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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent: Small Moments, Big Impact

    by Mary Willcox Smith
    What if there's a proven way to navigate typical parenting chaos by implementing simple, actionable steps to strengthen connections with your children and support their personal, positive development? In The MicroStep Method for the Overwhelmed Parent, Mary Willcox Smith acknowledges the commotion and frustration of daily child-raising life and addresses confidence-draining parenting angst. Yes, a semblance of order, calm and, importantly, joy, can be re-injected into the family experience. E... more
  • Effective Discipline the Montessori Way

    by Charlotte Cushman
    Teachers and parents have backed off from discipline. They have been told to avoid consequences, avoid the word “no,” and not to put children in time-outs. It is no coincidence that when adults become unassertive, children often become rude, violent and disrespectful. Children need proper discipline and they aren’t getting it. Effective Discipline the Montessori Way is a book for educators and parents, and explains why children are not getting the guidance and correction that they need. The book... more
  • YES! You WILL Understand Your Teen With ADHD

    by Jaycee Donovan

    Yes! You CAN understand your teen with ADHD is a powerful story of a mother’s journey to  support her child’s struggle with late-onset ADHD, identify the complexities a teenager has to deal with when living with the disease, and find resolutions to the complexities.

     For any parent with a child with ADHD, the diagnosis (and even getting the diagnosis) is overwhelming and scary. And without knowledg... more

  • The poignant tale of Megalha: an experience shared by many a woman -Coupled with philosophical analyzes and critique-

    A story of a female life shattered in dreams and truncated in its normalcy in animation by the cruel effects of a childhood molestation, whose trail extends rearward to remote peaceable shores of an island itself detached from the modern world, later leaping onward to the latter modern land for the greater aggravation of its psychosomatic behavioral symptoms. It is a piercingly familiar story shared by many a woman, whose rightful tone and tenor had long been stifled by the same forces that caus... more

    by JIM LOEHR
    Sapiens Reinvented begins by tracing our species' penchant for aggression and violence back to deeply embedded genetic codes. The book then delves into the heart-wrenching ramifications of these genetic predispositions. A particularly alarming manifestation of Sapiens coded vulnerabilities is the propensity to dehumanize those deemed different or threatening. Labeling them as "others " or " outsiders" often gives a perceived moral license to commit unspeakable atrocities to ensure their own ... more
  • Once Upon an Upset

    by Jessica Laurel Kane
    Once Upon an Upset is an illustrated collection of stories, insights and reflections to help make sense of difficult times, based on my own experiences healing past dysfunction and trauma while trying to raise my own kid differently.
  • The High-Performance Mindset

    by Bertus de Wet
    GET OFF THE COUCH Stop stagnating in the Grey Zone Develop a High-Performance Mindset LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED DO IT TODAY, DO IT NOW! Do you find yourself saying “I can’t because…’ I don’t have the time I don’t have the money I don’t have the education, or skills I don’t have the energy, or health” High-Performance Business Coach, Bertus de Wet, shows you how Grey-Zone living is just zoning out. It’s not actually living, and certainly not living life to the full. It’s time to turn... more
  • Laugh Out Loud: Your Personal Prescription for the Best Medicine on Earth

    by Jack Daly
    If you liked James Clear’s Atomic Habits or Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck, you will love Laugh Out Loud; it provides the secret ingredient in life for coping and happiness that money just can’t buy. Humanity is in a state of crisis and despair on a global scale. Despots are everywhere we turn, sowing and spewing their evil. Say nothing of the day-to-day stressors in life that we face. As of the end of 2022, there were 85,253 self-help books available; however, only 5 percen... more
  • Five Keys of Self Love (Be Bold series)

    by Hina Yu Cao
    This is a magical book and guide of self-love, rooted in the pure love of oneself and one another. We are born to love and be loved and essentially made of the same cosmic material as the infinite universe. The love of oneself and one another are two sides of the same coin. This book serves as a beacon, guiding you back to your essence of pure love. The purity and beauty of wisdom in this book has illuminated and transformed countless lives, including mine. Being revealed of the truth of the uni... more
  • Do You Feel Like Writing?

    by Frankie Rollins
    Do You Feel Like Writing? A Creative Guide to Artistic Confidence Synopsis This guide offers stories and suggestions about the writer’s life and how to grow self-esteem and confidence around the work of creativity. The book opens with a chapter on imagination, inviting readers to observe personal obsessions and accept the material that comes to them. More invitations follow, enticing readers to explore the reasons for making art and perform the magic trick of finding time to write (when t... more
  • The Cliffs of Schizophrenia

    by Jake and Laurette McCook
    Cliffs of Schizophrenia: A poignant mother and son perspective on Jake's journey with schizophrenia. Written in a journal-style format, this book offers comfort and insight to those navigating the world of this brain disease, whether as sufferers or loving caregivers. An indispensable bedside companion, a reminder that you are not alone.
  • Spirit Guides on Speed Dial

    by Jules Apollo

    Curious about your guides but don’t know how to work with them, who they are, or how to start? Maybe you’re looking for an easy spiritual practice? Your spirit guides are all around you, ready to help. This book shows you how to talk to them with simple scripts, tested tips and messages from Jules’ guides for support. Spirit Guides on Speed Dial busts myths about getting guidance. You don’t need to pass a ‘worthiness’ test, know what to say, like to meditat... more

  • Whole Hearted: A Christian Guide to Healing from Romantic Rejection & Heartbreak

    by Ruth Fanshaw

    So many of us have to deal with the pain of romantic rejection and heartbreak in our lives - yet there is so little specific advice about how a Christian should deal with it.


    How do we find our way through the pain into a place of healing, with our integrity intact and our relationship with God growing stronger?


    With a biblical outlook and practical advice, Ruth Fanshaw draws on years of personal experience to help you walk with Jesus through every stage ... more

  • #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age

    by Tony Jeton Selimi
    Dive into the heart of our shared human experience in the powerful narrative, #Loneliness: A Call to Connection. In an age of unprecedented connectedness, we have paradoxically found ourselves deeply alone - consigned to technological silos that mask our veritable struggles and occlude our authentic selves. Fear of judgment, criticism, and rejection shrouds our true selves, fracturing our natural equilibrium, fostering disease, and driving worldly division. #Loneliness: The Virus of the Mo... more
  • The Productive Perfectionist A Woman’s Guide to Smashing the Shackles of Perfection

    by Kathryn Mayer
    Is perfectionism paralyzing you? Become a Productive Perfectionist, instead—and free yourself from the “shackles of shoulds” so you can play a bigger game! Do you still struggle trying to figure out when your work is good enough? Are you losing hours editing a draft for the 29th time? Are the higher-ups getting nervous that you’re not up to the job? Are you tired of settling for the smaller, safer roles instead of finding your greatness—because you’re too afraid of failing? In this book, you’l... more