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  • by Shira Winget
  • RollBlissGi

    by John Moris
    RollBliss– Maker of the world’s first-rate custom made BJJgear is a place where BJJ devoteescan buy their custom-fitted gisand kimonos. We believe quality & performance go hand-in-hand. That is why we are on a mission to take gi functionality & style to the advanced level through superior custom made BJJ gi product & stunning design. Our focus is designingcustom made BJJ gi products that will entice customers to try our products & experience wowness in customer service.
  • The Disruptors’ Feast - How to avoid being devoured in today's rapidly changing global economy

    by Frits van Paasschen
    Virtually everything about the way people live and do business is changing faster than ever before. Digital technology, global development, urbanization, and business disruption represent both a major opportunity and a threat in the global economy. Although individuals and organizations are aware that the world is changing exponentially, most are ill-equipped to face this level of disruption and volatility. The Disruptors’ Feast is a unique look into the trends that are shaping the world of the ... more
  • Are You Brand Dead?: The Creativeans Brandbuilder(tm) Approach to Building Your Brand

    by Kimming Yap, Yulia Saksen, Judy Tham
    Branding always seems to be shrouded with mystery. What is branding? How do we brand anything? Why can’t we just leave it to the marketing guys? Are You Brand Dead? is a light-hearted and essential guide book for brand owners to help them unravel the mystery of branding and build a brand through a tried and proven methodology – the Creativeans BrandBuilder™. A brainchild of brand consultants Kimming Yap and Yulia Saksen, and writer Judy Tham, this self-guide is a practical companion for ever... more
  • cvcvcxvc

    by an an
  • interesting site

    by Noah Harvey
    Great source for students.
  • Fire Up Your Profile For Lifework Success Revised 2016

    by Nancy J. Miller
    A winning combination of strategies, activities, analogies, worksheets, and success stories that take you through the process of telling your story using powerful communication tools. Learn and practice the many ways to tell the world who you are, what you want, and how you accomplish your goals. Using the Career Success Formula, you will learn how to show what you can do for an employer or customer. Strengths + Skills + Character + Opportunities = Career Success You will build confidence and or... more
  • The Science of Getting Rich (New Thought Classics Series)

    by Conor MacCormack
    A forerunner of seminal self-help classics such as Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, and Psycho - Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Wallace Wattles's The Science of Getting Rich simply yet powerfully outlines a program of affirmative thinking and creative visualization to achieve maximum financial prosperity.
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  • Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media

    by Dan Gingiss
    Social media has changed customer service forever. It has shifted power from brands to consumers, requiring a different way of thinking about customer engagement. Dan Gingiss has interviewed dozens of business leaders on his podcast, Focus on Customer Service. From those conversations and his own real-world experience at multiple Fortune 300 companies, Gingiss has developed a series of best practices called “8 Steps to Winning at Social Customer Care.” Learn how to: • navigate social medi... more
  • Live Rich Stay Wealthy - Total Retirement Freedom

    by Kenneth Himmler
    Ken has done it again. Now you're getting two books in one. The first part of the book gives the do-it-yourself person the tools, the resources and processes on how to create a Total Retirement Freedom plan. The second part of the book will teach you how to protect your money from certain advisors and financial companies which may cost thousands or even millions of dollars. This book will help you find, hire and oversee the right person. With checklists, software access and processes, you'll now... more
  • Negotiations - Prepare to Win - An Analytical Approach

    by Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor’s unique contribution to the study of Negotiation is how he builds upon the useful concept of the “trading zone” that Lawrence Susskind introduced in his book Good For You Great For Me. Given different business climates, purchase volumes, cost of materials, exchange rates, etc., what is a reasonable negotiation result expectation? The author shows the reader how to analyze multiple variables to determine what the trading zone values should be, and then how to incorporate the fin... more
  • 0990911179

    by Nancy D. Greene, Esquire
    Find the Legal Landmines Hidden on Your Path to Success... What you don't know about the law can hurt your business. So often, entrepreneurs face heartbreak loss of savings, loss of business, loss of important relationships because they did not know the common legal mistakes that could have been avoided. But how can business owners find the legal landmines hidden all around them, when business law seems so complicated and difficult to understand? In her new book, Navigating Legal Minefields: A P... more
  • Work Without Walls

    by Maura Nevel Thomas
    In Work Without Walls: An Executive’s Guide to Attention Management, Productivity, and the Future of Work, international trainer and award-winning speaker Maura Nevel Thomas gives managers a step-by-step guide to transforming their employee experience. She explains how to navigate productivity challenges like email overload, distraction, open-office layouts, vacation and downtime, and telecommuting to accommodate the future of work today. And she provides steps managers can take immediately to g... more
  • Out of the Rabble

    by David Chiweza
    The world economy is in a crisis. From the United States to Europe to Africa, growing uncertainty exists over the future. In the midst of this, however, some nations are thriving. In Out of the Rabble, author David Chiweza dissects the real causes of the financial crisis and presents likely scenarios for the future. Based on Zimbabwe's past forty-five years of experience, Chiweza, a resident of Zimbabwe, relates his nation's economic fortunes to markets and establishes that all emerging economi... more