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  • Turning Your Why? into Why Not!

    by Sheree Taylor-Jones

    I was always a "Why?" child. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat vegetables? Why is red, red? My issue was I never grew out of constantly asking why for everything? I was driven to make sense of my world. I thought if I just asked the "right" questions then I could finally understand the world and my life would be under control.

    My questions eventually turned into the unanswerable philosophical ones, such as: "Why does God allow such evil to exist?" This not knowing caused me lots... more

  • The Christian Man and Pornography

    by Norman Hardman
    This book was written with a high level of transparency to help you better connect your own experiences to the author's story. Sex and pornography are taboo subjects that need to be discussed more often, especially in religious and social groups. The aim of this book is to set the stage for these types of conversations to take place, and encourage men to go beyond what they once believed was impossible. As you are encouraged by this book, share your story with someone else, and encourage them to... more
  • Contentment Through Mindfulness

    by Robert Leihy
    This book elaborates on contentednessone aspect of the mindfulness philosophy that emerges from Buddhism. The areas of deep relaxation, calm, and still awareness of the immediate moment; a virtuous lifestyle; and an appropriate and authentic worldview are discussed.
  • The Jesus Perspective: A Faith That May Surprise You

    by Robert Harris
    In The Jesus Perspective, Robert Harris critically examines Christianity with the goal of determining which of its elements are useful, essential, and in alignment with what Jesus actually taught and believed. The result is a fresh and vigorous interpretation of the faith called Path Christianity. At its core is the idea that the elements of the Christian faith are best seen not as events that we merely acknowledge, but as processes in which we actively participate. Thus the focus shifts to acti... more
  • No Less Blessed: Seeking God in the Wilderness of Infertility and Childlessness

    by Erica F. Mitchell
    No Less Blessed: Seeking God in the Wilderness of Infertility and Childlessness is an unapologetically transparent glimpse into author Erica F. Mitchell's personal experience with infertility and provides biblically-sound consideration for coping with adversity and loss. No Less Blessed differs from many books on this subject because it focuses on the experience of infertility instead of the outcome, thereby inclusive of the infertility experience that concludes without the miracle childbirth. ... more
  • In Search of Heaven, the Eternal Life

    by Rodger W. Berg
    Can medicine, science and faith finally come together and prove what lies beyond death? Have the scientists of today found proper evidences that reveal the existence of our souls, Heaven and God? If so, where is Heaven? What does it consist of? And most importantly, has anyone really gone there and returned to tell us about it in this day and age? These and many other profound questions ranging from the Meaning to Life and those associated with the religious teachings found in the Dead Se... more
  • A Girls Survival Guide to Womanhood: Quotes to Grow & Go

    by tori Johnson-Jones
    A girls go-to for trauma disruption. Tori normalizes conversations around trauma; providing tools that interrupt what no longer serves. Filled with quotes and exercises, this mighty little read offers the perfect dose of inspiration, reminding us in an instant, WHO we are.
  • Knock, Knock (Who's there?) I AM.: 40 Real-Life Stories From People Who Experienced God In Their Lives

    by Patricia Rusch Duffey
    Someone's trying to reach us. These days, it can be a text, a tweet or a post. Other times, and all the time, it's God trying to connect with us through an experience, a reflection, or a relationship. The forty personal stories of the everyday people in this book share how God has touched many lives. This collection is a heartfelt attempt to put into words the why and the how god has knocked on our doors, assured us, and revealed to us His presence.
  • The Immense Opportunity: Becoming Powerfully Receptive to Life

    by Jacob Ryan
    What must we do to expand to our greatest capacities? The Immense Opportunity endeavours to explore this very question. It dives into the fundamental faculties core to human experience, from mind and perception to society and knowledge. Stimulating readers to deeply contemplate their inner mechanics so a life of optimal existence can be unearthed.
  • Your Origin and Destiny

    by Ivan Rudolph
    Amazon Synopsis (intended) PERPLEXING QUESTIONS ABOUT OURSELVES ARE ANSWERED IN “YOUR ORIGIN AND DESTINY” It explores the Meaning of Life, Time, Evolution and Creation. It’s unique in its major revelations and will lead you, through the author’s research, into expanding your own perspectives in all these areas, even if you have thought them through in the past. Any wonderings about who you are, and why you are even on this earth, will find satisfying, heart-warming and exciting answers in these... more
  • Becoming One with Christ: A guided journal for Lent

    by Sereta Collington
    This journal is a combination of a guided journal, bullet journal, and devotion all in one. It allows you to track your prayer, gratitude, and testimony for the lent. It will give you more insight into the words by having you answer questions about the Scripture you read. Below is the structure of the daily journal. As you will see, the Holy week is a different format and follows a shorter devotional. Journal daily: Day 1: read, write, reflect Day 2: Write the Scripture from the NLT or Message... more
  • Message to Judah: Making Sense of the Black American Experience from a Biblical Perspective

    by Trenet Worlds
    The Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the institutionalized bondage it spawned represent a dark and shameful chapter in American history. Traditional theory teaches enslaved Africans were the cheap, renewable labor resource that fueled the nation’s fledgling economy...paving the way for unprecedented prosperity. But was there a deeper and more profound reason for slavery - based on something much greater than greed and racial superiority? Prepare to discover the real meaning behind “Black in Americ... more
  • Holy Grams: past present future through anagrams

    by Trenet Worlds

    Holy Grams takes the reader on a mind-boggling journey from Creation, to the end of this present age, and into the world to come using anagrams. Using anagrams, readers can travel back through the Old Testament, then forward to the world of the future with stunning insight. Less complex than Bible codes, and easier to understand than Nostradamus’ quatrains, this book is a must read for any Bible eschatologist; and will captivate anyone who enjoys futuristic prophecy and uncovering the h... more

  • UK based NGO

    by sihla uk

    Today, people seek to know the proofs of the universality of the flood, Noah’s building of the Ark for 100 years with his three children, the Hydro-dynamics of the flood, the complete physics of the Arks designs and the mathematical evaluation of the total number of days from the first day of the deluge till the last day of disembarking from the Ark. This book contains complete analysis of the curse of Canaan and how it is never related to the Black race. However, the Tower of Babel is well high... more
  • Bound by Beliefs

    by Joseph C. Way
    Since everyone has a "god" that controls them, it is wise to ask who or what that is, how we choose it and how to respond? We must also ask how tradition, the Bible, church, family and other factors affect our beliefs and behaviors. Joseph C. Way wrestles with these and other issues and reaches some uncommon conclusions about God, Jesus, and Us. He affirms God is love. God acts from love and so do we! Other specific emphases include:how presuppositions (beliefs) dictate behavior; the profound si... more