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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • The Serious Side to Humour: : Strategies for Addressing Emotive Topics

    by Alexandre-luc Wahlström Smith

    In "The Serious Side to Humour," readers will discover how humor can be used as a tool to navigate challenging situations and foster empathy and understanding when addressing personal and societal struggles. This book explores the psychology behind humor, different types of humor, and practical strategies for incorporating humor into serious topics. It also addresses the challenges of using humor in discussions of emotive topics and provides guidance on how to navigate these challen... more

  • Living With Manic Depression:

    by Alexandre Smith
    Living With Manic Depression is a comprehensive guide to understanding bipolar disorder and managing its symptoms. This book offers a variety of case studies and personal stories that showcase the multifaceted nature of the condition and highlight the resilience and determination of those living with it. By presenting a variety of experiences, this book aims to reduce stigma, increase empathy, and promote understanding among readers.In addition to traditional treatments like medication and thera... more
  • Hope for the Best, Plan for the Rest: 7 Keys for Navigating a Life-Changing Diagnosis

    by Dr. Sammy Winemaker and Dr. Hsien Seow
    The essential guide for every patient and family The doctor’s office called. It’s not good news. What comes next? When you are diagnosed with a life-changing illness, it can be overwhelming. While your diagnosis cannot be changed, the way you experience your illness can. In Hope for the Best, Plan for the Rest, Dr. Seow and Dr. Winemaker have combined their decades of palliative care research and experience in caring for seriously ill patients. They have harnessed the advice of thousand... more
  • Stress Wisely: How to Be Well in an Unwell World

    by Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
    It’s time to make stress your ally, not your enemy. Stress is inherent to the human condition. When not properly understood, stress can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health, our relationships, and our lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In Stress Wisely, award-winning psychology scholar and resiliency expert Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe explains how we can be strategic in stressful times by challenging everything we’ve been told about stress—and wielding its power in our favou... more
  • Raising Good Humans Every Day: 50 Simple Ways to Press Pause, Stay Present, and Connect with Your Kids

    by Hunter Clarke-Fields
    Little ways to stay mindful, be present, and raise good humans—every day! As a parent, it’s the little things you do each and every day that can help your kids grow up to be kind, confident, and conscientious human beings. But if you’re like many parents, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the daily rush of getting to school on time, helping your kid finish their homework, planning meals, and all the seemingly endless tasks that pile up and steal the fun out of just being with your child.... more
  • Whisper Their Names: The journey to peace after losing your child

    by Jennifer Harris
    One of life's most traumatic moments is losing your child. This may be from an event such as miscarriage, stillborn or early childhood death from illness, accident, or hostile intent. But loss is not always death; you can lose your child in a divorce or through drug addiction or estrangement. Losing a child who is now an adult is no less devastating. The sad fact is that this pain is an often unspoken burden that you will carry forever. Over time, people expect you to move on, but you live dai... more
  • Run Like Hell

    by Nadine Macaluso, LMFT, PhD
    After enduring marriage to the infamous “Wolf of Wall Street,” Nadine Macaluso, PhD, made it her passion and life’s work to help women understand, escape, and heal from their own trauma bonds with pathological partners. At age twenty-two, Nadine married Jordan Belfort, the nefarious stockbroker portrayed in the Hollywood blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street. Their marriage began as a fairytale, but once they were bonded, Jordan’s “mask” began to slip, and acts of infidelity, narcissistic abuse... more
  • Nurturing Neurodivergence

    by Jasmine K. Y. Loo

    This workbook-guide for late-identified neurodivergent (ND) adults is written by a ND psychologist with lived experience. Each chapter explores a main component of building healthy relationships with both the self and others. This book is jam-packed with engaging, ND-firendly infographics explaining key concepts (printed in premium, full colour!) to help the reader better understand neurodivergence and their own late identification. Drawing on a range of evidence-based psy... more

  • Wisdom of the Unshakeable

    by Amritha Kailas

    Are you ready to unlock lasting emotional wellness and embark on a transformative journey towards resilience and purpose?


    Dive into the transformative pages of 'Wisdom of the Unshakeable,' an indispensable guide to attaining emotional well-being and life-altering transformation. Amritha Kailas, a certified Life and Success Coach endorsed by Jay Shetty and the voice behind the influential podcast 'The Peace Bridge Talk Show,' invites readers ... more

  • The Happy Lawyer: The Blueprint to Avoid Burnout and Put Together Your Good Life Personally and Professionally

    by Paul Karvanis
    It turns out that happy lawyers have a number of things in common—key ingredients they all share. Unhappy lawyers share some of those ingredients, but are missing others. The problem is that there’s a recipe for happiness and, whether intentional or not, the unhappy lawyers haven’t followed it. This book covers: - The key ingredients that happy lawyers all had in common. - The practical approach to putting it all together. - How to ensure you avoid burnout along the way.
  • The Gift of Sensitivity: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Engagement in Life and Work

    by Elena V. Amber

    "A compelling perspective on the way a form of neurodivergence can ultimately drive effective adaptations rather than serve as a source of difficulty... a unique self-help book focused on the benefits of sensitivity." - Kirkus Reviews.

    "A welcome guide for business leaders looking for new ideas and advice when revamping their sensitivity training or for anyone in need of adjusting their mindset and finding new ways to express and feel t... more

  • Living All In: How to Show Up for the Life You Want

    by Chris Janssen
    Ever feel stuck by self-limiting beliefs or circumstances outside your control? Living All In gives you the tools to tap into your resourcefulness, embrace an empowering mindset, and move to action. Board-certified coach Chris Janssen, MA, BCC, shares what she’s learned, personally and from her clients, then places the keys to a life you love in your hands. In this award-winning, transformative guide, you'll discover: -Strategies to identify and overcome unhelpful narratives you may tel... more
  • Five Doors of Success

    by Joshua Candamo
    Can you be successful without luck, money, or friends in high places? Like so many of us, Joshua Candamo wasn’t sure of the answer when he first arrived in the United States without a college degree, struggling to find a minimum-wage job. Today, he shares his answer as a technology executive with a Ph.D. degree and a fulfilling personal life. The Five Doors of Success systematically deconstructs success into five critical areas that anyone can learn and excel in. These areas aren’t related... more
  • Creating Atmosphere with Atmosphere: How to Use Weather as a Literary Device

    by Benjamin X. Wretlind
    Effectively used as a literary device, weather can create an atmosphere that can make or break a scene. It sets the mood, mirrors the stages of plot development, enhances themes, and creates tension where before there was none. Weather can also drive emotion. Think of a sad character. Does it help your reader feel her emotion if you describe the sunrise on a clear, perfectly temperate day, or would it set a better mood if there were undulating clouds hanging over the scene like a smotherin... more
  • Survival of Life

    by Robert Wheeler, PhD
    Within approximately one billion years life as we know it will cease. This is when the sun will have expanded causing the ultimate global warming that destroys physical life. The life we currently enjoy is the result of about 13 billion years of development with a pattern indicating a design. What caused the design and did it have a purpose? Will this pattern of continuing development produce a form of life that survives physical destruction? We have difficulty managing things that happen next y... more
  • Thriving! How to Create a Healthier, Happier, and More Prosperous Life

    by Rand Selig
    The goal of this captivating book is to help adults in all stages of life sort through life’s complexities and discover their path to thriving every day. As a reader, you will recognize the power you have to make choices and pick up ideas about how to change your life, leading to enhanced vitality, a sense of purpose and meaning, and to even reach your own potential.