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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Speaking Our Truths: The -Ism Youth Files

    by Various (Youth 11-21): A MediaRites Production
    “It’s amazing to believe that what was going to be the best year ever tuned into the beginning of what was thought to be the end.” Written by twenty youth authors, geared towards youth, this anthology weaves together different perspectives on mental health and wellness. All authors are from the BIPOC and disability communities, which were disproportionately affected by COVID-19, a generation forever changed by an unprecedented pandemic and whose voices have not really been heard, until now. Deta... more
  • Live or die

    by Ralph Meyers
    2. Edition, revised and with an aditional case report including q-EEG results Reflexes form in the first few weeks of pregnancy and serve to protect the unborn child. They are responsible for survival during pregnancy, help with childbirth and protect survival in the first six months of life. Then they need to be integrated and prioritize intentionally controlled responses. In my more than 30 years of practice as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I see a large number of children, adolescents... more
  • The Life Is Too Short Guy: Strategies to Make Every Day the Best Day Ever

    by Scott White
    The Life Is Too Short Guy: Strategies to Make Every Day the Best Day Ever will give you a practical roadmap to make the most of every minute and to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Author Scott White is The Life Is Too Short Guy. He takes you on an inspiring and emotional journey as he weaves together thought-provoking personal stories and the stories of others who have had major AHA! moments in life, to share the key principles of The Life Is Too Short Guy, or “LITSG”, philosophy.
  • Daring to be Different: Stories and Tips from a Woman Leader in Tech

    by Raji Rajagopalan
    This life was not supposed to be hers. No one that saw Raji Rajagopalan as a scrawny six-year-old motherless child living in a cramped flat would have thought that she'd one day become a leader at a top software company. Too many things were stacked against her. How did she get here? What does it take for a woman of color with a turbulent life to lead in the technology industry? How can YOU build a spectacular career for yourself, despite whatever challenges you are facing? In this book, R... more
  • Emerging From the Dark

    by Terence Ang

    What Does it Feel Like to Have a Stroke?

    How Do You Move Forward in a Body that Will Never be the Same?

    Having a stroke is one of most people’s worst fears. But the truth is a stroke is a common medical issue.

    Most of us have no real idea what a stroke feels like or what it takes to recover from one. Our fear often has us pull away from people who most need our help and support. Even medical professionals often fail to fully grasp what it takes to recover from... more

  • UnPunished

    by Michelle Kenney, M.Ed
    In UnPunished: How to Let Go of Punishments and Find Your Parenting Peace, Michelle Kenney combines personal stories and experiences with clear strategies and tips for adopting a peaceful approach to parenting. After years of consequences, bribes and star charts, Michelle decided enough was enough. Her new way of parenting, which she shares in UnPunished, reshaped her relationship with her two young daughters and she credits it with changing her life. Part memoir, part self-help and part paren... more
  • What if it all works out?

    by Jennifer Wagner
  • The Selected Writings of Mark Pettinelli

    by Mark Pettinelli
    It discusses how feelings and thoughts work in the mind, it also discusses the role of consciousness. About cognitive psychology, cognitive science etc.
  • Happiness comes in threes

    by Dan Garbati

    What if we embraced the power of journaling to rewrite our own self-defeating stories and create a more meaningful and fulfilling life? The guided framework would embed a sturdy anchor of self-reflection in our foundations. By taking the time to intentionally reflect on our experiences anchored through the act of writing, we could shape our lives in more meaningful, positive ways.

    Like an artist creating a masterful painting, we could craft our lives with vibrant colors and intricate de... more

  • Me Power

    by LaNysha T. Adams

    In Me Power, Dr. LaNysha Tufuga Adams, Ivy-League educated linguist redefines "empowerment" and challenges others not only to answer this question, "Who do you want to be?" but to put the answer(s) into action.

    Each chapter includes a variety of exercises and activities to help readers apply the five Me Power principles. More than a book, Me Power is an attitude, a mindset, and a call to action that urges those who read it to unlock their limitless power of ... more

  • Focus is Fertiliser

    by Kylie Brennan
    Focus is fertiliser is a profound yet simple recipe for creating a positive mindset. Just like in the garden, what we feed we grow, and the fertiliser for our mind is focus. In this easy-to-follow book, intuitive mindset coach Kylie Brennan teaches us how to change our focus to reach our goals in just three steps. Drawing on her own experiences and using practical, everyday examples, she shows us how to apply these steps to change the way we think, work, and feel so we can reach our full potent... more
  • Light After Divorce

    by marlon waterman
    This book, Light After Divorce, can help mature couples get past the trauma of a broken situation in their marriage, to help them reconcile their differences before deciding to divorce.
  • 979-8-9858043-0-0

    by Mike X
    Thirty years after Tony Robbins released Awaken the Giant Within, Mike X brings us what may be the only other book to deliver as much life-changing advice and insight as Robbins’ original tome. ​ This book will change how you think about every aspect of your life. You’ll upend your priorities, rethink your daily habits and find endless new ways to enjoy every moment of every day. ​ This is a one-of-a-kind book that’s exceptionally fun to read. Buckle up and get ready for an awesome ride!
  • Finding a Job That Loves You Back

    by Carly Inkpen, Justin Wright, and Tad Mayer
    Job searching: YIKES, right? Wrong! With the right framework and tools, finding a job can be empowering and full of skill-building, relationship-forming experiences. Our framework empowers you to get unstuck and bypass the fear and stress that often keeps people trapped on an unsatisfying career path. It's broken down into 3 distinct parts, making the whole process more manageable. Our book is full of techniques, exercises, and sample scripts that will save you time and help you tackle it... more
  • The Much Better You

    by Dr romano giorgi
    Forget every other book here and read this: Ever seen a fat person in a Nike ‘Just Do It’ T-shirt and chuckled to yourself? Well, don’t. You are the equivalent in other areas of your life. Most of us crave fulfilment, happiness and connection, yet many of us will not take the steps necessary to achieve these outcomes. Instead, we will allow fear, ego and self-imposed limitations to rule us. No matter what life throws at you though, be it a lottery win, financial dire straits or the loss... more
  • Pop Prompts: 200 Writing Prompts Inspired By Popular Music

    by Erik Patterson
    It’s time to make your writing pop. Award-winning screenwriter, playwright, and teacher Erik Patterson has crafted a book of writing prompts unlike any other. Pop Prompts uses popular music to awaken your creative spirit. Each writing prompt poses a question that will get you thinking more deeply about yourself and the world around you. Read the prompt, listen to the song, then let go...and let your subconscious take over. These writing prompts will help you explore who you are. They ... more