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Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion

  • Connected Couples: Eight Roadmaps for Mastering Love and Connection in Healthy Relationships

    by Andy T. Fenske

    A practical handbook for how to successfully navigate through “Love Land”.

    Are you still looking for that deep and meaningful connection - for that lifelong bond and fulfilling love relationship? The one that never seems to come your way?
    Or are you stuck in a relationship rut and secretly wish you could spark the flame of love all over again?

    What if you had an actual roadmap for your love relationship?

    Success or failure of your relationship is rooted not ... more

  • Unbecoming You: 21 Days to Living Life On Your Own Terms

    by Yuliana Francie

    Finally learn how to PERMANENTLY release years of judgment as worthless and not good enough.

    Even if you were treated badly, suffer from low self-esteem, or struggle with social anxiety. So that you can stop HATING yourself, SHUT the annoying voice that constantly says, “what others will think” and DESERVE to ASK for MORE than you’ve ever demanded. Without trying to achieve things outside your controls or unrealistic expecta... more

  • A Well-Launched Life: How Young People Can Live an Intentional, Fulfilling Life

    by Bruce Sheridan
    Transitioning from teen years to becoming a self-sufficient adult can be a rocky road, littered with many choices to make and potholes to navigate. Choices like, should you go to college? What kind of career do you want? Will you make enough money to live and save for the lifestyle you want? What type of partner are you looking for? The choices you make during this time will impact the rest of your life, so you must choose carefully. The purpose of this book is to introduce you to a practical... more
  • Doing Grief in Real Life: A Soulful Guide to Navigate Loss, Death & Change

    by Shea Darian
    A personable, story-rich, family-friendly guide that is enlightening, uplifting, and life-changing. It will serve as a compass on your way to healing. 368 pages. Release date: Feb. 28, 2022. $19.95 USD
  • Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene

    by Mariann Yip
    In Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, “It’s You, It’s Not Me” in the NYC Dating Scene, Mariann Yip recounts her dating experiences from over a span of two years in New York City. Written with the familiarity of Mariann telling her close girlfriends about her dates for the first time, each chapter presents a different suitor and dives into the lessons she learned. With each of the twelve men she discusses, she reveals the ups and downs of online dating, the realities of dating in a city li... more
  • A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The CrankaTsuris Method

    by Steven Joseph
    Life can be a lot more fun when you master how to be effectively cranky! And in this book about “effective crankiness,” ultimately love will always be the answer. Steven Joseph’s The Crankatsuris Method: A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness, is an exploration of everyday struggles and how to effectively overcome them. What helps set Joseph’s book apart is both its humorous approach to the subject as well as its acknowledgment of crankiness as a natural part of the human condition.
  • Lasting Happiness: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults

    by Doug Carnine

    Lasting Happiness: A Guide for Teens and Young Adults, is a practical template for the development of kindful habits that nurture happiness in individuals and their communities. Using personal narratives from youth in diverse circumstances, who have found kindfulness to be an asset and including incarcerated, homeless and LGBTQ voices, all readers will recognize the emotional and social dynamics that are affecting their lives. This book gives youth the opportunity to change their sel... more

  • Like a Spark from Fire

    by Debra Berndt Maldonado
    If you are feeling stuck in life but know somehow you were meant for more, this book is an invitation for women to finally break free. Over the course of your life, you developed an identity that helped you function and survive in the world but also covered up your true power. The flame of passion and limitless possibility of your true nature is still there as brilliant as ever waiting to be rediscovered. Like a Spark From Fire, inspired by the psychology of Carl Jung and Eastern spirituality,... more
  • The Precipice of Mental Health: Becoming Your Own Safe Space

    by Achea Redd
    In The Precipice of Mental Health, Achea Redd shares her personal battle with mental illness and helps readers understand that there is a path to help and healing for those who are suffering, struggling, and stressed. The mental health crisis is worse than ever: In an age of increasing isolation, insecurity, and loss, people are suffering, and not everyone is able to afford or access the help that they need. Mental health activist Achea Redd wants to change that, because for her, it’s person... more
  • The Voice in My Head Is an Asshole

    by Darryl Blake

    Are you living your life, or acting out your story?

    Do you have an inner critic? One that misguides, bullies and torments? Giving voice to bad habits and disabling beliefs, fears, or regrets?

    If so, you’ve met the inner asshole, and this book is for you. Especially if -

    • Dealing with your inner critic resembles an insane, never-ending game of whack-a-mole. A stream of consciousness that just won’t stop.
    • You get stuck in “replay”—lost in old arguments, insults sti... more

    by Meera Jhogasundram
    Your experience of the outer world is a reflection of your inner reality. Heavy emotions long-forgotten, are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. Are you aware of their existence? Do you understand the extent of harm that can be caused by harbouring and nurturing dark energies? What you choose to believe as resolved and no longer existent, may still be present in your reality. Perhaps you realise this. You may even choose to ignore it. Darkness will overwhelm you if you allow it. While ... more

    by Meera Jhogasundram
    Do you find yourself encountering one block after another in various aspects of your life? Are you unable to move forward despite doing whatever it takes? Do you tell yourself exactly what others tell you or do you make it a point to listen to that wise inner voice which you so often ignore? Meera asks thought-provoking questions that will make you reconsider and redefine what’s truly important to you. In a world where meeting others’ expectations has stealthily become a way of life, it is i... more
  • Great Work

    by Amanda Crowell, PhD
    Why is it that our Great Work—the work that matters the most to us—is the first thing to go when we get busy? How can we finally prioritize our Great Work? And, most importantly, how can we do our Great Work without sacrificing everything else that matters? Dr. Amanda Crowell combines cutting-edge cognitive psychology with years of experience coaching, to distill a simple process that anyone can use. Refreshingly hopeful, the Great Work method will help you: Make time and space for the wo... more
  • The Sober Addict

    by DC Hyden, CASAC-ADV
    Addiction is a terminal disease if left untreated... If you can imagine having 50% of who you are actively trying to kill you then you have an idea of what it is like living with this disease. The Sober Addict is a book for all those impacted by the disease addiction. Within the pages of DC Hyden's book, addicts, family members, enablers, and helpers will find unconventional ways to combat addiction from Onset to Remission. This guide will help you learn how to function with this dysfunct... more
  • Happier Made Simple: Choose Your Words. Change Your Life.

    by Randye Kaye
    Do you spend too much time and energy worrying about things that never even happen? Tried meditation but can’t sit still? Do negative thoughts intrude on your happiest moments? Would you rather share a good laugh than complete another gratitude list? Then this book is for you. Let professional speaker and mental health advocate Randye Kaye introduce you to a method of harnessing the power of words – shortcuts your brain already knows well – to be happier right away. Happier Made Simple will hel... more
  • Happiness is an Inside Job

    by Saantis Fenmu Davis
    This book is for every person who wants to define their own life of happiness, a life where happiness is 100 percent under your control; a life where we don't have to wait for success and material gain to be happy but instead are happy because we understand it attracts success and material gain. In this book you will learn the tools to implement this. Learn tools to assist us physically, mentally and emotionally to be happy. Much success with the teachings in this book and I know they will help ... more