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  • Secrets of a Digital Marketing Ninja

    by Daniel Rosenfeld
    A unique view into the world of Digital Marketing full of insights and tips for building powerful online strategies with the goal of truly sustainable business growth
  • Just Common Sense

    by Mark E. Frels
    This book deals with the author?s opinions and experiences regarding fundamental association management techniques for staff. These management techniques are both different from and similar to traditional corporate management techniques. Some of the differences focus on the dynamics of working with both staff and volunteer leaders and understanding the important differences in effectively working with those two groups. This book includes commentary pertaining to the motivation, supervision, and ... more
  • The Proverbs Management Handbook

    by John A. Guderian

    King Solomon was the wisest, richest man who ever lived. He was also an extraordinary manager. Under his direction, Israel experienced its greatest period of peace and prosperity. Solomon documented his timeless management secrets in the Book of Proverbs, providing guidance on

    • strategy and leadership

    • conflict management and teamwork

    • self-improvement and communication

    • hiring and firing

    • rewards and recognition

    ... more
  • Taxes Made Happy

    by Mario Costanz
    The challenges in operating a successful tax practice have been steadily increasing with stiff competition and new technology making it more difficult than ever to achieve profits and life balance. If you don’t have today’s knowledge to navigate the ever-changing tax preparation industry, you may be on the path to frustration and stagnation. Whether your dream is to make some extra money doing taxes seasonally, own a lifestyle business where your employees will run the show for you seamlessly, o... more
  • Digital Fit: Manifest Future of Business with Multidimensional Fit

    by Pearl Zhu

    The multidimensional digital transformation provides impressive advantages in terms of the speed of delivering business solutions and the ability to adapt to changes. Either be a disrupter or being disrupted, the effects of an increasingly digitalized world are now reaching into every corner of the organization and making significant impacts on every aspect of the business from people, processes, to technology and capability both horizontally and vertically. Digital Fit doesn't mean that ... more

  • A Manager's Guide to Unleashing the Intrapreneur

    by Debbie Wooldridge
    Millennials desire to be autonomous, be creative, and live meaningful lives. But because current company landscapes impede on that, their career is driven elsewhere, to companies that support their priorities. Companies that welcome and provide Millennials intrapreneurial opportunities entice employees to stay and help the company move forward. Millennials will dedicate futures to companies that stake their confidence in and allocate resources to them. The future of corporate America belongs to ... more
  • 5 Steps to Take Before Your Next Job Interview

    by Lawrence OLeary, Ph.D.
    Lawrence OLeary, PhD, found through his research that up to 90 percent of Fortune 1000 organizations use very similar formats for employment interviews. He reveals that format and draws upon his more than thirty-five years of experience conducting employment interviews to help job seekers get the positions they?re targeting. Learn how to: Identify what the interviewers are after in your specific interview, well before you participate in the interview Develop an awareness of the types of quest... more
  • Money Is for Giving

    by Krasimir Karamfilov
    Most of us believe that money should be earned, saved, and invested, so we can use it in the future when we retire. While this is true, very few people know that the most meaningful reason for earning, saving, and investing money is to give it away. Giving away money is not only a generous gesture, but an act rooted in abundance -- the abundance we are all fortunate to share. When we believe that "My money is only my money," we are self-centered and become a closed system. In such a state, ... more

    by David Alan Carter

    Build long-term wealth in the stock market, while reducing risk and volatility, with a simple ETF strategy that delivers a 12% average annual return.

    Former day trader David Alan Carter leads readers through a simple ETF trading strategy that automates decision making, reduces risk and volatility in your portfolio, and produces a 12% average annual return. A strategy that’s not pie-in-the-sky and not just a bunch of theory, but rather a systematic plan that is bac... more

  • The Bad Redhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge

    by Rachel Thompson
    *2017 Readers' Favorite Silver Award Winner (Non-Fiction)! *5/5 STARS, Readers Favorite! *4/4 STARS, IndieReader! *"Amazing compilation of data and resources" *"Get this book and start this challenge RIGHT NOW!" *"Incredibly helpful for all writers!" This book is THE SINGLE BEST TOOL every writer needs NOW to build, boost, and grow their author platform. Are you unsure how to market your book? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of author platform options out there (or not even sure wha... more
  • BREAK FREE: And Live Your UnLived Life

    by Abhijeet Shukla
    This book will help to acquire the right mindset and provide enough knowledge and motivation, to get you started in your own entrepreneurial pursuit. This book : - Helps to understand how making a life is so much more important than just making a living and by making a life one can add more value to their family and also the society as a whole, thereby living a fulfilled life with prosperity and abundance. - Helps to develop an understanding about how easy it can be to start something of y... more
  • What Is a Stump Jumper and How Is It Used?

    by Mike Langer
    A stump jumper, also often referred to as a blade pan, is indispensable for protecting your rotary mower parts when tearing through thick terrain. As tough as rotary mower blades are intended to be, everything from stubborn tree roots to jagged rocks can cause damage to rotary parts. With the blades spinning around a pan-shaped central stump jumper, your mower can move over these impediments without being damaged beyond repair.

    When considering the catalog of available rotary parts an... more
  • The Startup Survivor: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting, Building and Succeeding in Business

    by Michael Maloof
    Have you always had a dream of owning your own successful business? Is the reality of having a startup turning your dream into a nightmare? Successful serial entrepreneur and angel investor Michael Maloof has spent decades helping business owners achieve financial freedom. In his landmark book, he’ll help you transform your fledgling startup into a success story. Through fast-read chapters, real-world techniques, and innovative strategies, The Startup Survivor shows you how to build a better bus... more
  • Digital Boardroom: 100 Q&As

    by Pearl Zhu

    The board of directors as the de facto guardian of modern organizations has an important role to play in steering the organization toward the uncharted water and blurring business territories because they oversee strategy management and set the policy for driving changes. With more and more organizations are on the journey of the digital transformation, from the board composition perspective, which challenges do you face, when and how do you tackle the issue of change in the boardroom? How sh... more

  • My 10 SEO-related Resolutions

    by Mike Langer
    I think New Year’s resolutions are stupid. Usually, they are to lose weight, quit smoking, or do some other major lifestyle change. I’m not one for sticking to those. What about learning? I can resolve to learn more this next year. That’s something I can stick to. The more we learn in this business, the better our bank accounts look. Here is my rough list of 10 SEO-related resolutions for 2017.

    Learn more about search marketing

    By search marketing I mean affiliate ma... more