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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion


    by Jaycee Donovan
    This book is a powerful story of a mother’s journey to support her child’s struggle with late-onset ADHD, identify the complexities a teenager has to deal with when living with the disease, and find resolutions to the complexities. For any parent with a child with ADHD, the diagnosis (and even getting the diagnosis) is overwhelming and scary. And without knowledge and sometimes being caught off-guard by the condition, parents are left feeling underprepared for ADHD management. This self-help boo... more
  • Shark Sense

    by Sharkie Zartman

    Shark Sense is fun, insightful book about learning to use our instinctive wisdom to supplement logic. Packed with stories, quotes, illustrations, and shark action tips, this book was written to show how shark behaviors can empower us to work toward achieving our dreams and goals. You'll lean about how you can benefit from eighteen key shark attributes, including not asking for permission, being relentless, focusing on one goal at a time, adapting to change, and also how to live ageless, j... more

  • Living in Love: How to Create a Lifestyle of Love, Faith, Bliss, and Crazy-Ass Manifesting (All in Thirty-One Days)

    by Colinda Latour
    Love is always available for receiving and can be at the forefront of everything we do in life. Living in love brings sustained periods of bliss, an unwavering faith in ourselves and a higher consciousness, profound feelings of connection and wholeness, and rapid manifestations. So what can we do starting today to create such a beautiful existence? Colinda Latour struggled with love for most of her life, until she created a lifestyle that brought love into her daily routine and embedded it into ... more
  • 5 Golden Keys to Your Life Purpose

    by Marcelene Anderson
    “We are at our best when we know where we are going and why, and when we operate from a sense of our unique purpose.” —George Bernard Shaw You can’t do a Google search for your life purpose. That answer awaits discovery within you, not out there. To find it, you have to ask the right questions. In The 5 Golden Keys to Your Life Purpose, Marcelene Anderson shares the 5 most powerful questions for unlocking your life purpose. So effective are these questions at helping you discover yourself, ... more
  • Turning Problems Into Opportunity

    by Nelson Cheng
    We must solve societies' and life's problems, to enhance humanity's well-being. To raise the standard of living in society, we need to solve all the problems we face. If we ignore any of our or society's existential problems by sweeping under the rug, we will hinder either ours of progress or that of society. We must, therefore, understand the importance of the problem and necessity of solving." Nelson Cheng, PhD (H.C.), SRF.
  • Responsible But Not Perfect

    by Helen Adedamola Agboola
    Responsible But Not Perfect uses imagination and observations to strengthen bonds among partners in relationships, by reinforcing the bonds in homes among straying partners. This book refreshes love by promoting a loving image of one’s partner in a more loving form, which in turn enhances love, rejuvenates dying passions and reestablishes a deeper bond, to keep love lasting for a lifetime. \tAuthor Helen Agboola delights in seeing people happy, staying in love, respecting one another, and keepi... more
  • Be Brave: ABCs of Inspiration for Cancer Patients from Winnie-the-Pooh & Friends


    This is a delightful book for all ages, with original art based on the characters in the classic novels recreated by Carolyn Gundrum. Winnie, Piglet and their friends share their funny, positive quotes. You will smile and just feel a bit better by reading the words and looking at the illustrations. Adults and children alike can use these quotes to feel happier and positive while they are ill. In the print version of this book is a journal to record your feelings.

  • Collaborative Confidence: How women leaders can activate self-awareness, amplify their authentic talents and accelerate workplac

    by Heather Backstrom
    Collaborative Confidence is a women’s leadership book built on 3 pillars: Activate, Amplify, Accelerate. Activate self-awareness, core values, inner-champion and strengths. Amplify your executive presence, achievements and the talents of other women. Accelerate workplace change through sponsorship programs, addressing burnout, offering equal pay and having a flexible work schedule. Combining stories, research and Dr. Backstrom’s experience as an executive coach, Collaborative Conf... more
  • Raven and the Hummingbird: A Healing Path to Recovery from Multiple Personality Disorder

    by Renate Caldwell
    A fateful chance encounter brings Joan face to face with the therapist she has waited for all her life. Hopeless and desolate, she asks, “Will you take me?” Joan is a married woman of substance and faith. At age 32, her mind broke open and her life fell apart. She is diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. In treatment, Joan reveals she suffered unrelenting sexual abuse throughout her childhood. Her only defense was to flee into a dissociative state, during which her mind created 52 ... more
  • Superpowers

    by Noelle Hipke
    The world is shifting from a materialistic one to an energetic new earth. Now is the time to switch on your superpowers and follow your soul mission! In Superpowers, join Noelle Hipke on a journey of self-discovery and soul healing as she explains the invisible details and teaches you how to control your frequency, tap into unseen abilities and your higher self, and discover your unique blueprint using new concepts and cutting-edge, nontraditional methods. Noelle highlights previously ignored... more
  • Finding Your EDGE: How to Unlock Your Talent & Purpose

    by Jeremy Haselwood
    Everybody has a purpose, yet so many struggle to understand theirs. Many times, it's hiding in plain sight. This book provides several keys to unlock the power of purpose that resides in each of us. You will be guided through the transformative EDGE framework where you will: Eliminate Distractions - learn how to sharpen your focus and stop doing the things that delay your impact Discover Yourself - gain emotional intelligence and hone in on your talents and passions Generate Goals - walk thro... more
  • Divorce Smart: How to Thrive and Come Out Whole

    Divorce Smart: How to Thrive and Come Out Whole gives the reader leverage to incentivize the other person to settle. This might be information, money, or anything that you know will cause the other side to want to resolve the case, and more importantly, in a way that you want it to settle. Divorce Smart will provide readers with a step-by-step guide to what is essential to help their case and save themselves time and money along the way. Trust me: “penny wise and pound foolish” can add up to te... more
  • 52 Weeks of Jefe Inspirational Quotes

    by Chet Pajardo
    52 Weeks of Jefe Inspirational Quotes is used to help individuals along their self-improvement journey. Readers are encouraged to reflect on the quotes and record how the quotes apply to his/her daily life.
  • I Miss the Baby

    by Irma ProsserI
    Children aged 2-8 are given a voice for the various emotions felt following the death of a sibling via miscarriage or infant loss. Caregivers are also given practical tools to help process this loss such as conversational prompts, play activities, and empathetic language. This inclusive book conveys to children and caregivers that their emotions are valid as they process their grief.
  • Start with the Heart

    by Frankie Blackburn
    Start with the Heart is a practical guide to building genuine multicultural relationships and community networks to increase belonging, mutual support, and shared action, where you live and work. •\tAre you searching for new friends, ones who bring out the best in you? •\tAre you challenged by getting to know people who are different than you? •\tDo you need to do a better job connecting with people at work? •\tDoes your job require you to build diverse and trusting relationships in the c... more