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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • I Miss the Baby

    by Irma ProsserI
    Children aged 2-8 are given a voice for the various emotions felt following the death of a sibling via miscarriage or infant loss. Caregivers are also given practical tools to help process this loss such as conversational prompts, play activities, and empathetic language. This inclusive book conveys to children and caregivers that their emotions are valid as they process their grief.
  • Start with the Heart

    by Frankie Blackburn
    Start with the Heart is a practical guide to building genuine multicultural relationships and community networks to increase belonging, mutual support, and shared action, where you live and work. •\tAre you searching for new friends, ones who bring out the best in you? •\tAre you challenged by getting to know people who are different than you? •\tDo you need to do a better job connecting with people at work? •\tDoes your job require you to build diverse and trusting relationships in the c... more
  • Ditching the Doormat

    by Alexis CAarter
    Do you feel trapped in a toxic relationship or marriage? Do you have a history of dating codependents or narcissists? Are you ready to leave unhealthy, doormat relationships behind and create a new future? Recovering from a dysfunctional relationship or marriage can be a painful and challenging journey, but it’s not impossible. If you want to learn how to identify and overcome negative patterns, set new boundaries, rebuild self-esteem, and heal from the past, then you need to read this book.... more
  • Dads, Kiss Your Sons

    by Mark Craven

    Terrified to Become a Dad? So Was I.

    Fear is often our first response when we discover we are going to be fathers. We talk to just about everyone we know or search for quick answers to give us some sense of confidence to see our way through the unknown ahead. But what if you didn't have a dad? What if you didn't have role models to follow? What if the whole idea of being a dad is so completely foreign to you that quantum mechanics seems easier to master? That... more

  • Tales From The Sewer: Someone had to look with love our most miserable side

    by Louise Simpson Phillips
    They say, "Misery loves Company," hard to believe in that adage when today we're all too busy hiding our miseries. This book gives us back the freedom to look at our flaws through a magnifying glass. By presenting authentic, raw, and unabridged stories, you will be able to connect with the most imperfect version of yourself, but at the same time the most humanly one. You will be in a privileged position to peer into the brains of the protagonists and understand each of their unfortunate life dec... more
  • Retirement Wreckers

    by John Sastry
    If only there was a guide to help you successfully navigate your retirement ... Luckily you have found this book. Many of us assume we know all the answers when it comes to ending our careers and enjoying our workfree lives. But what if what you knew about retirement was incorrect? If there are hidden pitfalls that can wreck it? In Retirement Wreckers, John J. Sastry explores some of the common mistakes people make when planning and implementing their retirement. With real-life case studie... more
  • Bomb Your Bad Habits

    This book is a guide on how to leave a bad habits in our life.
  • The Book With No Answers: Unlocking the Power of Questions for a Better Life

    by robert maiolo
    While many self-help books and influencers try to give you the hacks, tips, and answers to all of your problems in life, I did the opposite. I wrote The Book With No Answers. I truly believe asking questions is a superpower we all have. It allows us to expand our consciousness, think about aspects of our life we’d otherwise never visit, and helps us find answers tailored to our life. However, we can't just ask any questions; we must ask the right questions. This book articulately explai... more
  • The Art of Feminine Seduction

    by Alana McKenzie Page

    Does dating feel like a bottomless pit of incompatible online matches, emotionally unavailable men, and bitter disappointments? Have you been rejected, discarded, used, and abused in love? That all ends today with The Art of Feminine Seduction - an energetic dating system that guarantees you experience heated attraction and deep emotional connection in courtship.

    In this juicy and illuminating book, you will find practical guidance and exercises to help you reclaim your innate femi... more

  • Maksymizing Life: Turn self doubt into self confidence!

    by valerie Maksym
    At the age of 44, I found myself facing the challenges of divorce for the second time and, for the first time in my life, I would be living on my own. This newfound solitude became an opportunity for transformation as I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Over the course of seven years, I undertook the process of healing and understanding the person I had become. As a mother of four and a grandmother of two, I strived to overcome the emotional turmoil and emerge as a stronger individual, wi... more
  • The Happiness Habits Transformation: Second Edition: What if your routine made you happier every single day?

    by Michelle Reeves

    Ask yourself one important question: What if my routine could make me happier every single day?

    So often our routine is based on what everyone else needs. Our work and family life fill our days up to the brim and we squeeze in what we can for ourselves in between. And, if we're totally honest, in the dim hours when the truth seeps out between the cracks, we realise we might have lost ourselves a little along the way.

    In The Happiness Habits Transfo... more

  • The Mindset Game: How To Become A Badass In The Game Of Life

    by Matthew Scigousky
    The ultimate goal of The Mindset Game is to take you on a journey with a destination of Peak Mindset. Peak Mindset is operating at the pinnacle of your capabilities and then pushing beyond. Looking at everything from a completely different perspective than 95% of everyone else. Most people are not willing to do the things required so the mere fact you bought this book means you are. “If you keep working at something the wrong way with bad results you will get really good at doing something t... more
  • The Parenting Treatment Plan

    by Helen V Hicks, MA, MBA, LPC
    After researching numerous parenting styles, techniques and skills, I found them all to have one thing in common: successful parenting — power struggle free parenting — depends on the child regarding the parent as an authority figure. Once children know the parent is safe and reliable with meeting their needs, the child relinquishes the desire to control and submits to the direction of the parent. \tThe first goal is for the parent to become the authority figure. The second goal is for the chi... more
  • The Human Mind

    by Eric J. Kolb, Ph.D.
    In, The Human Mind: A Psychological View of Theological concepts, I compare and contrast the scientific understanding of the human mind with the teaching of the Bible. In some cases, these two perspectives are very similar, such as in various aspects of child development. However, where positive psychology claims that the power to induce change lies within the individual, the Bible teaches that we can do nothing apart from Christ. The book begins with the concept of belief, upon which the mind d... more
  • The Golden Book of Life

    by Simone Renee Quinton
    The Golden Book of Life & The Plasma Soul Codes is an extraordinary self-help bible overflowing with life-changing spiritual information, healing guidance, cosmic wisdom, and unconditional love specifically designed to empower you to live your best life. It is significantly unique as it presents intelligent, energetic codes of plasma light that live inside your soul. These codes magnetically reconnect you to converse with your limitless soul in plenty of practical means and enliven you and oth... more