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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Wholly Naomi: One Woman, Nine Numbers, and a Cat Looking for Love

    by Louise Gilbert

    Wholly Naomi captures Naomi's journey towards finding meaning, navigating through her feelings of emptiness and disconnection from life. Guided by a transformative book and its nine life-altering principles, she embarks on a path of self-discovery, mirrored by her bond with a stray ginger kitten seeking its place in the world. Along her journey, Naomi learns to shed the burdens of societal expectations, letting go of who she thought she should be, or should have, realising that true happi... more

  • Breaking The Silence: Confronting Guilt and Shame in the Chronic Pain World

    by Debra Morgan, Advocate

    "Breaking The Silence Receives A 5-Star Editorial Book Review Awarded By Reader's Favorite 2024!"

    Debra Morgan, the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling memoir "Graceful Agony: An Intimate Memoir of Living with Fibro & Chronic Fatigue,"
    has published a new book titled "Breaking The Silence: Confronting Guilt and Shame in the Chronic Pain World" for readers who suffer from chronic pain and loved ... more

  • Crushing my Addiction

    by Steven Hodgson
    Crushing My Adduction is a life changing self help book that is a guide to liberate individuals from the stress of nicotine addiction from tobacco product. The book is written specifically to address the challenges associated with quitting smoking of any form including vapes and Juuls and e draws upon scientific research and using the incredibly power of a widely available natural organic fruit and offers a practical and effective way to break free from nicotine and vaping dependen... more
  • Grief Sucks (But Your Life Doesn't Have To)

    by Brooke Carlock
    Grief sucks, and Brooke Carlock gets it more than most. After losing her dad, mom, stepmom, and ten year-old daughter in a year and a half, she's practically a PhD in the school of hard knocks. Brooke shares her grief journey with raw honesty, providing a beacon of hope for those feeling overwhelmed by sorrow. This book doesn't just acknowledge the depth of grief; it also offers practical, actionable strategies for moving through it with her innovative TRUST Method. It's your no-BS guide through... more
  • Finally Find Freedom: How to break the 12 chains holding you back and find more freedom in life and business

    by Philip Wride
    In this transformative book, author and life coach, Philip Wride, explores the depths of human experience and unveils the 12 chains that hold countless individuals back from realizing their vision, goals and dreams. Through personal stories, practical exercises, and empowering insights, Philip offers a powerful process for liberating yourself from these constraints, empowering you to embrace a life of boundless freedom, success, and happiness.
  • Energetic Anatomy Made Easy

    by Laurel Stuart
    Energetic Anatomy Made Easy: Create Better Health Through An Understanding Of Your Chakras and Meridians compares and combines the wisdoms of the chakras and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an instructional book containing simple yet profound practices that make insight into the chakras and the meridians easy.

    by Elizabeth Morgan

    LA CO-GENITORIALITÀ CON UN NARCISISTA è un esame approfondito del narcisismo, con un'enfasi particolare sui suoi effetti sulle relazioni e sulla genitorialità.

    L'autore mira a fornire una spiegazione dettagliata del narcisismo e una guida pratica per le persone che... more

  • Unveiling 11 Relationship Styles: Secrets Nobody Told You

    by Ahmad Aljazeeri
    The core of my work is the PICCK A SPICE framework (Playful, Intellectual, Creative, Culinary, Kind, Adventurous, Spiritual, Physical, Inspirational, Caring, and Empathetic), which breaks down complex relational dynamics into 11 distinct styles. Each style offers a lens through which readers can examine their experiences and gain insights that foster deeper, more authentic connections. In an era where digital interactions often overshadow face-to-face connections, my book proposes practical solu... more
  • Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Tickling: An International Study

    by Duncan Taub
    Everyone tickles, but no one talks about it. Sort of like the weather but opposite. This book will increase the talking. It describes the role of tickling in the lives of over 2,000 women from all over the world. It compares different regions of the world for how ticklish women are, how often they are tickled, how much they like tickling, and who does the tickling. Some personality traits were found to be strongly related to ticklishness or enjoyment of being tickled. For many women, tickling ha... more
  • Brilliant Emotions

    by Paul Cashman
    Brilliant Emotions is a useful and practical guide for readers at this most difficult time in civilized society. Every day one can see how negative emotions are at the root of domestic violence, sexual misconduct, and jealousy at home and in the workplace. This book empowers readers to look into themselves for answers bringing forth the brilliant sanity that is their birthright. There are many Buddhist books describing the poisonous quality of our emotions, the harm they cause to others and o... more
  • Love Problem Solution in Kolkata


    Get the most effective Love Problem Solution in Kolkata from a world-famous astrologer. Make your relationship happy and free from unnecessary disputes. The most effective vashikaran mantra can make it easy to make your relationship stay on right track and keep the bond of a couple stronger for a long time.


  • You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace: Embrace Your Journey

    by Elizabeth Upton

    Released in Feb. 2024, You Are a Sovereign Woman of Strength, Love, and Grace provides deep insights into achieving mental strength, physical healing, hope, and peacefulness. It offers reassurance and common-sense answers to living without doubting your inner wisdom and strength.

    It’s important to be kind to yourself and trust who you are without harsh criticism. This book helps you find the essence of your sovereignty and encourages you to live a life devoid of doub... more


    by Lselie Blckbrd
    Hi, My name is MIND GAME, and I proudly welcome you to the labyrinth of the mind, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and where the words that shape our world shake their capital 'S' to an enigmatic rytm. Within my 420 pages discover 180 thought-provoking facts that have never been told before (with 87,21% accuracy)! They traverse the expansive landscapes of psychology, the intricacies of the mind, the dynamics of relationships, the mysteries of femininity, the complexi... more
  • What If We Pray

    by Lacey Rozell
    Imagine creating a rhythm; a habit to pray while feeling heard, encouraged and loved. Do you ever feel unsure of where to start or what to say? What if thriving as a christian can be obtained when built on a flourishing prayer life? If so, there is a simple place to start: What if We Pray? In my research I found that there are three parts to a thriving christian life: Prayer Study of Scripture Practicing Righteousness (this includes confession of sin and obedience to God) Prayer is f... more
  • Understanding and Preventing Suicide: What You and I Can Do

    by Bob Van Oosterhout
    Most suicide prevention efforts focus on secondary prevention – identifying and responding to people who may be at risk for suicide. This book emphasizes primary prevention – addressing conditions that contribute to people attempting to end their lives. It attempts to answer three questions: What conditions are common in the lives of people who attempt or are at risk of suicide? How does this affect how they see themselves, others, and their world? and, What can we do in our daily lives to im... more