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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Uncommon Courage

    by Andrea T Edwards
    Uncommon Courage is an invitation to be your courageous best self every day. It’s also an antidote to the overwhelm, fear, and rage rolling around the world. This book opens a path to inner contentment, peace, and happiness, and a path to meaningful action. It brings you an opportunity to reflect. What if there was another way? What if we could do something about the bigger issues facing our world? What if we could make meaningful change? Well, we can. Despite today’s turmoil—which we can utili... more
  • Lazy Creativity: The Art of Owning Your Creativity

    by Kyle Bernier
    Lazy Creativity is a how-to to owning your creativity in a way that works for you. Creativity is incredibly important and is something most of us want more of in our lives but struggle to make room for. We have limited amounts of time, energy, and resources, so we have to work with what we have. Lazy Creativity is a guide to cultivating, growing, and loving your own creativity, no matter what that looks like – it’s creativity that meets you where you’re at.
  • Self-Help Sucks

    by Tony Blankenship
    Are harmful habits and addictions ruling your life, no matter how hard you try to control them? For those who’ve read every self-help book out there with no results comes the anti-self-help book that will finally allow you to affect real and lasting change. Because while self-help sucks, claiming the aid of a Higher Power and the support of others can lead to recovery, inner peace, contentment, and freedom from destructive behavior—and author Tony Blankenship shows you how. A six-part program ... more
  • 50 Shades of Truth

    by Nikole Thompson
    This is my real-life testimony of how quickly my marriage had fallen apart, and how with in a blink of the eye, drugs and sexual dysfunction had taken over my identity. There were seasons of my life where I experienced love and loss, drugs and anger, lust and bi-sexuality, abandonment and betrayal. But then... GOD! God brought about the most beautiful season of all. He continued to love me when I could not love myself. He loved me back to life, and graciously spent time teaching me His plan-... more
  • by A. Sehatti
  • God Loves Messed Up People

    by Gene Heil

    God Loves Messed Up People is not a book that preaches about God, but a conversation about life, designed to help others come face to face with their own dysfunction so that they can find a way out.

    Gene Heil wrote the book, God Loves Messed Up People, a masterful work about the grace of God in the life of humanity. It’s the story of one man’s abusive and dysfunctional life, made vulnerable for a lifeline to all. Heil suffered the devastation of living with an abusive alcoho... more

  • The Hidden Doors to Success: Achieve More, Faster

    by Chris Infanzon
    Harness your untapped potential like never before. We all have the ability to achieve great things in this life, but it’s those who obtain the right information that prosper. This book hands over the keys to those secretly hidden doors so everyone can enjoy a world of achievement. I can’t promise the ride will be easy though. If you’re looking for a get rich quick book, don’t bother reading any further. Hard work and dedication will always be required, but with the right information the wind wil... more
  • The Change Journey: A self-awareness guide for women who are thinking "how on earth did i end up here?"

    by Nikki Lane
    The Change Journey guides women through ten stages of self-awareness supporting them to ignite change in their lives to gain a more empowered relationship with themselves and live a happier life.
  • Angels in Flight II: Daily Inspirations

    by Margene Wiese-Baier
    Jacobs Ladder And he dreamed and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to Heaven. And behold, the Angels of God were ascending and descending on it! Genesis 28:12
  • Confessions of a Griever: Turning a Hot Mess Into an Haute Message (Laughable Lessons for When Life Just Sucks)

    by Crystal Webster
    This ain't your mama's grief book! Grief sucks...but you don't have to! Part memoir, part self-help, part choose your own grief guide; this cheeky and honest book takes a hard look at society's view of grief and flips it the bird. If you've encountered a traumatic loss (of any kind) and you want to use your experiences to make yourself better (and less bitter), then the sugar-coated platitudes everyone gives you just won't cut it. In Confessions of a Griever: Turning a Hot Mess into an Hau... more
  • The Color of My Resilience: A Guided Self-Care Journal for Black Men

    by N.D. Jones
    From the cities to the suburbs, from public schools to private colleges, from churches to mosques, from A Dream Deferred to I Am a Man, the lives of Black men matter. Not a bandwagon slogan but a rallying cry for equity . . . for justice . . . for a fullness of life. Happiness. Security. Manhood. The Color of My Resilience: A Guided Self-Care Journal for Black Men is intended to foster and support self-awareness and reflection in a safe environment. The depiction of more than a dozen imag... more
  • The Color of My Resilience: A Guided Self-Care Journal for Black Women

    by N.D. Jones

    Strong Black Woman. Black Girl Magic. These six words can motivate, but they can also intimidate and misrepresent. There is no otherworldly magic in a Black woman’s capacity to survive, no more than there is in her ability to thrive despite racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and so on. At the end of a tiring day, Black Girl Magic is old-fashioned grit and perseverance. The Color of My Resilience: A Guided Self-Care Journal for Black Women is intended to foster and support self-a... more

  • 100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach Your Baby Maths

    by Emma L Smith
    The world is full of maths, and your baby is full of curiosity. Let your baby lead the way as you explore the wonderful world of maths together through 100 daily activities, stories, and songs. No flashcards, no worksheets, no right or wrong, and no maths anxiety. Within this 100-day maths journey, you will discover: * Babies seem to be born with an amazing number sense. * Parents have the power to show their babies that maths is enjoyable and not something to be anxious about. * Babies ... more
  • Finding Happiness In The Dark

    by Kenneth Liddane
    It might feel like a strange question, but do you actually understand why you think, feel, or behave the way you do? Have you ever noticed a difference between how you feel and how you think you should feel? Do you ever distract yourself? Or keep yourself busy to prevent feeling a specific way? Is the search for happiness just another distraction? Underlying suppressed feelings directly impact how we perceive the world around us, so why do we endure this darkness while we try and p... more
  • Entering Our Highest Possibility

    by D.V. Patrick
    This book offers the 21st-century master skill to heal our restless, overloaded and confused minds. What is the power to become the change we seek? What is the capacity to respond creatively and successfully to the increasing challenges and changes of today and tomorrow’s world, while remaining rooted in a healthy, meaningful and empowered state? Together with the greatest souls that ever walked upon this earth, we enter our mind its power that affects everything we do, feel, think and become; w... more
  • Who Could Have Imagined . . . Change Your Perspective, Transform Your Destiny

    by Dr. Aliette St. Hilaire, CRNA, APRN
    It’s Not How You Start…It’s How You Finish Before moving to the States, Aliette enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the Bahamas. But life changed abruptly when she became pregnant at twelve and married at thirteen. Written off as a teenage mom and high school dropout, Aliette made a discovery that would change her life again: Faith. With God—along with the power of prayer—Aliette surmounted obstacles that would have imprisoned her in poverty and ignorance. She worked hard for an education, ult... more