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  • How to Land a Strategy Role in Tech

    by Amy Sun Yan
    In this guidebook on breaking into tech, discover case interviews for beginners and other job hunting hacks for landing your dream role at companies like Google, Meta, Hulu, and Amazon.
  • How To Stop Thinking And Not Get Eaten By A Bear

    by Dogu Densei
    Hopefully the reader learns how to stop thinking and not get eaten by a bear.
  • Rotten Minerva: Be an Unruly Warrior and Embark on a Spiritual Quest

    by Kelli Hastings
    Rotten Minerva lays out a new framework for being "spiritual" while existing in and enjoying this material reality. In it, Kelli Hastings sets forth her personal philosophy of life with the help of movie quotes, scientific references, and citations to religious scriptures; all interspersed with stories of her own humorous misadventures on the path toward authenticity and freedom.
  • Life is Easier Than You Think

    by Robert Wiley

    Life is Easier Than You Think is a road map for finding your way home, a place where you’re free to be yourself and not some version created by other’s expectations - where you can be at peace and have confidence to face life’s challenges. Join the author as he leads you on a simple but powerful journey toward emotional healing, self-acceptance and personal empowerment. As you are guided on this path you will gain practical tools that will assist you in living your best life... more

  • 1544537875

    by Josh Painter
    Many of us spend our lives on autopilot: work, bills, chores, sleep, repeat, in a never-ending cycle. We live the life that others expect us to, and not the life we desire. In Best Version Ever: Discover the MAGIC of Becoming Extraordinary, Josh Painter provides an action-oriented and inspirational roadmap to escape the cycle of experiencing random motivational moments and then falling back into the same old routines. By following the M.A.G.I.C. formula (Mindset, Aim, Gameplan, Immersion, and... more
  • This May Be Difficult to Read

    by Claire N. Rubman
    There's no baby Einsteins in cribs anymore, our babies can't read, and no one is still hooked on phonics - so what's left? This may be difficult to read, but we haven't been selling reading skills very well... Our society has put a premium on one single aspect of the reading process - letters & sounds (or phonics). This has given the impression that 5, 4 or even 3-year-olds can become proficient readers but there is a myriad of psychological and neurological evidence that emphatically refutes th... more
  • Your Way There (To Being Fully Alive)

    by Gretta Keene (author) William Murray (illustrator)
    Your Way There is an illustrated self-guided course in psychotherapy, offering approachable mindfulness tools to build a happy, satisfying, and meaningful life. In this book, client stories and anecdotes from the author’s own journey are brought to life with over one hundred full-color illustrations—interweaving concepts for the mind with stories that speak to the heart.
  • How Not to Be My Patient: A Physician's Secrets for Staying Healthy and Surviving Any Diagnosis

    by Edward T. Creagan, MD, with Sandra Wendel

    Esteemed Mayo Clinic physician and cancer specialist addresses how to be an empowered patient. Updated third edition includes vital information on how COVID changed the healthcare landscape, why providers are under stress, how to navigate the electronic medical record and patient portal, and why patients should take charge of their health in a changing healthcare delivery system.

  • White Girl Within

    by Ronnie Gladden
  • Rooted in Decency: Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways

    by Colleen Bryant

    What happened to common decency? And how do we move forward to cooperation and kindness? Take a quick scan of the headlines and… wow.

    From disrespect to elaborate deceptions, it’s easy to question whether indecency has taken root in our society. Some people are doing what they think is “right” while others are wondering how they could do something so terribly, morally “wrong.” It can make you wonder: Do we even share common values anymore? Rooted... more

  • The Adjacent Possible: Evolve Your Art. From Blank Canvas To Prolific Artist. (The Art Of The Possible Series Book 2)

    by Nancy Hillis
    The Science of Creativity. The Art of the Possible. Being an artist is about continually evolving your art. It’s about cultivating your fullest self-expression and getting to the elusive deepest work your heart yearns to create. This is a revolutionary method influenced by groundbreaking research in biology and physics to guide you to embrace the unfolding of your art. Every brushstroke, every decision in your art, creates a set of possible paths that were not only invisible before, b... more
  • Being Happy Matters

    by Peter Jennings
    Peter Jennings, author of several non-fiction books, now brings to life 37 remarkable profiles on happiness from around the world, demonstrating that being happy matters.
  • EVERYTHING is a F*cking STORY

    by Martin Grunburg
    Since the dawn of civilization, the world's greatest thinkers have agreed upon a single, powerful truth. James Allen said: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” The Buddha put it like this: “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” Marcus Aurelius observed, “Your happiness depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” It turns out that the human thought process is far more elaborate and efficient than originally ... more
  • The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within: A key to the Kingdom

    by Malakhiyah Waters
    This guide helps the reader transcend their understanding of the universe and how everything shares a balanced connection, right down to an individual's emotional state. 108 Monsters Within teaches the reader truths of emotional states, also known as the 108 states of ego, or 108 to defilements of the soul. I refer to the 108 as emotional energetic entities, these are the biblical demons that sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear. I share how to not only recognize when these states... more
  • The Universal Playing Field: Wheels and Cogs of our Verse Shattering the Illusion (The Karmatic Diet Series)

    by Malakhiyah Waters
    The Universal Playing Field, essentially a book of threads, is a journey of discovery into the threads that weave the tapestry of the verses. This book explicates, through an in-depth analysis, the micro and macro of creation in its expansion and contraction, bringing to light a deep understanding of the underlying language and coding of the omniverse. I break down some of the many kingdoms, realms, planes and dimensions in a relatable manner that is easily understood. With a deep exploration... more
  • The Hidden Secret of Quotes

    by Mwanandeke Kindembo
    The author has presented us with the book of quotes. The book is composed of 222 quotes. All of them are his own quotes that he has been writing for the past years, even before he published his first book in 2019. The book is therefore, filled with concrete ideas of achieving freedom, equality, brotherhood and finding peace in life. Apart from that, the reader will be met with some quotes on politics, philosophy, love, motivation, success, science, attraction and even religious ones. Showing how... more