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  • Internet Business Insights: Lessons Learned and Strategies Used by 101 Successful Internet-Based Entrepreneurs (Internet Busines

    by Chris Naish
    Want to succeed as an entrepreneur? Try to get hold of 100+ business people who've made it and pick their brains! Not too easy, is it? Well, luckily it's all been done for you and delivered on a silver platter! Chris Naish and Buck Flogging achieved a remarkable feat by sharing their business wisdom and getting 100 other successful entrepreneurs to reveal their best kept secrets.
  • The Workplace Writer's Process: A Guide to Getting the Job Done

    by Anne Janzer
    The Secrets of Business Writing Success If writing is any part of your job, you owe it to yourself to figure out how to get it done consistently, efficiently, and successfully. This book covers the business communication skills no one teaches you in writing class: What the “curse of knowledge” is and how to avoid it How to streamline collaboration with simple checklists Why the style guide is your friend, and how to create one for your business The most efficient way to approach revisi... more
  • Fitness Powered Brains: Optimize Your Productivity, Leadership And Performance

    by Chong Chen
    The world of business is changing. Productivity and effective leadership are precious commodities. The right strategies for achieving optimal performance are essential. In this new book, neuroscientist presents groundbreaking findings: fitness training increases the number of neurons in our brains; boosts brain efficiency; improves productivity; reduces stress; and more…
  • Custom Logo Designing

    by Sarah Emi
    This book covers from the basics of logo designing to advance level studies, researches, and surveys upon logo designing, branding, and marketing strategies. It also covers the history of logo designing and branding from ancient times.
  • Stretch for Change

    by Gustavo Razzetti
    Discover how to thrive in our unpredictable world. Re-engage with your passions and unleash your true potential by stretching your mindset and ability to adapt. Change is threatening for most of us. The good news is that we can prepare for it. Just as we train our bodies to be fitter, we can train our mindsets and creativity to thrive in change.
  • Rule #1: Don't Be #2

    by Daniel Milstein

    Best-selling author, motivational speaker and business executive Dan Milstein has just written a new book to help you reach your highest potential. \t A man known for motivating others and overcoming his own challenges to create the Gold Star Family of Companies, specializing in Financial Services, Sports Management, Publishing and Film Production, and also the nation’s #1 mortgage lender, shares what has inspired him and how he inspires others in his new book Rule #1 Don’t Be #2 - You Get Wh... more

  • The World's Greatest Salesman: An IBM Caretaker's Perspective: Looking Back

    by Peter E. Greulich
    The New York Times and Time Magazine called Thomas J. Watson Sr., the founder of IBM, the "World's Greatest Salesman." Newsweek wrote that he was a philanthropist, where "none gained more from his beneficence than his own employees." President Eisenhower said he was a man "marked by a deep-seated concern for people." The World's Greatest Salesman is an IBM employee's perspective of Tom Watson Sr.'s leadership during the Great Depression, starting the day after Black Tuesday and ending three days... more
  • Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It Big

    by Brian H. Murray
    Think apartments and commercial real estate are just for the big boys? Think again. Brian Murray was not an investment pro when he bought his first commercial property. He was a teacher looking to build some side income. Armed with his passion for business and a lot of common sense, he developed a simple yet highly effective approach to investing that he still uses today at his multimillion-dollar real estate company. Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate is a beginner's gui... more
  • The Business of Gratitude: Abundance through gratitude and the handwritten thank you note

    by Steven A. Littlefield
    When I finished school it wasn't medical school, so I had to find a way to make my way in the business world and Dale Carnegie stated that it takes 8 to 10 contacts to make a sale. The Business of Gratitude teaches our reader how to implement the handwritten thank you note system to bridge the gap between meeting someone for the first time and developing a deeper business relationship. It is a step by step system allowing you to be in more places more often. Which increases your visibility and ... more
  • NAKED REVIEW How to Get Book Reviews

    by Gisela Hausmann
    Top reviewer reveals: What to do now that Amazon closed all loopholes "How to Get Book Reviews." Pre-order sale $1.99. Book includes FB secrets, Goodreads strategies, and the Toolbox for writing best review request emails. Author Gisela Hausmann was featured in SUCCESS & Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg & NBCNews NAKED REVIEW: How to Get Book Reviews What to do now that Amazon closed all loopholes replaces my book NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Review. It tells authors •what to do now that ... more
  • 9780692828786

    by Dan Blakely
    Over 175 pages full of just about EVERYTHING from A-Z. Just look inside the book and check out the table of contents and you will agree, this IS the COMPLETE guide! There are a lot of books on the market about how to have a garage sale and yes some about making money buying at garage sales but many of them can be limited in their information. There is just SO MUCH opportunity out there; Antiques, vintage stuff from the 70's and 80's, CD's, Book's and the list goes on. However, to succeed at this... more
  • Fierce Reinvention

    by Rand Leeb-du Toit
    Rand Leeb-du Toit’s sudden cardiac death in 2014 was the trigger for radically reinventing his life. Rand was given an incredibly rare second chance, a moment that made him realize we all allow fear and our own self-limitations to hold us back from realizing our dreams. Now the former Fortune 500 advisor, lawyer and venture capitalist wants to help others become fierce, seize their own destiny and live life at their full potential. His new book, Fierce Reinvention, will challenge you to find... more
  • what is the importance of education essay?

    by Nathan Nathan

    Ordering a custom essay to be written for you by means of a expert on line writing team can resolve a few of your problems. As an ordinary student, you're anticipated to perform equally properly in dozens of difficult topics, each considered one of which requires your steady interest. It receives even greater hard at the stop of every semester, while you need to paintings concurrently on some complex writing assignments, and you'll admire the benefits of getting an essay writte... more

  • Create Your New Life of Abundance

    by Jennifer Lancaster
    Find out what’s behind common money and relationship struggles (including the author’s own story). Tuning into our beliefs, values and the way we think is the key. But we go a step beyond creating a prosperity mindset — as you also need solid financial principles. The Seven Pillars of Financial Sense will help you: •balance the budget •eradicate personal debt •plan your financial life •protect what you have •make more income from teaching others, and •prepare to invest and take act... more
  • Let's Collab! Find the blogging tribe that will skyrocket your business.

    by Herchel Scruggs
    Let's Collab! Is a guide for new bloggers looking to find their tribe. I give detailed instructions on finding and working with the tribe that will help your blog grow.
  • The Bird is the Word: Tweet Your Way to the Top on Twitter and Sell Books More "Cheep-ly"

    by Leilani Anastasia
    Are you a self-published author with some really good content but don't know how to gain a readership? Are you struggling with sales yet don't have the budget to launch a pricey advertising campaign? If your answers are yes, then this book is the one for you! Packed with great information and suggestions, this book is a go-to guide for any author who is looking to sell books through Twitter while being "cheep"! If you're looking to make your book selling business a career, then this book is a gr... more