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  • Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media

    by Dan Gingiss
    Social media has changed customer service forever. It has shifted power from brands to consumers, requiring a different way of thinking about customer engagement. Dan Gingiss has interviewed dozens of business leaders on his podcast, Focus on Customer Service. From those conversations and his own real-world experience at multiple Fortune 300 companies, Gingiss has developed a series of best practices called “8 Steps to Winning at Social Customer Care.” Learn how to: • navigate social medi... more
  • Live Rich Stay Wealthy - Total Retirement Freedom

    by Kenneth Himmler
    Ken has done it again. Now you're getting two books in one. The first part of the book gives the do-it-yourself person the tools, the resources and processes on how to create a Total Retirement Freedom plan. The second part of the book will teach you how to protect your money from certain advisors and financial companies which may cost thousands or even millions of dollars. This book will help you find, hire and oversee the right person. With checklists, software access and processes, you'll now... more
  • Negotiations - Prepare to Win - An Analytical Approach

    by Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor’s unique contribution to the study of Negotiation is how he builds upon the useful concept of the “trading zone” that Lawrence Susskind introduced in his book Good For You Great For Me. Given different business climates, purchase volumes, cost of materials, exchange rates, etc., what is a reasonable negotiation result expectation? The author shows the reader how to analyze multiple variables to determine what the trading zone values should be, and then how to incorporate the fin... more
  • 0990911179

    by Nancy D. Greene, Esquire
    Find the Legal Landmines Hidden on Your Path to Success... What you don't know about the law can hurt your business. So often, entrepreneurs face heartbreak loss of savings, loss of business, loss of important relationships because they did not know the common legal mistakes that could have been avoided. But how can business owners find the legal landmines hidden all around them, when business law seems so complicated and difficult to understand? In her new book, Navigating Legal Minefields: A P... more
  • Work Without Walls

    by Maura Nevel Thomas
    In Work Without Walls: An Executive’s Guide to Attention Management, Productivity, and the Future of Work, international trainer and award-winning speaker Maura Nevel Thomas gives managers a step-by-step guide to transforming their employee experience. She explains how to navigate productivity challenges like email overload, distraction, open-office layouts, vacation and downtime, and telecommuting to accommodate the future of work today. And she provides steps managers can take immediately to g... more
  • Out of the Rabble

    by David Chiweza
    The world economy is in a crisis. From the United States to Europe to Africa, growing uncertainty exists over the future. In the midst of this, however, some nations are thriving. In Out of the Rabble, author David Chiweza dissects the real causes of the financial crisis and presents likely scenarios for the future. Based on Zimbabwe's past forty-five years of experience, Chiweza, a resident of Zimbabwe, relates his nation's economic fortunes to markets and establishes that all emerging economi... more
  • Concepts of Electronic Marketing

    by Bradley Fowler
    This instructional guide provides essential technology tools to effectively electronically market a brand person, product, or service; regionally, nationally, and internationally. A step-by-step instructional on how to design an eMarketing plan; implement e-mail marketing concepts and tools; create and disseminate on-line press releases, and develop and share on-line articles to news media regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • The Limitless Real Estate Leader

    by Brenda A Fontaine
  • Decision Master: The Art and Science of Decision Making (Digital Master Book 13)

    by Pearl Zhu
    “Decision Master” is the guidebook to perceive digital mindsets with multidimensional decision intelligence, define a set of decision-making principles, articulate potential pitfalls in decision-making scenario, describe digital decision-making styles, summarize the important elements in building the decision-making capability and taking stepwise steps to achieve decision maturity.
  • Upgrade to Africa Business Class: Why You Should Expand Your Business Into Africa

    by Winfred Oppong-Amoako

    This book offers insight into the driving sectors of Africa’s economic boom; mouth-watering opportunities, challenges, and cautions when it comes to investing or expanding your business into the continent. Today, we hear of the Africa rising narrative and Africa’s economic boom. Examples such as how the region holds most countries in the world’s fastest growing economies make the continent an attractive investment destination. Companies that took brave steps to invest in Afr... more

  • The Cheating Boyfriend (And Other Organizational Indiscretions)

    by Jenny Hayes, MSOD, PHR

    Every organization has a “dark side.” On the surface your company may seem like it’s one of the best places to work, but there will always be one person with a poor attitude, one manager who treats his golf buddy better than everyone else, one shy person on the team, one useless middle manager, one “control freak…” The Cheating Boyfriend (And Other Organizational Indiscretions) calls out the problems that companies would prefer to keep locked away behind c... more

  • The Working Girl's Guide to Rehabbing Houses

    by Kelly Campbell
    The Working Girl’s Guide to Rehabbing Houses is an inspiring example of how pushing past your fears and taking one big calculated risk can make your dreams a reality. Meet Kelly Campbell - For the majority of her rehabbing career, Kelly Campbell worked as corporate consultant until discovering her purpose as a trainer and motivational speaker. She has poured her heart and 12 years of real estate experience into this intensely focused guide, incorporating real-life examples from her experienc... more
  • Beware! The Devil Is In The Details: Proven Principles For Exceptional Project Management

    by Toby Waxman
    Rising to the level of exceptional project management requires a powerful set of skills, knowledge and technical expertise acquired through years & years of experience. This book unpacks over 30 years of such experience and expertise, boiling them down into seventeen keen, insightful and paramount Principles. Projects are fraught with landmines. This book provides the insight in how to maneuver through the mine field. Each ‘Proven Principle’ is illuminated with impactful Cases In Point and E... more
  • The American Dream

    by Dr Dan Amzallag
    Is your dream to be your own boss? Have you taken the steps to do so? Are your dreams just a dream and too afraid to make it a reality? It is human nature to fear the unknown, but to experience success, you need to venture out to places that aren't too comfortable. You need to learn the strategies to make yourself the person you strive to become. Looking to set your own schedule? Looking to reach financial success? Look no further. This book will give you all the tools you need to buy or start a... more