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History & Military

  • Sketches of a Black Cat: Story of a night flying WWII pilot and artist

    by Ron Miner

    (Available in Full Color or B&W)   Howard Miner was a student at a small Midwestern college when the War broke out. His journey through training and tours of duty as a PBY pilot in the South Pacific are skillfully captured in his art and narratives, framing a wartime drama with a personal coming of age story. This story ~ told in first person, memoir-style ~ has been reconstructed from a small library of unpublished artwork, photos, journal entries... more

  • Outlaws, Rebels, & Vixens: Motion Picture Censorship in Milwaukee, 1914-1971

    by Matthew J. Prigge
    For nearly 60 years, the Milwaukee Motion Picture Commission (MMPC) had the last word on what was suitable for exhibition at local movie theaters. Born of the high ideals of the Progressive Era, the MMPC evolved into one of the nation's strictest censor boards, and kept hundreds of scenes and films from playing in Milwaukee that ran elsewhere with little to no interference. From the bawdy antics of silent-era comedians to the unabashed sexuality of 1960s, the MMPC saw itself as a defender of Mil... more
  • How the Stars Aligned in '69: Historical Context for the Founding of the P.E.O. Sisterhood

    by Sharon S. Atkins
    Most P.E.O .literature regarding its founding begins with stories of several of the “seven founders” being invited to join the newly formed I.C. Sorosis society chapter at Iowa Wesleyan. And, such stories tell us how on Thursday, 21 January 1869, Hattie Briggs and Franc Roads decided upon the formation of a “society of our own.” These stories might lead one to believe that the start of the P.E.O. Sisterhood was practically a form of spontaneous combustion! But, was it really? Could it be that... more
  • The P.E.O. Founders' Scrapbook

    by Sharon S Atkins
    The P.E.O. Founders’ Scrapbook, filled with ephemera such as letters, photos, newspaper and journal articles and even a music score, allows the reader to peek into the lives of the seven founders of P.E.O.: Mary Allen, Alice Bird, Hattie Briggs, Alice Coffin, Suela Pearson, Franc Roads and Ella Stewart as well as their descendants and relations. Encounter what their life was like before, during and after the formation of The P.E.O. Sisterhood. Discover the impact their lives had upon their fa... more
  • Wilber's War (abridged): An American Family's Journey through World War II

    by Hale Bradt
    A father's odyssey. A mother's strength. A son's story. \tWilber's War (abridged) chronicles the story of two ordinary Americans, Wilber and Norma Bradt, during an extraordinary time, World War II. It offers fresh insight--deeply personal --into the historic conflict as it was fought by the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater and by a family on the home front. It is an epic tale of duty, heroism, love, and human frailty. \tBased on a rich trove of wartime letters, Wilber’s War is thoughtfully... more
  • ...and yet they learned - Education of Jewish Children In Nazi Occupied Areas Between 1933-1945

    by Jacqueline Silver
    This book looks at efforts to education Jewish children who lived under Nazi occupation in Europe and North Africa between 1933-1945. This clandestine "schooling" took place in cities, ghettos, concentration camps, orphanages, forests, and hidden in Christian convents, monasteries, and in Moslem homes. This work shows that despite severe restrictions and enormous hardship there were often adults who took responsibility for provided beleaguered children with "schooling" that gave them some sem... more
  • The Protectors: A Photographic History of Police Departments in the United States

    by James A. Bultema
    Police are at the front lines of history as it is being made and these riveting photographs showcase America’s story as it’s unfolding through officers in action. Through the magic of the camera lens, a vanished world lives again and invites the viewer to be part of a moment long ago and partner up with those brave souls who were and are The Protectors of a nation.
  • Long Road to Hard Truth: The 100-Year Mission to Create the National Museum of African American History and Culture

    by Robert L. Wilkins
    In Long Road to Hard Truth: The 100-Year Mission to Create the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Robert L. Wilkins tells the story of how his curiosity about why there wasn’t a national museum dedicated to African American history and culture became an obsession – eventually leading him to quit his job as an attorney when his wife was seven months pregnant with their second child, and make it his mission to help the museum become a reality. Long Road to Hard Truth chro... more
  • For the Duration Plus Six Months

    by Suzette Colletti
    Armed with his sense of humor, a camera and his ukulele, Silveo Colletti starts off on his WWII adventure that takes him from Linden, New Jersey to the far South Pacific and back. This first-hand account, written entirely by Major Colletti, is rich with historical details, music of the day, and over 200 restored original photos and documents that will pull you into the story, making you certain you were there. The author takes you from his induction and basic training in 1941, to the medica... more
  • ISBN-10: 0692757473

    by Carolyn E. Hood-Kourdache
    A young girl is rescued, then sold by her relatives into slavery, after the Red Stick War of 1813. She happened to be a princess of the Creek Nation.
  • American Warfighter: Brotherhood, Survival, and Uncommon Valor in Iraq, 2003-2011

    by J. Pepper Bryars
    If you liked American Sniper, you’ll love American Warfighter. This book is about what went right in the Iraq War: The untold acts of valor by some of America’s most highly decorated combat veterans, the brotherhood they shared, and the fighting spirit that kept them alive through the war’s darkest hours. Every word is true, composed from striking and detailed firsthand accounts by elite paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st airborne divisions, a Green Beret, an Army Ranger, infantrymen, co... more
  • The People's Big Move

    by Guy Annev
    Whom among you exist to confront the very issues which adversely impact our neighbors, even to evoke a wave of intolerance?
  • Saintly Heroes, Whining Martyrs: An Eyewitness Account of America's First Foreign Mission 1813-1843

    by Nan Clarke


    America’s first foreign missionaries began their work in Bombay, believing themselves chosen by God to save the souls of India’s lost millions. But tensions quickly mounted, resulting in a litany of woes within the mission community. As the years passed without a single convert, the determination that had brought these men and women to India faded into despair.

  • Brother Hollis: The Sankofa of a Movement Man

    by Hollis Watkins
    Brother Hollis: The Sankofa of a Movement Man is the first book written by a native Mississippian who was engaged in grassroots organizing in the state as a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) during the 1960s…This book takes us to the roots of Mississippi’s movement via Hollis’ roots—rural roots in Southwest Mississippi. Beginning with the McComb Mississippi Movement in the early days of SNCC in 1961 and continuing to his work with Southern Echo today, Wat... more
  • Russian Jews: Encyclopedic Reference (Revised and Added)

    by Lazar Polevoy
    Multi-year work "Russian Jews. Encyclopedic Reference Book" accumulates the essential knowledge on Russian Jewry (Russian-speaking) scattered throughout encyclopedias and countless works in the light of new research findings and approaches. In one volume is concentrated data on the history, resettlement, demography, traditions, religion, culture, social and political movements, etc. of Russian Jewry. The Reference Book provides also information of a large number of Jews, more or less known for t... more
  • America In The 21st Century

    by kathleen babbitt