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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Another Way

    by John Louis Martin
    Modern industrial society finds itself in a double bind. Multiple environmental issues are reaching a critical stage, while at the same time our democratic institutions are losing the support of the people. Calls for radical change fall on deaf ears. They ring hollow. Ending the use of fossil fuels without an alternative in place sounds like and is in fact a death sentence. In this book John Martin presents Another Way to understand the crisis we will all have to deal with going forward. Pulling... more
  • A Seagull Named Papa

    by Barry J. Robinson
    A Seagull Named Papa is a gentle but powerful exploration of those aspects of our experience that invite and sometimes challenge us to develop such necessary human qualities as courage, compassion, tolerance, humility, patience, defiance, contrition and perseverance. Get ready to laugh, cry and wonder at the deeply healing experiences of a violent ex-convict who is healed by a simple invitation; an eight-year old girl trying to recover from school-yard name-calling; a bullying supervisor stopped... more
  • Common Sensei: How To Earn A Black Belt In Life

    by Bill Viola Jr.
    CommonSensei presents: “Black Belt in Life," the continuous pursuit of self-perfection. Bestselling Author Sensei Bill Viola Jr. teaches you how to change your life in 864 seconds a day with 6-Samurai mindsets. Are you ready to transcend from average to savage – Ordinary student to modern day samurai! This self-help curriculum has sharpened the swords of thousands of people seeking a warrior’s mindset, and now it’s available to you. You need to ask yourself, were you put on this battlefield to s... more
  • Escape the Matrix: A Guide to Living Free in a System-Driven World

    by Bjørn Schindler
    *Do you feel exhausted, ensnared by routine, and stripped of autonomy? Is the pursuit of fulfillment constantly evading you? "Escape the Matrix: A Guide to Living Free in a System-Driven World" is here to guide you to true freedom.* **What is this book about?** In our contemporary world, unseen systems shape our daily lives - social, economic, technological. Though intended to create order and comfort, they inadvertently become the chains that confine us, limiting our potential and smoth... more
  • Hope & Luna

    by Charles J. Orlando

    In the evocative parable of "Hope & Luna," delve deep into the transformative journey of Hope, a woman navigating the intricate maze of personal relationships and self-worth. Luna, Hope's diary and metaphorical beacon, silently echoes Hope's innermost thoughts and feelings, and their bond reflects Hope's evolving relationship with herself. A tale that's not just about love but about the profound journey of self-discovery, Hope's path is not without its challenges... more

  • Panda Never Cries: A Guide to Achieving Peace and Fulfillment


    "Panda Never Cries" is not just another self-help book; it's a transformative journey into the heart of life's most profound lessons, illustrated through the calm, resilient nature of the panda. The panda, with its patient demeanor and tranquil existence, becomes the symbol of our capacity to navigate life's challenges with grace and composure. This book harnesses this imagery, melding it with deeply rooted wisdom to create an insightful guide for personal growth.... more

  • 27 x 27

    by Lenny Richardson
    Every day is a new day filled with new challenges. With every new challenge comes a brand new opportunity to learn a lesson. One of the best ways to learn is through the mistakes and experiences of others. Why learn a lesson the hard way? 27 X 27 is a collection of lessons distilled from various anecdotes in Lenny's life and various books Lenny has read, compacted into a short book. The objective of this book is to provide alternate ideas that enable the reader to think in a manner that might be... more
  • Nothing Changes the World: Excerpts and Insights on the Art of Nothing

    by Gabriele Ciminelli
    What is the “art of nothing”? How do we approach this question - not with the determination of obtaining an answer but starting with the fact that we don’t know what it is, and perhaps through a journey within oneself, one can discover what is the essence of this art of nothing - will it awaken a certain intelligence of love and peace?
  • I Can't Believe They're Gone

    by Karen Brough
    Proudly endorsed by psychologists, therapists, and healthcare professionals. Winner Firebird Book Award 2023 - Children's Grief Category The mouse family has lost someone dear... Come, follow each one as Bear helps them understand all they are feeling and how each expresses it in their own unique way. Tiny is so quiet I wonder if Bear will be able to help him too? A beautifully written picture storybook that conveys the grief stages, expressions of grief, common feelings, and ways t... more
  • Without Fear: The Poetry of this Wondrous Thing Called Life

    by John Richeson
    A book I self-published in 1999 while on a journey to uncover the source of the life-long guilt I had felt from childhood sexual abuse, to allow myself to explore and express my inner feelings, and finally, to reach an understanding of my own philosophy and take ownership of all of my life's experiences.
  • Notes To You

    by Abbinaya Narayanan
    What If You Don't Like Your Own Story? This is Your Chance To Rewrite It. Think about it - a screenwriter doesn't write the same script twice. They create a new story to grow in their career. What if the next step in your growth is a new story? This is for my younger self and every other unheard voice. Life is meant to be filled with ups and downs. If it's not, then you're not living up to your full potential. My purpose is to send my readers some love and courage to grow in their day-to-... more
  • The Magic In Metaphor: Empowering Children Through Healing Stories

    by Harley Sears

    The Magic In Metaphor is a remarkable journey through the power of storytelling, crafted to touch the hearts and minds of young readers. This collection of 25 tales, each a metaphor for life's various challenges, is designed to foster emotional growth, resilience, and understanding in children. Characters like Archie the Puppy and Lyla the Ladybug become guides in a world where emotions and life lessons are gently explored, making it an invaluable tool for paren... more

  • Branching Out After 50: Finding Friends and Building Community

    by Michelle Lofton
    In "Branching Out After 50: Finding Friends and Building Community," Michelle Lofton guides readers on a transformative journey of meaningful connections, empowering them to embrace change, conquer social anxiety, and thrive in their social renaissance after 50.
  • The Abundance Habit: 120 Daily Exercises To Cultivate Joy and Success

    by Amanda Terry Hamm
    Most people associate the word “abundance” with financial wealth, but abundance is actually a state of “more than enough,” and it can take root in any area of your life that you want it to. This means that abundance of health, wealth, love, joy, and creativity are all within your grasp. But the road to abundance in every area of your life starts with changing your thinking habits and thus your mindset. Cultivating an abundance mindset requires taking actionable steps to confront your limiting b... more
  • The Long Way Home: Lifelong Learner's Guide to Authenticity and Transformation

    by Rachel A. Riccobono
    Through the lens of her unfiltered insights, experiences, and research within personal growth and development, author Rachel Riccobono wants to show others that the lives we lead don’t have to be so cookie-cutter. In The Long Way Home, Riccobono strives to show there is no “right way” to live your life. Your journey is uniquely yours. Our stories may be infinitely connected, but we walk along separate paths. As an individual, you must continuously recalibrate, design, and determine which route b... more
  • Never Married dating

    by Never Married Dating
    Never Married Dating . Com (, a comprehensive, user-friendly dating website , is excited to announce its launch of a new dating app . Offering mobile smart phone users a way to find love online . Never Married Dating is the ultimate guide for single never married people in their search for love . "We understand the inundation of options in the dating app market can make it challenging for users to choose the right applications for their needs." That has b... more