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  • Our Road to Damascus: 7 Lessons for a Life of Purpose and Meaning

    by Dan Assisi

    Change is in the air. We can feel it. But everything seems so uncertain and confusing... How can we make sense of it all? How do we move past the discomfort we are feeling and navigate toward meaningful change?

    To help us through it, internationally acclaimed speaker Dan Assisi transforms an old story told countless times before into something new and deeply relevant to here and now. In Our Road to Damascus, Dr. Assisi uncovers 7 lessons from Paul's famous journey that will... more

  • Captured In A Life Case For Truth

    by Lisa Leikam

    There’s more to life than meets the eye. Lisa was finding life was filled with magical and mystical phenomenon’s, signs, and revelations. She was finding love, angels, and guidance from Heaven, around her.

    Angels and loved ones crossed over, were perpetually close. She discovered, love never dies. It was eternal, and forever. The defined signs, and exemplary exhibits, were being compiled. And yet, there was that one unknown. The sign formed mysteriously, in their trashcan.... more

  • Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are You Ready?

    by Betsy Fritcha
    Does it seem to you that everything in the world around you is shaking? Well, it is! Are you asking, “Why am I so unsettled? Why do I sense such foreboding in my circumstances? Why do I seem to be so scared about what I do not even understand?” Then this book is for you. Discover in this book answers for your “whys”. There are answers that may surprise you. You can live in peace in the midst of chaos, if you so choose. This book can be used as a Bible Study to find truthful answers to your quest... more
  • Life Lessons: 36 Lives Reveal the Secrets of Life

    by Paul Troutman
    Life Lessons looks at the lives of thirty-six people, including Mose, Deborah, The Buddha, Confucius, Ester, Jesus, Muhammad, Joan of Arc, Sacagawea, and Sojourner Truth. A psychic reading was done on each person to get a different perspective on their lives, and all the lives were examined to distill the truth about life.
  • Wounded Wounder or Wounded Healer

    by Dr. Eugene C. Rollins
    All people are wounded in some way and in some form to some degree. The book seeks to answer the question why some people heal and become healers and assets to the community while other people do not heal becoming wounders of other people and liabilities to the community.
  • The Destiny and Signs of God

    by Ionel Rotaru
    So far, our civilization has developed only one method of communication – OUR EVERYDAY INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION. Time has come for all of us to learn a second method of communication – to commit our thoughts to COMMUNICATING WITH THE UNIVERSE. By interacting with the Universe, we communicate with God, and God is THE ONLY ONE in the Universe WHO can give us the best advice regarding our choice to build up our destiny and secure ourselves with a sound and continuous evolution.
  • Cracking the Code to a Higher Power: How to Connect with your Inner Peace

    by Elizabeth Swearman
    JOIN ELIZABETH ON A JOURNEY TO PEACE & CALM Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel calm, peace, stillness every day? To win the war with the world and slow time down... To realize that you have the power to make this change; the world is yours... Inside of this book is the answer to all of those "why me?" questions we have a tendency to mutter throughout our long hardworking days. If you rolled your eyes as you read that, this book is for you too! You are two flips of the page away from learning... more
  • Gain Save Give: Doing the right thing with money

    by Peter Dixon

    "Money never stays with me. It would burn me if it did.” John Wesley

    John Wesley's eighteenth-century message about personal finance, 'Gain all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can.' is as radical today as it was three centuries ago. Perhaps more so.

    Gain Save Give updates Wesley's words for today's concerned Christian, and for all who want their money and resources to make a positive impact for good in the world. As ... more

  • Alice's Ego

    by Alice Sanza

    Join Alice on her spiritual journey around the world and further. Can Alice find the dark shadow within?

    Filled with basic spiritual philosophy and concepts. A spiritual journey can be arduous and hilarious but it is a lot more fun than complying to others expectations!

    Enjoy !

    Alice xx


    ‘This book is a must read for people searching for their truth, it takes us through the ups and do... more

  • Able Soul Empowering God's Spirit Within

    by Lucy Goncalves
    Sharing her personal journey of overcoming the barriers of her physical disability, Lucy Goncalves reveals how God’s goodness and faithfulness are reflected in every season of life. She encourages you to invite God into your everyday challenges and to overcome your own adversities with his grace. These pages are filled with hope, humor, honesty and healing. Lucy’s story is not only an inspiration, it’s an invitation to live above and beyond any barrier you face.
  • CHAKRA HEALING FOR BEGINNERS: The Complete Guide to Awaken and Balance Chakras for Self Healing and Positive Energy ( Chakra Ser

    by Alison Alverson
    In a universe made of energy… …how you control your own is essential. Are you ready to expand your health and happiness? To awaken, one must understand the power of the chakras. To heal one’s mind, body, and spirit, one must align them. The wonders of a quiet mind allow anyone to achieve a level of joy and abundance they never knew existed. This journey will change your life. You’ll learn: ◆ Ancient Medicine and the Use of Chakras ◆ Secret and Powerful Healing Techniques ◆ Six Mistakes M... more
  • History and Mystery

    by GEE SMITH
  • The Inner Room:

    by Rodney Morrow
    This little photopoetry book captures the infinite beauty of creation frozen in a series of photos and in related response poems that are the result of a meditation practice for contemplation and prayer. The photographer and the poet extend an invitation to enter the Inner Room of the soul and quietly listen to the voice of Wisdom. These images and epiphanic poems belong to humanity's universal search for the ultimate
  • Discovering Aslan

    by Geoff Waugh
    Discovering Aslan: High King above all kings in Narnia. Exploring the Story within the stories. A devotional commentary about Jesus as reflected in Aslan in the seven stories of The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.
  • A New Silence: Spiritual Practices and Formation for the Monk Within

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    A New Silence focuses on the inner transformation and spiritual practices that guide us to live for the Holy and for the good of creation. It is a practical companion for anyone seeking to be a monastic or contemplative presence in the world. Offered for explorers on the edge—for those who are between religions, those who have abandoned faith but yet seek, those who are interspiritual, or those who are rooted in their faith tradition and are going deeper—this is both path and accompanime... more
  • Pearls of Wisdom

    by Terry Sweeney
    Pearls of Wisdom is filled with wonderfully practical advice. Each chapter deals with a particular area or challenge of life, and author Terry Sweeney never leaves his readers guessing as to how to face and fix life’s problems. Written against the backdrop of a fully and boldly lived life, Pearls takes tough issues head-on, issues such as the secrets we all keep (even to the point of poisoning our souls), the need to forgive others––even the most difficult people in our lives, and how to set ... more