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  • Escaping Condo Jail

    by Sara E. Benson

    Today, four out of five real estate sales are in condominium or homeowners association communities. There are lots of great communities out there, but you need to know that there are some very real horror stories, too. A big shocker: Most homeowner associations are run by unpaid, untrained volunteers who are managing their share of an annual $90-billion industry. That’s your real-estate investment and your money!

    Co-authors, Sara E. Benson and Don DeBat, have made real estate the ... more

  • 108 Tips on Business, Travel, and Culture in China

    by Eddie Flores, Jr. & Elisia Flores

    This fun and informative book is unlike any book on Chinese business etiquette and culture. It is written in a style that in Hawaii, we call "talk-story." The book gives tips, suggestions and lessons through the author's personal stories as well as comics drawn by one of the most well-known graphic artists in Hawaii.

  • Energize Your Retirement: Stories of Passionate Pursuits

    by Christine Sparacino
    Newly Retired or Thinking About It and Wondering “Now What?” Energize Your Retirement: Stories of Passionate Pursuits presents retirees (ages 59 through 84) across the United States who found their passion in fun, meaningful, and stimulating activities. Enjoy entertaining personal stories, fascinating facts, and multiple resources to help you begin your new chapter in life. Meet Harriet, the mushroom hunter from Oregon; Kevin, the woodturner from Massachusetts; Voni and her husband, Paul w... more
  • Jump Start Your Book Promotions!

    by RP Dahlke
    Why should you read THIS book on promoting for your book? Because these ideas are the result of my own 4 years of selling my books on Amazon. My ideas are short, concise, and you should be able to find enough gems in it to feel that it's worth it--if not, you have 7 days to get your 99cents back from Amazon!
  • Tenant Leasing 101: The Essential Business and Legal Strategies for Negotiating Your Lease

    by James P. Moorhead
    A real estate lease agreement is one of the biggest financial obligations of any company. The tenant must review the lease to make sure it is sound from both business and legal perspectives. Written in a conversational style for the non-lawyer business executive, Tenant Leasing 101 offers companies the essential strategies and tips to help simplify the negotiation of their next lease.
  • "Online Education Fraud: The Diary of a Short Seller"

    by Robert MacArthur
    In 1998 I was involved in a government action that closed a large for-profit education company. I spent the next 15 years hunting that industry, which is composed of 12 public companies. The book is 320 pages, which largely targets the criminal behavior of University of Phoenix. Packed with lawsuits and government reports, this book will be highly controversial. Not since Madoff has the world seen so much fraud. All the chatter about rising student debt is a function of for-profit education. ... more
  • Secrets: Unlocking the Mysteries of Successful Advertising

    by Jeff Resnick
    The Secrets of Successful Advertising eagerly await your discovery, not merely through Art or Science, but as a reflection of the People involved in the very process of rising above the many obstacles they encounter in their daily quest for the esirable but elusive end result: Successful Advertising. Enjoy a sometimes humorous, always heartfelt revelation of Real stories about Real people making Real decisions in Real business situations. Author/Producer Jeff Resnick shares decades of common sen... more
  • How to Write, Publish, Narrate, Produce, and Market your eBooks & AudioBooks in 5 Easy Steps!

    by Jeff Resnick
    People often ask how to travel the road I have traveled. And still travel every day with a big smile on my face for the realization of my innermost need to maintain control over every aspect of the creative process. That’s just who I am. And always will be. My goal is to walk you down a narrow country road. Not a metropolitan super-highway. I’ll do my best to cut to the chase. Get straight to every point. Are you ready?
  • Second Chance: For Your Money and Your Life

    by Robert T. Kiyosaki
    Few would argue with the fact that, on many fronts, we are a world in crisis. And there are two sides to every crisis, be it a leadership crisis, an economic crisis, an education crisis or a moral crisis. The two side to crisis are danger and opportunity. Robert Kiyosaki’s new book, Second Chance…for Your Money and Your Life, uses the lessons from the past and a brutal assessment of the present to prepare readers to see—–and seize–—the future. If readers can train their minds to see what their e... more
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  • The Millionaire in the Next Cubicle

    by Chip Mendez
    The Millionaire in the Next Cubicle is a definitive guide to maximizing personal wealth generation in Corporate America. While an abundance of wealth-generation options uniquely exist for the corporate workforce; many employees simply don’t know how to properly access, maximize, and utilize these opportunities in context of a larger financial plan. No wonder the Cambridge Human Resources Group called the financial illiteracy of workers “the most critical unaddressed workplace issue” of our ti... more
  • Platform M.B.A.

    by Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A.
    Social Media Marketing Wiz with 10 years college instruction uses his marketing degree, experience and lessons for the MBA entrepreneur. In less than 120 days he built a solid marketing plan and platform over 120,000 followers around the world.
  • Start-up Struggles

    by Bryan Healey
    The start-up has captivated our imagination and our sense of what is possible. But myth and misinformation run rampant, and the entrepreneur is often ill prepared for the perils, thrills, and struggles of building a new technical business. Start-up Struggles will give you insight into the birth of a start-up, how it grows and takes shape, and how it eventually will change the world.
  • Stop Saying Yes - Negotiate!: A Quick Refrence to Better Negotiations

    by Richard Devin
    Stop Saying Yes - Negotiate! is the perfect "on the go" guide for all negotiations. This easy-to-read, practical guide will enable you to quickly identify the other side's tactics and strategies allowing you to defend yourself ensuring a better negotiation for your side and theirs. Discover: Reasonable and Ridiculous Free Costs Too Much Don't Turn a Buyer into a Shopper Ask and Ask Again Say No Being Greedy, Stingy and Selfish to Win . . . and so much more. It makes absolutely no difference ... more
  • Ten Commandments of Management

    by K. Palmer Hartl, MDiv
    Christians are called to respect and care about all people; managers are, too. This is the underlying philosophy of The Ten Commandments of Management. Using proven business models mixed with appropriate Biblical references, this book provides the ten things managers need to know how to do. Following these commandments will make you a more successful manager and those who report to you more effective, productive and successful, as well. What could be better than achieving a win/win outcome in yo... more
  • The Video Effect: Market Your Business With Effective Online Video

    by Nigel Camp

    Creating an effective video requires skill, resources and good planning. Whether your business decides to produce its own content or hire a production company, video enables businesses to compete in a space once dominated by larger corporations. Now, video provides an opportunity for smaller businesses to create their own ‘adverts’ that can be broadcast freely across the globe, and shared easily by the click of a button.

    The Video Effect explains why it is imperative that yo... more