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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Back After Burnout

    by Dennis Consorte
    Burnout didn’t kill me, but if I gave it too much of a chance, it would have. As an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through several periods of burnout and one big one that forced me to reinvent myself completely. I lost my sense of purpose. I was depressed and experienced a complete loss of interest in my work. It affected my mental and physical health, impacted my income, and strained my relationships. In this book, I tell my story, and show you how to overcome burnout, how to find purpose in life agai... more
  • My Re-Birthday Book

    by Kara Rubinstein Deyerin
    Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the My Re-Birthday Book, a beautifully crafted companion for those navigating the rich and complex tapestry of genetic discovery, family, and identity. Whether you're adopted, donor-conceived, or have experienced an NPE, misattributed parentage, or a DNA surprise, this memory book provides a space for you to bear witness to your unfolding narrative. Illuminate the pages with photos, mementos, and responses to writing prompts that explore the depths of y... more
  • How to Stand and Pee and not be a Dick about it--Rites of Passage: The Navigation of Masculinity between the Scylla of Radical F

    by Professors Pluck and Willis
    This book describes various rites of passage into manhood to avoid bot emasculation from the left and toxic masculinity from the right.
  • Mind Training

    by Ravinder Taylor and Eldon Taylor
    Mind Training offers a fascinating examination of the inner workings of your mind that naturally leads to science-based daily self-empowerment practices to enhance every corner of your life. Life can educate your mind to accept less, thereby limiting and defining you. You can do it better. Drawing on over 200 solid scientific studies, Mind Training is the self-help workout regimen that will enhance every corner of your life.
  • The Great Instructor: A Practical Guide to Promoting Adult Learners' Memory by Brain Science

    by Sumin Lee
    Selected as South Korean Navy Teaching Method Book This book is for those who want to grow into a Great Instructor when teaching adult learners. Simply delivering knowledge or information can't make you a Great Instructor. That would merely be a title. So, what kind of instructor is a Great Instructor? Author Sumin Lee, a renowned expert in teaching methods in Korea and a coach for instructors, defines a Great Instructor as “someone who effectively transfers their message into the long-ter... more
  • How to be Heard Without Screaming!

    by Brenda J. Viola
    Have you ever felt invisible? Your lips are moving, but no one's hearing you. It's frustrating when your great ideas or insights are overlooked. It can make you want to scream! Instead, take the next 30 days to learn and implement powerful tactics to improve your quality of communication. Whether making a case for budget dollars, being interviewed by a reporter, speaking up in a staff meeting, or having a heart-to-heart with your partner, your voice is important. This book will help... more
  • Whispers of the soul: the art of inner harmony

    by Nisrine Ait Khayi

    In this book, I propose several daily spiritual, brain, physical, and health-related routine techniques, and practices that can help in restoring the person’s inner peace and optimizing his/her brain’s productivity.  These techniques have been inspired by several readings in self-development, psychology, neuroscience, and biographies of some genius brains such as Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein.   To achieve a successful outcome, self-discipline is required continu... more

  • Soul Statements

    by Corey Lyon Folsom
    The award-winning book, Soul Statements: A Love Coach’s Guide to Successful Communication, is a practical guide to increase personal clarity. Each chapter has a wealth of simple, potent tools for upgrading your communication, mindfulness and connection with life. The use of Soul Statements elevates how we talk to ourselves on the inside and the result is a re-calibration of surface thoughts with a person's deeper knowing. This unlocks personal power, joy and certainty. Voted “Best Communicati... more
  • Decide to Be Your Future Self

    by Andrea C. McLean
    Decide to Be Your Future Self: A Journey of Transformation is a practical guide to becoming the best version of yourself. In this book, you will learn how to: - Set the foundation for your transformation. This includes understanding the power of becoming your future self, defining your future self, and creating a vision for your future self. - Overcome challenges: Identifying your limiting beliefs, dealing with self-doubt, and creating a support system. - Set clear intentions: Setting goals, c... more
  • The Art of Mindkeeping: The Secret to Activating Wisdom, Healing and Spiritual Fulfillment through Lumen Consiousness

    by Stacey McCann
    More than a self-help book, "The Art of Mindkeeping" by Stacey McCann serves as a practical manual for anyone seeking to improve their mental clarity, emotional well-being, or overall sense of fulfillment. By taking spirituality out of the mystical and placing it firmly in the practical realm, this book empowers everyone—not just a chosen few—to achieve a higher state of consciousness and change their lives forever. Embrace the power of lumen consciousness and discover how just two minutes a... more
  • Guide to an Existence

    by NG Rippel
    The culmination of a life’s experiences in notes & verse. If you choose to get into touch with reality. When you begin to think that life and the human future are what is most important. When you decide that the time has come to review perspectives on existence. This is a book worth having around. Not only to compare notes, but to write in your own notes.
  • Menopause: Let's Normalize it Already, for Heaven's Sake!

    by Eevi Jones
    Menstruation, Perimenopause, Menopause - all are absolutely normal. Yet, these are all topics we so often shy away from. So many of us don’t feel comfortable talking about our body’s most natural functions and transitions. "MENOPAUSE - Let’s Normalize It Already, For Heaven’s Sake!" by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Eevi Jones is a sassy, illustrated approach of looking at these topics in a poetically unique, fun, and cheerful way, whilst promoting to speak about these sub... more
  • DBT for Life

    by Diana Partington
    The critically acclaimed book Live DBT for Life: Skills to Transform the Way You Live will empower you with skills to improve your relationships, manage your overwhelming emotions, and live a better life. This engaging and accessible self-help book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking effective tools for navigating the roller coaster of life. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is renowned for helping individuals manage overwhelming emotions and cultivate healthier relationships. However, accessi... more
  • Taller Than A Tree

    by Abraham Thomas

    In 1989, a serendipitous spreadsheet experiment led mechanical engineer Abraham Thomas to the groundbreaking xCode hypothesis. It overturns the current view of science that 86 billion neurons of the brain use algorithms to summate their incoming signals. 

    Drawing on decades of neuroscience research and recent interactions with advanced AI, Thomas weaves together a compelling narrative that spans 30 chapters, delving into the cellular, neurological, and psychological underpinnings o... more


    by Dustin Ogle
    Here lies the path to finding out who you really are, what you really want, and how to get it. No one can give you those answers, but this book shows you how to find them and how to use them. That is becoming. With one straightforward method, you will quickly gain the tools and perspectives needed to free yourself from any illusions and ideological possessions that keep you imprisoned. Together, we will use practical information to make you the master of your thoughts, body, emotions, and enviro... more
  • Heartache to Healing, Navigating Grief and Finding Peace

    by Lloyd C Davis
    Book Summary Grief is deeply personal. Everyone grieves differently and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dealing with our grief. There's no right or wrong approach when it comes to dealing with loss. We introspectively find our way that works for us. With love and forgiveness, we can work through our grief in a positive way. As we move forward through our journey toward healing, our grief can become less acute. We can get to where our grief is no longer holding us captive. Eventua... more