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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • White Girl Within

    by Ronnie Gladden
  • The Adjacent Possible: Evolve Your Art. From Blank Canvas To Prolific Artist. (The Art Of The Possible Series Book 2)

    by Nancy Hillis
    The Science of Creativity. The Art of the Possible. Being an artist is about continually evolving your art. It’s about cultivating your fullest self-expression and getting to the elusive deepest work your heart yearns to create. This is a revolutionary method influenced by groundbreaking research in biology and physics to guide you to embrace the unfolding of your art. Every brushstroke, every decision in your art, creates a set of possible paths that were not only invisible before, b... more
  • EVERYTHING is a F*cking STORY

    by Martin Grunburg
    Since the dawn of civilization, the world's greatest thinkers have agreed upon a single, powerful truth. James Allen said: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” The Buddha put it like this: “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” Marcus Aurelius observed, “Your happiness depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” It turns out that the human thought process is far more elaborate and efficient than originally ... more
  • The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within: A key to the Kingdom

    by Malakhiyah Waters
    This guide helps the reader transcend their understanding of the universe and how everything shares a balanced connection, right down to an individual's emotional state. 108 Monsters Within teaches the reader truths of emotional states, also known as the 108 states of ego, or 108 to defilements of the soul. I refer to the 108 as emotional energetic entities, these are the biblical demons that sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear. I share how to not only recognize when these states... more
  • The Universal Playing Field: Wheels and Cogs of our Verse Shattering the Illusion (The Karmatic Diet Series)

    by Malakhiyah Waters
    The Universal Playing Field, essentially a book of threads, is a journey of discovery into the threads that weave the tapestry of the verses. This book explicates, through an in-depth analysis, the micro and macro of creation in its expansion and contraction, bringing to light a deep understanding of the underlying language and coding of the omniverse. I break down some of the many kingdoms, realms, planes and dimensions in a relatable manner that is easily understood. With a deep exploration... more
  • The Hidden Secret of Quotes

    by Mwanandeke Kindembo
    The author has presented us with the book of quotes. The book is composed of 222 quotes. All of them are his own quotes that he has been writing for the past years, even before he published his first book in 2019. The book is therefore, filled with concrete ideas of achieving freedom, equality, brotherhood and finding peace in life. Apart from that, the reader will be met with some quotes on politics, philosophy, love, motivation, success, science, attraction and even religious ones. Showing how... more
  • Treatise Upon The Misconceptions of Narcissism

    by Mwanandeke Kindembo
    As the title suggests, this treatise deals with the emotional side of the human being rather than the intellectual. The author focused on demonstrating several scenarios of narcissistic behaviours in our societies, or in our daily lives. It is without doubt that, we often come in contact with the people who have been the victims of narcissists. This small treatise examined the narcissistic characteristics in great details. That is to say, narcissism come in different forms and shapes. We can be ... more
  • Full: Overcoming our Eating Disorders to Fully Live

    by Melissa Kelley
    Growing up in the digital age, with the pressures of social media and increasingly competitive academics, Alayna’s perfectionism started early in life. She began to despise her body after a pre-teen wellness check when the physician told her to “lay off the snacks” and watch her weight. At age 16, Alayna was diagnosed with anorexia. She was three weeks from being sent to an in-patient treatment center when she decided to take charge of her life. Plagued with body dysmorphia beginning at six y... more
  • In Tandem: Pedaling Through Midlife on a Bicycle Built for Two

    by Szifra Birke
    An amusing and insightful memoir about building a new relationship. The authors’ new tandem bike challenges their fitness, their negotiation skills, and their ability to become a team as these two very different individuals strive to assemble a relationship on the debris of multiple divorces, breakups, and a death. In Tandem easily shifts gears between the couple’s efforts to understand and support each other emotionally and the mechanics of learning to ride a bicycle that demands cooperation.... more
  • My Mother’s Pearls of Wisdom

    by Lisa Chase
    Why “pearls of wisdom”? My mom says she always felt she had an old soul, and her mom was full of practical tips for navigating through life, so “pearls of wisdom” became a theme for them. From relationship to investing tips that never wear with time, this book is a compilation of my mother’s “pearls of wisdom,” some of which you may have already heard at your own home. We know you were raised with common sense and that many of these insights will sound familiar to you, but we thought memorializ... more
  • Costing for Fashion

    by Jessel C. Brizan
    Costing for Fashion provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to the three stages of costing including an overview of market considerations and customer focus. Additionally, Costing for Fashion comes with our fully customizable Basic Cost Sheet Template for Excel © which provides a key auxiliary component for the systematic and strategic approach to costing for fashion including cost analysis, pricing strategy and profitability analysis sections.
  • Technical Package Development for Excel

    by Jessel C. Brizan
    Technical Package Development for Excel © focuses on the art of the Technical Package (Tech Pack) - an important aspect of the global fashion industry and one of the most important components in the fashion design process. It also provides key exposures in labelling requirements and packaging guidelines, and features insight on care symbols under special license agreement with GINETEX (The International Association for Textile Care Labelling). Additionally, Technical Package Development fo... more
  • Power Glass

    by Katherine Cooper
    This book primarily focuses on my personal experiences as an engineering student and as an engineer in the nuclear industry. From the lens of those experiences and my own readings on similar topics, I begin a discussion on power. Many aspects of power are discussed, from personal power to the literal power that is generated in a nuclear power plant. This book contains some disturbing content and may be triggering to some. It is a book of catharsis.
  • Mind Doodles

    by Treena Innes
    What happens when your thoughts are full of sparks and spirited stories are bursting to be told? Treena Innes has provided life thoughts in a Mind Doodle style that lets the reader unzip the colourful words, then unpack the free-wheeling, zig zagging ideas and questions around these lively, genuine reflections. Readers will join this Mind Doodle journey that will challenge their own experiences and entice an endless flow of questions while being entertained. Vibrant, raw and quirky jus... more
  • Digest of the Broken Road Traveler

    by R. Glenn Kelly
    Regardless your trials, hardships, or heartaches, Digest of the Broken Road Traveler presents fifty-two life-changing morals that will excite the spirit, awaken the soul, and deeply enrich your life, beginning with the very first chapter, or Exit, from your own broken road. Each teaching is presented to you in either narrative essay or allegory format, with clear soul-healing revelations. A noted expert and authority on moving forward from life’s toughest challenges, including the loss of h... more
  • The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind

    by Jane Catherine Rozek

    Are you world-weary? Do you sense there’s more to life than what you see? Do you want to co-create a better future for yourself and your world? God offers you a plan, a "Celestial Proposal," for you to align with a Higher Power and access supernatural power! Jane Catherine Rozek’s book on Christian Spirituality presents a new paradigm for a Twenty-first Century powerful faith answering the big questions in life: Who are we and why is our world such a mess? God’s pl... more