you time and takes the stress out of professional email writing. Page after p... more
  • Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company's Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible

    by Gregory Diehl

    Amazon #1 Bestseller in Public Relations and Selling for Small Business

    Does your business have a story to tell? It should! Every new product can be unique in its industry. Does yours stand out from the crowd?

    After a life of exploring the way people exchange value in over 35countries, Diehl teaches business owners how to have conversations about brand strategy. In Brand Identity Breakthrough, you will learn how to develop a strong business identity by combining your personality a... more

  • Leadership Master: Five Digital Trends to Leap Leadership Maturity (Digital Masters Book 5)

    by Pearl Zhu

    Many think digital is the age of innovation. Digital is a disruption with rapidly increasing speed and hyperconnectivity to break down silos and rigid hierarchy. Digitalization implies the full-scale changes in the way the business is conducted and society is running, and it starts with the leadership innovation. The substance of leadership never changes, it’s all about making positive influences, and providing direction, both for oneself and others. Leadership is about CHANGE. It is a ... more

  • Digital Agility: The Rocky Road from Doing Agile to Being Agile (Digital Master Book 4)

    by Pearl Zhu

    The world is moving into the deep, deep digital new normal with wide, wide digital connectivity and tall, tall digital pillars. Agility is one of such powerful pillars to leap digital transformation and enable the business to unleash its full potential. Organizational agility is about to create and react to changes. It is about to take into account any change in the environment and transform the organization to survive, grow, and transform. It is about to respond to emergent events proactivel... more

  • Digital Valley: Five Pearls of Wisdom to Make Profound Influence (Digital Master Book 3)

    by Pearl Zhu

    Valley is open to embrace inclusiveness.

    Valley is quiet to express profundity.

    Valley is deep to develop insight.

    Valley is hidden to balance aggressiveness and humility.

    Digital Valley is fluid and nourishing to flow with the abundance of wisdom.

    We are moving to the deep, deep digital dynamic, hopefully, we are also moving from the Industrial Age to the Digital Era with the abundance of wisdom slowly and steadily. The purpo... more

  • CIO Master

    by Pearl Zhu

    The purpose of "CIO Master - Unleash the Digital Potential of IT" is to provide guidelines for building a framework to run a highly effective, highly innovative and highly mature digital IT organization. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.

    -Rebrand digital CIOs with multiple personas

    -Reinvent IT to unleash its full digital potential

    -Reenergize changes as an ongoing digital ca... more

  • Digital Master: Debunk the Myths of Enterprise Digital Maturity

    by Pearl Zhu
    The purpose of DIGITAL MASTER is to envision the multidimensional impact that digital philosophy, technology, and methodology will have on the future of business and human society. In today’s overly complex, hyperconnected, and interdependent business dynamic, Digital Masters – the highly mature organizations – not only apply the most advanced digital technology into their business management disciplines but, more importantly, they orchestrate the harmonized digital symphony across all key busin... more
  • The Good Landlord: A Guide to Making a Profit While Making a Difference

    by Peter Gilman Shapiro

    Ever lost money from unpaid rent or property damage? Lay awake, furious over a tenant issue you couldn’t resolve? Clashed over a repair your tenant requested but wouldn’t allow access to complete?

    You may want to talk but expect communication will break down unless you find a new way. How can you discuss your rights and your interests in the same conversation without confrontation? Landlords stand to lose not only their profits but peace of min... more

  • A Retail Investigator: Lessons learned in 24 years of retail security

    by Mark Hudson
    Everyone has stolen something in their life, steal something from a store as a customer or employee and you may may meet this author or a hard working person just like him. 24 years has given the author plenty of experience and stories to enlighten any reader. A must read for the security manager/investigator and a should read for all retail management.
  • Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom

    by Ginger Marks

    "All the business savvy you need wrapped up in a cute little cover!" The Complete Library of Entrepreneurial Wisdom is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience to help you dodge the slings and arrows of costly business challenges we all face. With over 30 years experience in multiple fields of expertise and businesses Ginger Marks shares with you what has helped her survive and flourish in all the ups and downs the business community and economy have endured.

  • 2016 Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide

    by Ginger Marks
    This FAPA Award winner and #1 Marketing Category book is a must have for any business owner. Now you can enjoy this inspiring business marketing calendar to use as your FIRST RESOURCE for marketing your business all year round. With the annual Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide as your business marketing resource every day of the year can be used as a reason to market your business. Put the FUN back into your business’ marketing plan with the Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide now availabl... more
  • The Growth Gears: Using a Market-Based Framework to Drive Business Success

    by Pete Hayes
    WHY DO THE BEST RUN COMPANIES OFTEN HAVE THE HARDEST TIME GROWING? Are you running a highly successful company that just doesn’t seem to be growing? You may be so operationally focused that you’ve ignored one of the most important aspects of an expanding business―working from a market-based perspective. In The Growth Gears, Art Saxby and Pete Hayes share their linear method of transforming into a market-focused organization. This book provides a simple framework as well as tools and action ... more
  • Improve Your Odds - The Four Pillars of Business Success

    by Alan Yong
    Improve Your Odds - The Four Pillars of Business Success is a business and entrepreneurial strategy book based on Alan Yong’s business practices as a successful veteran entrepreneur. The concepts and strategies have been inspired by his more than 40 years of business experience and ten years serving as a small business consultant.
  • Auto Empire

    by Eric Choi
    A Better Understanding On The Evolution Of Worldwide Automobile Companies Companies that changed history, History of Changes in Automobile Companies The greatest invention of the modern world was the automobile, and that makes it a powerful player. You can trace the flow of human history in just the ups and downs of the biggest global companies. And the most widespread of them all are the car companies and their massive empires. AUTO EMPIRE tells the story of how they came to be, and what i... more
  • Kids Becoming Published Authors

    by Dionne Fields
    Did you know that kids today, are smart enough to publish their own books? There is great news, today with my new book to help kids of all ages. On my easy step by step guide to help kids published their first book. They will need guidance and some assistance from their parents or older sibling.