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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • The 7 Pillars of Successful Caregiving

    by Dr. Eboni Green
    The 7 Pillars of Successful Caregiving is a deeply authentic handbook that seeks to provide practical guidance and emotional support to frontline and family caregivers. With a mix of actionable exercises, checklists, insights, and self-care strategies for avoiding stress and burnout. Inside, seasoned health care professional and founder of Caregiver Support Services Dr. Eboni Green provides an essential overview of the7pillars behind successful caregiving. Exploring how caregivers can work thr... more
  • Misdirection

    by Taylor Hughes
    FOOL PROOF YOUR LIFE As a professional magician, Taylor Hughes, has spent a lifetime learning how to fool you. In MISDIRECTION, Hughes shares how the same tools magicians use to entertain, have found their way off the theatrical stage and into our businesses, politics, and even churches. In some cases, the people utilizing these techniques of distraction are unaware of the harm they are causing. However, in more scenarios than we would like to admit, the motives are much more intentional and ... more
  • Reconstructing Reality

    by Amy L. Rosner
    Embark on a captivating intellectual journey with Reconstructing Reality! This thought-provoking narrative unfolds as a hypnotherapist, dual-trained in brain research, reflects on the mesmerizing interplay between the mind and experiences during an illuminating trip to France. Fueled by cutting-edge neuroscience research, the book dismantles misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy and other unconsciously oriented techniques, revealing their natural and profound ability to instigate structural... more
  • Man Up. Sober Up.

    by Ryan Penley
    From acknowledging your current circumstances to developing a robust belief system, setting effective goals, and mastering the art of time and failure, "Man Up. Sober Up." offers a comprehensive eight-step framework to guide you beyond mere sobriety and toward your most ideal self. Get ready to transform your life, restore your dignity, and conquer the loneliness that often accompanies addiction. This is not just a guide to getting sober. This is your guide to thriving in sobriety.
  • Will The Drama Ever End?

    by Karyl McBride, PhD
    Acclaimed family therapist and author of the classic bestseller Will I Ever Be Good Enough? presents a comprehensive and actionable guide to understanding and healing from narcissistic family abuse. A pioneer on the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse, Karyl McBride, PhD, has the answer for anyone desperate for help in overcoming the damage of being raised in a family headed by a narcissistic parent. Divided into three sections, McBride explores the insidious way a narcissistic envir... more
  • Become Who You Are

    by Ryan A Bush
    After spending over a decade researching the psychology and philosophy of well-being, and even writing his first book on the topic, it took a struggle with his own mental health for Ryan A Bush to integrate the data he had studied to form a groundbreaking new psychological theory. Become Who You Are argues that the peak form of human happiness is determined, not by pleasure or pain, loss or gain, but by the admirability we observe in our own behaviors.
  • The Slow Runner's Nirvana: Discovering A Path to Joy in the Presence of Pain

    by Craig A. Grossman
    Get out of your head and live your life. What began as a suicide note to a close circle of family and friends has been transformed into an unflinching account of the author’s experience with suffering—both emotional and physical—and a snapshot of the strategies that helped him heal. The Slow Runner’s Nirvana captures how one man’s commitment to the grueling reality of the marathon brought clarity to the sources of human suffering and thereby revealed a path to finding joy. As he approache... more
  • Happy Healthy Wealthy and Wise

    by Jill Wright
    Happy Healthy Wealthy and Wise, a daily companion guide for ordinary people who want extraordinary lives, isn’t just another self-help book. It’s not a search engine, AI-generated answer to your problems. This is a collection of hard-won wisdom from a human perspective that offers unique, effective, and thought-provoking ways to change your life. Things that aren’t difficult, time consuming or scary. Advice that, up until now, hasn’t been readily available in an easily consumable way or at a rea... more
  • Blow Your Nose

    by Susanne Moore RN JD
    Shouldn't life be easier? And shouldn't self-help books be fun to read? I think so! Blow Your Nose, through a series of short case studies, quizzes, questions and tips helps you see exactly how to leverage your emotions and build connections that help you accomplish more while doing less. Along the way, you'll find that what you thought were your flaws, may actually be your greatest strengths.
  • Are You Ready To Try Again? How to Parent with Success and Joy. A Mother's Loving Guide to Positive Experiences in Early Childho

    by Madeline Montero
    With over 20 + years of parenting experience, her debut book Are You Ready To Try Again? offers tried and true parenting insights and easy-to-use strategies steeped in experience as well as the latest child development research to help mothers create positive experiences for their families. Step-by-step, parents will learn how to reduce parental stress, cultivate good behavior so it occurs more organically, and how to support the development of important skills and capacities children need for h... more
  • Happy & Homeless: A Handbook of Tips, Tricks, Advice, Stories and Wisdom for a Life Well Lived.

    by S.C. Sanborn
    Happy & Homeless is an all-in-one, occasionally illustrated manual on how to embrace a nomadic and adventurous lifestyle. It is an encyclopedia of essential survival skills, practical how-to tips, health and wellness advice, and general wisdom from someone who has been there and done that. This book will teach you how to find work anywhere you go, meditate, change your oil, eat right on a budget, locate free campsites, and deal with the mental and emotional rollercoaster of life on the road. Thi... more
  • Who's the Girl in the Mirror? Re-visited: A Collection and Reflection of Stories from my Past

    by Carolyn West Reaves
    This book contains many short stories dealing with topics such as family conflicts, death, suicide, disease, and many others. Some of the short stories contain funny recollections that remind us that we can enjoy life even if struggles have come our way.
  • The Good Daughter Syndrome

    by Katherine Fabrizio
    Synopsis- A daughter of a difficult mother knows she needs to stand up to her mother and set healthy boundaries. Yet, she can’t bring herself to do it, and she doesn’t know why. Guilt she doesn’t fully understand stops her in her tracks. Trapped by her difficult mother’s needs that cost her then and cost her now, she can’t see a way to break free and still feel like a good person. After helping thousands of “Good” daughters break free both in-person and online, psychotherapist Katherine Fab... more
  • Awake to Your why

    by Bryce Chapman
    Are you living your dream? The clock is ticking. With each passing minute, a lifelong goal remains buried, an aspiration evaporates. Years pass. And you are not living the dream. You’re living an accidental life. This book is the secret to activating your goals and changing your life. Using the science of neuroplasticity, inspiring personal stories, and a host of proven tools and resources, author and life coach Bryce Chapman lays out the transformational power of waking each morning at 5 ... more
  • Tips for Livin': A guide to livin' your best life.

    by Adam Lewis
    Ignite your life with uncontainable excitement as you delve into the pages of "Tips for Livin': A guide to livin’ your best life." This riveting self-help book is more than just another tome on motivation. It's a beacon of light specially crafted to guide you out of the mire of stress and into a life brimming with joy and purpose. Each chapter is a treasure trove of life hacks that will propel you towards the path of fulfillment, helping you escape the viscous cycle of overthinking. This game... more
  • 14 Devotions - Victory Over Sin, Conflict, Trauma: A Personal Journey to Healthy Love

    by Rene Lafaut
    Start your journey to peace and strength with this transformational book! Through the 14 Devotions in Part I you can increase your faith hope and love in a Christ-centered way. Part II will help you cleanse your mind and heart, and tackle your sin strongholds and addictions. If you are a new Christian, seeking to obey Jesus’ command to love others as yourself, this book will show you how to nurture that natural caring for others he places in all of us. If you are facing struggles and needing a ... more