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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life

    by Elaine J. Brzycki
    Purpose and Possibilities meets the needs of our time, and your own unique needs just in time! This book offers solutions to finding greater meaning in life and seeing new possibilities for how to live a happy, healthy, and flourishing life. Fifteen (15) substantive "Reflections" lead you to your own deeper self-knowledge and increased well-being. If you are ready to access new possibilities heretofore unavailable to you, make a difference with your life, see and feel the power of your dreams, a... more
  • Give a Little Snuggle

    by Regina Noel Downing
    Music soothes our souls, wiggles get the mad out, giggles lighten the load, and a snuggle brings a calm connectedness. Give a Little Snuggle is a story about your child. The delightful illustrations, text, and music, are created with all hearts in mind. It is a story about blue times and rough times, and the fear that comes with those times. It is a story that teaches children and adults alike, that though we may have blue times, rough times, and fearful times, there is always something we can d... more
  • The Story of We: A New Theory on Couples, Relationships, and Love

    by Dimitra Doumpioti

    Love may be the blindest spot of our civilization.

    We talk, write, and sing about it, live for it, die for it, and yet love does not directly inform the way we structure our society. We have managed to digitally connect the whole planet but still struggle when it comes to understanding how our relationships work. In this ground-breaking new synthesis of psychological theory, psychotherapy expert Dimitra Doumpioti brings a fundamental expression of human life into the sp... more

  • The World According to ‘Not-the-Guru’ Gav

    by Gavin Muschamp
    Start to love and heal yourself, everyone and the planet Earth. We are at a crossroads now. Covid-19 has given us the chance to pause for a while, to reconsider our lives. What is important? What do we really want? For ourselves, for others and for the planet itself? We have this opportunity now to change things and to choose to move forward together towards a better world. This concise book outlines important topics to think about and to work on. Although this might be considered a ‘serious... more
  • The Forgotten Art of Happiness: 52 Ideas That Will Change Your Life

    by Ali Zakaria
    Do you wake up every morning feeling anxious about how you will survive this day with the same dissatisfaction and depression? Are you continuously overthink everything you do or say? You thought that achieving monetary success is the way to happiness, but it is not happening. Ali Zakaria is a judge in Cairo, Egypt, who witnessed litigations daily in the courtroom and witnessed how success and winning did not always bring happiness. Divorce, theft, assassinations, he has seen it all. He spent fi... more
  • Healing the Stormy Marriage: Hope and Help for YOU When Your Loved One Has Mental Health or Addiction Issues

    by R Christian Bohlen

    Instead of “Run and don’t look back!” here’s proof that marriages embroiled in mental health or addiction issues can make it—and how. If your spouse has mental health or addiction issues, this Christian-based resource is for you.

    Do you agonize over thoughts like these?

    • Will we ever be happy?
    • My hopes for my life are unraveling.
    • How do I establish boundaries so I don’t feel so resentful?
    • How can I support my spouse while also getting my needs ... more
  • The Meaningful Life Framework

    by Kate J Parker
    In this life transforming book, Kate J Parker shares profound insights layered with her personal experiences to help create a life of passion, purpose, joy, satisfaction, and self-acceptance. This self-help book, creates personal growth, development, and transformation by learning: - To create a dream life through the power of conscious living. - How to harness thoughts to achieve positive thinking, great outcomes, improved wellness, and happiness. - How to be the leader of self, and not... more
  • aah . . . The Pleasure Book

    by Dr. Jia Gottlieb
    In aah . . . The Pleasure Book, Jia Gottlieb, MD, sets out to redefine and reclaim the wisdom of pleasure as a natural resource as essential to our health and well-being as fresh air and clean water, and moreover, the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life. Interweaving his own life experiences and work as a healer with insights from history, religion, philosophy, neuroscience, and mysticism, Dr. Gottlieb offers a deep and clear understanding of pleasure—what it is, what it isn’t, and why we ne... more
  • Creatrix Rising: Unlocking the Power of Midlife Women

    by Stephanie Raffelock
    Ever since Eve was banned from the garden, women have endured the oftentimes painful and inaccurate definitions foisted upon them by the patriarchy. Maiden, mother, and crone, representing the three stages assigned to a woman’s life cycle, have been the limiting categories of both ancient and modern (neo-pagan) mythology. And one label in particular rankles: crone. The word conjures a wizened hag—useless for the most part, marginalized by appearance and ability. None of us has ever truly fit the... more
  • Abuse Exposed: Identifying Family Secrets That Breed Dysfunction

    by Christine Hammond, LMHC
    Some abuse is dangerously obvious, while other types of abuse creep into our family DNA in covert ways. Keeping family secrets, intimidation, the “Silent Treatment” and “Cyberbullying” are just a few examples of many forms of abuse with troubling outcomes. Often victims ask, “Why did this happen to me?” Or “What can I do?” While abusers will excuse their behavior asking, “Why do you make me do this?” Victims and abusers can rewrite their stories, improve their relationships and break the cycle f... more
  • Become Inspired: Your Next Steps

    by Jay styles
    Become Inspired: Your Next Steps is a 11 week step-by-step mindset transformational book for the uninspired millennial creative and entrepreneur. Each chapter was written and designed to be read in less than ten minutes followed by weekly exercises. Unlike other self-help books, Become Inspired: Your Next Steps was designed as a 2 in 1 book and journal for the reader to easily reference back to chapter while journaling.

    by Dr. C. Errol Ball

    As a seasoned physician and Christian minister of nearly 3 decades, Dr. Ball takes you from childhood trauma via abuse and molestation amidst an "ideal home" structure and having to fight the low self esteem, unworthy feelings that consumed him and caused relationship attachment issues. He fought suicidal thoughts, and regression at every progress. He found God, walked from him, and turned again to him. He managed to put it all together realizing there was pain in staying the same a... more

  • FEARless Buckle Up...Build RESILIENCE

    by Tracy Tully
    Tracy's non-fiction book, FEARless Buckle Up...Build RESILIENCE details her journey as a two times whistle-blower against corruption and fraud in the Queensland Education Department which prevents employees from exercising their basic human rights to speak. Silence in the face of injustice is a free pass for those who cause suffering to continue using and abusing others for their own gain. Perpetrators of injustice usually hold positions of influence and power; speaking up against them means... more
  • Believe Dare Become: What You Believe and Dare Influence Who You Become

    by Fred F. Gatty
    What do you do when life unexpectedly throws you a curveball and turns your whole world upside down? For many people, one bad life experience is all it takes for them to give up. Although it can be difficult getting back on your feet after life deals you a blow, you should not give up too quickly. With homespun and heartfelt wisdom, Fred brings extraordinary insights into ordinary principles and challenges the widely-held assumption that what we become in life is predetermined. In an exube... more
  • How to Buy a House: Vital Real Estate Strategy for the First Time Home Buyer

    by Yvonne Aileen

    Want to buy a house but don’t have a down payment and think you can’t qualify? Keep reading!

    You’re not alone, and it’s not hopeless. Yes, rent keeps going up, making it difficult to save. And even though interest rates are great, housing prices keep ratcheting upward, moving further out of reach. And maybe your credit score could be better. It may feel like there’s a big clock ticking double-time and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever be ... more

  • Raising Kids Who Care

    by Susy Lee
    This book will change the world, one family at a time. If our child-raising is dominated by our surrounding culture of consumerism and wealth, by individualism and tech gadgets, then our societal future is in trouble. If parents are intentional though, having conversations with their kids about these influences and better ways to journey through life, then we could have a culture marked by compassion and contentment, driven by values and purpose. This book resources parents with research and... more