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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • NeuroMastery: Retraining Your Brain to Conquer Anxiety, Fear, and Panic Attacks

    by Ugochukwu Uche
    Based on the latest research on cognitive neuroscience and counseling psychology research, this book offers a comprehensive guide to reshaping your brain's response to anxiety, fear, and panic attacks. You will learn about the brain's anatomy, the path that stress takes through your brain, and how negative thought patterns contribute to anxiety and fear. This book also introduces effective cognitive behavioral strategies, mindfulness techniques, and lifestyle modifications to manage anxiety. ... more
  • How To Break Up With Alcohol and Not Stay Friends: A Nine Step Guide To Leaving That Fu*king Drama Behind

    by Brandon Wolfe
    Has alcohol turned into a stage five clinger? Has your relationship begun taking a toll on your physical and mental health? Is it affecting your finances? Stirring up drama between you, your family, and your friends? Over many years, my relationship with alcohol went from an innocent infatuation to a toxic codependency. We reached a point where we couldn't, and frankly shouldn't, coexist anymore. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar struggle. Or maybe your relationship hasn't yet spirale... more
  • To All That Speak: The Ultimate Guide To Building the Most Updated Existence Awareness

    by Brandon Wolfe
    All words are made up. All words spoken between us are nothing more than made-up sounds from manipulated air. They're just lung puffs. All of the letters that we text, email, and write are made-up symbols to coincide with our made-up noise. It's really just hand scribbles. This would mean that everything from existence theories to religious ideologies to politics to our names and much more are all one hundred percent fabricated from thin air, literally. In fact, these words here and the pr... more
  • Happy AF: Simple Strategies to Get Unstuck, Bounce Back, and Live Your Best Life

    by Beth Romero
    Happy AF is your comprehensive roadmap for happiness. Drawing heavily from neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral science, the straightforward strategies and exercises in this how-to guide will teach you how to strengthen your happiness muscle and live up to your greatest potential. Happiness junky Beth Romero serves up a life-affirming parable laced with contextual how-tos—all backed by clinical research—in fresh, insightful, and accessible language you can relate to. Kinda like your... more


    by Tim Windsor
    UNCOMMODiFiED. It's a book, and it's a workbook. It's a provocative and practical guide to STANDiNG UP & STANDiNG OUT in a crowded world. If UNCOMMODiFiED is just a book you read, you missed the point. If it is just a chat with a whiskey-drinking, cigar and pipe-smoking kind of guy, even a rather uncomfortable chat at times that will not be good enough. If it is just a candid conversation between you, me and my UNCOMMODiFiED mentors that stays on the pages of this book, that will not make any... more
  • Improve Your Community and Improve Yourself

    by Janel Sterbentz
    This book will guide you to make positive changes in your community and your life. A worksheet reveals which opportunities match your skills and interests. Evidence-based research illustrates how aiding others benefits you. You'll learn about the history of altruism, and why it's important to support others. If you dream of turning your passion into paid work, there are tips to make that a reality. Case studies highlight people from various walks of life around the world. The book concludes with... more
  • Better Relationships Better Life

    by Janel Sterbentz
    Whether you are content with your life, yet feel like something is missing, or you are extremely depressed, the first step to satisfaction is to decide to make a change. Then learn about ways to improve your life. Through evidence based research, this book presents ways to establish better relationships with our friends, romantic partners, our bodies and our minds. Even if you are happy now, it’s wise to collect tools to keep in your back pocket if life takes an unexpected turn. This will give y... more
  • 2024… Your Year of More: Plan Your Goals and Invest Your Efforts (The A to Z book series 1)

    by Noah William Smith
    "2024… Your Year of More" is Noah William Smith's brand-new digital book, set to be released on 15 December 2023! It is for readers interested in taking their lives to the next level. Noah mentions, "The present is good enough, but what if you regret one day that you did not want more?" There are no twists and turns in this book. It is direct and concise. The pages blossom with new insights, thought-provoking questions and exercises that speak to your heart. With topics ranging from A to Z, y... more
  • What's In Your Self-Hypnosis?

    by Richard A. Blumenthal, MS
    In this book, Richard Blumenthal shares his decades of experience to help the reader make and use a personal, custom self-hypnosis for any purpose. His approach stems from an unwavering belief that every person is unique, and every self-hypnosis should be just as unique, crafted to contain the most meaning for the person using it. He explains the whys and hows of creating such a self-hypnosis; one that's tailored to exact the needs and preferences of the user. Also included is a custom hypnosis ... more
  • Shut Up and Feel

    by DJ Corchin
    Relatable, hilarious, and has a lot of swears. A bold, picture book approach to the messy human experience. It’s a bold and even crass approach showcasing and overcoming frustration with the stigma of mental health. Its felicitous message connects immediately with those who might be struggling and gives them permission to just be themselves. Need therapy? Yes! Everybody’s doing it! Need meds? Holy sh*t, they work! Akin to a book like “Go The F**k To Sleep,” this adult themed book, is instantly r... more
  • Expansional Balance | A Holistic Health Approach To Better Health and Fitness

    by Brian Dougan
    Use basic exercises to build and maintain strength, endurance and flexibility to achieve a higher quality of life. Moving with Expansional Balance is moving with no resistance in the joints. This book provides basic exercise examples, with illustrations, that build and maintain strength, endurance, and flexibility into a health an fitness regimen that will generate a greater degree of expansional balance in your body. Brian Dougan has spent decades working with people in both the fitness i... more
  • The Challenge of Choice ... how to make a good decision when it REALLY matters!

    by Richard Fast

    Have you ever made an important decision with total confidence, only to see it become a complete disaster? Or perhaps you’ve made a critical decision in haste, hoping things would work out? 

    Why do we frequently make crucial decisions based on false confidence and wishful thinking? 

    … because the human brain makes time–saving assumptions to navigate our modern world, resulting in faulty insights and delusional bel... more

  • From Hurt To Healing: Navigating Birth Trauma’s Emotional Journey

    by Virtual TH Mom Books
    Embark on a transformative journey of healing and empowerment as you navigate the complex landscape of birth trauma. In "from Hurt to Healing: Navigating Birth Trauma's Emotional Journey," Virtual th mom books guides you through a comprehensive exploration of emotional renewal, offering a roadmap to reclaiming your strength, fostering resilience, and nurturing meaningful relationships. Discover powerful insights and practical strategies to: - Differentiate between challenging birth experie... more
  • 978-1-7395065-9-9

    by T.J. Roswell
    Navigating the Internal Landscape: A Quranic Perspective on Human Consciousness. In "Navigating the Internal Landscape," the author embarks on a transformative journey to explore the profound relationship between the Quran and the human psyche. Rooted in scholarly analysis, this book delves deep into the nuanced interpretations of Quranic teachings, shedding new light on the intricate interplay between spirituality and psychology. The narrative introduces "Al-Kitaab," conceptualised as the... more
  • More Than Just a Hairdresser

    by Donna Piromalli
    I created this book, companion workbook and gratitude journal with you in mind. I wanted a way for you to uncover truths about your authentic self and make decisions about what you want for your life. The idea is that it will start you on your journey to get you to that next level in your life and beyond. I created the very thing I wish I’d had all those years ago, as I believe it would have improved my journey immensely. Being able to understand yourself without all the emotional clutter and n... more