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  • True Nobility

    by Lori Bates Wright
    Left alone in an unfamiliar country where her noble title is of no use. Everything she believes in is shattered. Driven by desperation, she risks it all to return to the one man whose love promises to be true. Lady Victoria Haverwood, beloved daughter of a widowed Earl, has spent years at a fashionable boarding school longing for the day she can come home to finally take her place as mistress of Wrenbrooke. But when she becomes the target of a murderous plot, her idyllic plan is swiftly tur... more
  • One Friday in Jerusalem: Walking to Calvary - A Tour, a Faith, a Life

    by Andre Moubarak
    One Friday in Jerusalem puts you in the sandals of Jesus as He bore His cross the brutal half mile to Calvary. Contemplate the sweat, the smells, the swelling crowds, the bark of soldiers, and the agonizing realities of crucifixion. And hear why each station of the cross is so meaningful for Andre, a minority among minorities in an ethnically sundered land.
  • Bent But Not Broken

    by Fay Moore
    The storms of life will blow and at times make us feel all alone and ready to give up. With encouraging words and knowing you?re not in this alone, that feeling can make you strive to make it through another day. We are all a little bent, but thank God, we are not broken to the point of unrepair. Through the forty-day reading and using the reflection pages, I believe you will discover how strong you are and know that you?re not on this ride alone. I been there and understand and sharing what I f... more
  • Something Better

    by Melissa Mattie
    Melissa Mattie's life of abuse, abandonment, the foster system, drug and alcohol addictions and mental illness should have landed her in prison or an early grave. Instead she lives a life of freedom, peace and happiness today. In Something Better, Melissa walks hand-in-hand with readers as they journey from the Wilderness into their Promised Land. You weren't meant to be lost in a wilderness. This is not as good as it gets your life of fullness is waiting for you, and Something Better will le... more
  • A Life Altar'd

    by Crystal Jones
    A Life Altar'd is a personal testimony of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. What could a former drug addict who has had multiple marriages and is always battling self-esteem issues possibly have to say that the world would be interested in hearing? Why is what I have to say of any importance? It isn’t. I am just one of millions of others who have come to know the Lord. The truth and importance of any testimony is not in the person, or life of the person telling it, but in the Lord,... more
  • The Praying Church Made Simple

    by P. Douglas Small

    The purpose of The Praying Church Made Simple is to establish clear beginning points for revitalizing the congregational prayer effort; and to set forth a simple approach to prayer mobilization for the smaller congregation. For decades, the mega church has been celebrated, but 80 percent of America’s congregations are small and many of those are rural. The greatest need is for materials related to the single-cell church of less than 100 members.

    This book offers a simple 1-2-3 ste... more

  • For Mothers, By Mothers: 54 Empowering and Diverse Stories About Motherhood from Around the World

    by Tisha Lin
    This book is a unique collection of 54 empowering + diverse stories written by mothers from around the world. It includes stories that end shame, help mothers heal, and unite all loving mothers. Every stage of motherhood is represented, from caring for newborns to toddler tantrums, and from raising teenagers to reflecting on becoming a grandmother.
  • I Am and the Spirit Walks with Me

    by Angelo Lowery
    Some time ago, I advanced to a new level of spiritual transformation consisting of awareness and consciousness. Many things transpired to enhance my level of consciousness and led me to a new journey of refined cosmic consciousness. This is where spirit began to speak to me about the things I had encountered through my life’s journey. The sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse of traumas in my life became a way for me to help others in this world. I had to heal myself first to help others,... more
  • Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating an New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations

    by Ariann Thomas
    Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations is a practical guide on healing the inherited genetic patterns in our lives on every level with practices to repair ill health, poverty, poor relationships, bad career choices, and lack of joy in life. Most of us are limited by beliefs and wounds from our ancestors’ cultures, our families’ histories, and the world’s stories that we unconsciously adopt in our lives. These beliefs keep us from our full poten... more
  • Celebrating Failure

    by Dhruv Avdhesh
    “From epic fail to happily ever after” ~ The New Indian Express Overnight sensations do not become literally so overnight; virtuosos are not always born so; and success… well, there never really is such a thing as success without having tasted the bitter fruit of failure. This book celebrates ten such moments of failure that drove ten different individuals to cut new paths for themselves. Celebrating Failure chronicles the lives, journeys and major failures of these people from different ... more
  • The Joy of Job, An Investigator's Perspective on the Most Righteous Man on Earth

    by Maribeth Vander Weele
    The Joy of Job provides stunning new insights into the ancient Old Testament story of Job, challenging the traditional interpretation of a book that has confounded Bible readers throughout the ages. Using exacting Biblical exegesis, the book offers sacred lessons about self-examination, religious pride, and discerning leadership. Surprisingly, the book of Job emerges as one of the greatest stories of repentance and restoration ever told.
  • Enduring Trials God's Way: A Biblical Recipe for Finding Joy in Suffering

    by Scott LaPierre
    Trials are part of life on this side of heaven, and God wants to use them for your good! Your suffering is not meaningless. Learn scriptural principles that give you the encouragement you need when suffering. Every chapter concludes with questions that help you apply what you are reading. Perfect for personal Bible study or small groups.
  • The Gospel of Thomas for Awakening

    by Abbot George Burke

    In The Gospel of Thomas for Awakening, Abbot George shines the "Light of the East" on the sometimes enigmatic sayings of Jesus recorded by his apostle Saint Thomas, revealing their unique and rich practical nature for modern day seekers for spiritual life.

    While many books related to the Gospel of Thomas deal with historical or theological issues, Abbot George's approach is remarkably practical, dealing with how Jesus' words can be applied to make your life be... more

  • Only a Shadow

    by Janet Richards
    A lemonade stand, a principal’s tender heart, a Bundt cake, and a young boy’s invitation to a funeral, all come together to begin this extraordinary journey. Does everything happen for a reason? Is there such a thing as Divine Providence? How does one reconcile belief in a merciful God of love with the inscrutable, inequitable nature of human suffering? Only A Shadow is and amazing story of resilience, perseverance, and the power hidden in a single moment. It tells a tale of a remarkable relati... more