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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Bytes & Bliss: Achieving Inner Connection Amidst Digital Chaos

    by MARKIT
    Do you feel your smartphone is consuming you, isolating you amidst the digital crowd? Unearth your inner refuge with "Bytes & Bliss: Achieving Inner Connection Amidst Digital Chaos", a journey intertwined with emotional cinematic references and parallels to global events. "Bytes & Bliss" shall guide you to find balance in this ocean of notifications and to use technology for your growth, not the other way around. This book serves as a lighthouse for those who, despite their technological prow... more
  • Is He Ever Going to Leave His Wife?

    by Martess Dowling
    Are you the ‘Other Women’, stuck in a relationship with a married man? Do you desperately want to know if he is ever going to leave his wife? This book will help you answer the many burning questions you have about your relationship with a married man so that you can be clearer, calmer, and empowered, ready to take responsibility for your life and achieve the happiness you deserve. In her work as a tarot reader, author Martess Dowling heard one question far more than any other: ‘Is he e... more
  • Stories About Sex and Observations on Women

    by J.D. Bradley
    Who am I to write a book about women? I’m a man that has had sex with hundreds of women. That is NOT something I’m proud of and it was never a goal of mine. That is nothing any man should aspire to, but I come from a very different sort of background that ensured that I would never have a normal life and I’m okay with that. It is what it is. Over the course of my life, I have come to realize things about women that I’m sharing here which any man should find valuable and most women would agree wi... more
  • Simply Less by Dominique Parenti

    by Dominique Parenti

    “Let me tell you about this book I wrote called Simply Less. Now, before we dive in, I want to make it clear that this book is not about my life, per se; rather, it’s more about the valuable lessons I learned from life after spending a whopping thirty years doing things that just didn’t feel like ‘me’...”

    This practical guide written by a former executive manager enables you to live a happier life through the power of less. Less clutter, less purchasi... more

  • The Connection Playbook

    by Andy Chaleff
    The Connection Playbook is the ultimate relationship manual for anyone seeking to forge genuine, vulnerable, and meaningful connections with their spouse, family members, friends, and others. Whether you constantly catch yourself in repetitive arguments with your partner, struggle with parenting a difficult child, endure constant criticism from your parent, grapple with the aftermath of hurting a dear friend, or struggle to forgive someone who has caused you pain, this transformative guide holds... more
  • Fiercely Joyful: 11 Keys to Living Authentically & Creating a Life You Love

    by Natasha Craig Durkins

    Being Fiercely Joyful is having the powerful feeling of happiness, freedom, fulfillment, and peace that comes from choosing to be the version of you that aligns with your purpose. Not the version of you others prefer but the one that is authentically you.


    Do you:

    Bite your tongue too often?

    Conform to others’ expectations?

    Pretend to be happy when you’re not?

    Struggle to articulate what brings you joy?


    If you answered y... more

  • The Dog Life Coach: Lessons in Love and Life

    by Alison Hatton
    Picture a life where you can transform self-doubt into self-acceptance, anxiety into empowerment and stress into serenity. In this fast-paced world it can be a relief to take a moment to pause, reflect and learn from the beauty of dogs who embody qualities we seek to improve in ourselves. The Dog Life Coach isn’t just a concept; it’s a roadmap to living authentically in the present. Unconditional love, resilience, mindfulness, forgiveness and many more... dogs possess incredible qualities ... more
  • Hurdles

    by Dr. Ric Vandett
    These are difficult times. While incredible advances have been made in technology, advances in human interaction and in personal self-confidence have not kept pace with the growth of technology. Thus, facing life's difficulties, with no road map on how to overcome those difficulties, has left many people with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and depression. These feelings become hurdles to achieving personal growth and happiness. Hurdles is a common sense approach to identifying the obst... more
  • Decoding You

    by Arun Shankar
    Shankar is your navigational chart through the complexities of personality and motivation. This book isn't a maze of academic jargon; it’s a warm, welcoming space where enneagram systems and numerology come alive in an easily digestible format. Arun's simple language and compelling real-life stories make you feel like you're chatting with a wise friend. He takes you through the corridors of your inner world, unlocking doors you might not have known even existed. In "Decoding You," numbers go ... more
  • Extraordinary YOU

    by Dr. Agnes Oh
    We all long to be happy. Many of us might also wonder what it really means to be happy as human beings. The secret to happiness is much simpler and closer to us than we think. We are most miserable when relationally injured and conversely happiest when meaningfully connected with those we care about. Extraordinary YOU is born out of this intrinsic human need to seek and fulfill happiness in the context of our relationships. Extraordinary YOU unveils what it means to be happy through the interper... more
  • Dream Maker

    by Henrietta Dixon-Collier
    Just reading this book can give you a collage of amazing ideas. Actually, as you continue to read, you'll begin to notice everyone's talent, better known as a gift, is so necessary, no matter the age, color, gender, or level of education. This book is extremely thought-provoking! So take notes as you continue to read this book because you'll begin to notice that we all have something that our community needs and wants. Of course, you'll be pleasantly amazed to see how one person's dream comes tr... more
  • Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common CrankaTsuris Chronicles

    by Steven Joseph
    Get ready to embrace your inner curmudgeon with crankiness expert Steven Joseph. In his award-winning masterpiece “A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The CrankaTsuris Method,” we learned how to navigate and celebrate our grouchy moments. Now, in “Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common CrankaTsuris Chronicles,” our journey to mastering our moodiness takes a humorous twist that is guaranteed to have you chuckling out loud. Peppered with captivating tales, both fresh and ... more
  • Losing Dad, Paranoid Schizophrenia: A Family's Search for Hope (10th Anniversary Edition)

    by Amanda LaPera

    No drugs. No alcohol. So, how does a fifty-three-year-old develop schizophrenia? That question puzzles Joseph’s family when his mind descends into madness, filled with delusions and paranoia. He roams the world as a self-proclaimed prophet-of-God—purportedly arrested in Israel, advised the Mafioso in Italy, and hailed as a prophet in Africa. When he returns to the United States, he faces down drug dealers and pros... more

  • Unstick Your Mind

    by Mimika Cooney
    Do you question why you have negative thoughts? Every problem in life starts with a thought. Often we get stuck in perpetual cycles of bad thought patterns that cause us to repeat behaviors, over and over again. Discover what elite athletes, CEO's and high achievers do to unlock their full potential. Once you learn how to shift your mindset and develop grit, you will be positioned to break through any barrier holding you back!
  • Extra Focus

    by Jesse J. Anderson
    Jesse J. Anderson draws from his personal journey of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult to offer encouragement, motivation, and strategies tailored for ADHD brains. Written by an adult with ADHD for adults with ADHD, this empowering book provides the compassionate understanding and practical strategies you need to stop struggling and start thriving.
  • I Am Changing Careers

    by Anita Job

    "I Am Changing Careers" is a series of questions and answers based on the author's job-hunting experience that will encourage and motivate you on your journey of what works to get hired. Topics include choosing your career, getting hired, how to take care of your health, and what to do once you have the job. The roadmap at the end of the book provides a 2-week daily checklist of how to implement the book's contents and find meaningful employment as quickly as possible.

    ... more