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  • There's Always Water in the Wilderness

    by Kari Cope
    There’s Always Water in the Wilderness walks readers through a close textual analysis of the biblical motifs of wells and wilderness, prompting greater delight in the beauty of the written Word and expanded understanding of its truths and their application. Each of the chapters dealing specifically with the motifs includes suggested biblical readings, allowing readers to more readily engage in the close reading process. The events of the Bible are rooted in history and related to us as litera... more
  • The Gospels Unified: A Fresh Perspective of the Life of Jesus Christ

    by Daniel Stalker
    The life of Christ in a narrative of 164 distinct events, showing Jesus’ ministry easily fits into the one-year time frame prophesied by Isaiah and Daniel, and declared by Jesus Christ himself. With detailed appendices including calendars, notes, and an introduction to the chronology of the gospels.
  • How the Disciples Of Jesus Actually Acted Historically

    by Unsok Hur
    In February 2019, Unsok Hur wrote a paper titled “The Disciples' Lack of Comprehension in the Gospel of Mark” in the Journal of Biblical Theology Bulletin. The contents of this paper are about Jesus' disciples. Jesus' disciples would have acted differently from what was known. Based on this paper, Unsok Hur published a book titled How The Disciples Of Jesus Actually Acted Historically.
  • Sanctuaries of Childhood: Nurturing a Child's Spiritual Life

    by Shea Darian

    ForeWord Book of the Year Award Winner. A wise and creative approach to nurturing a child’s spiritual life that is effective and full of love. 158 pages. $15.95 USD

  • Cancer, Yet Cancer Again, But I Will Not Die, Before I'm Dead

    by Karen Rice
    This book chronicles my life's true experiences during my journey with not only one cancer diagnose, but two. With the words, phrases pf each statement and poems, I wish to make a positive impact on someone who's ill or otherwise, where they can proceed life in a whole new way.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: Oral Tradition and the Development of Messages in the Book of Genesis

    by Vincent Krivda
    The Torah is the first five books of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Torah means to teach. What does the Torah teach? How does the Torah teach? Scholars agree the Bible evolved from an oral tradition to its written form. This book examines the messages of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, based on what those messages would have sounded like to an audience in the original oral tradition. The episodes of Creation and the 21 separate stories of the iconic figure of Abraham are reca... more
  • Exploring Faith Hope & Love

    by Rene Lafaut, MSc.
    The journey to loving people more than concepts requires faith and hope. The connections between these three virtues are not immediately obvious, but to those on the journey these virtues are the spiritual rubber that meets the road of life that helps us grow in stability and peace; with flexibility, and humility, where we will love people genuinely out of caring. Coming from my own experience and using First Corinthians 13 as my spring board, I explore what love looks like and what it isn't. Th... more
  • The Lighthouse

    by Carmen Esposito

    The Lighthouse - Reflections of Inner Strength & Wisdom is an inspirational journal with coloring pages. This journal explores fourteen inspirational quotes that express basic tenets. These can be applied to benefit inner growth and healing.

    The author begins the conversation by including a few words on each of the inspirational quotes. These are followed by two-lined floral framed pages to be used for journaling. This journal also helps bring focus to our inner being by directing aware... more

  • A Piece of Me: An Arrangement of Words to Inspire Reflection

    by Arif Ahmad
    This book is a labor of love starting with the first writing, The Optimist, in 2013 and gradually accumulating over the years. It is the World during these times from the perspective of a brown Muslim Pakistani American Physician, and then it is some more.
  • Chasing Truth

    by Joel Zao

    The manuscript that follows is a line-by-line discussion of the first eight chapters of Paul’s letter to the Romans. The goal is to keep the discussion in line with the verses and to expand on words or phrases where appropriate.

    As I have studied the letter over the past twenty-five years, I have sought to understand the words from the perspective of those who were at Rome at the time of Paul’s ministry. Their access to supplementary material was surely limited. But the... more

  • Family Guide To Celebration Of The Jewish Holidays

    by Leonard and Linda Chesler
    We always tried to celebrate the Jewish Holidays as a family. Starting when our children were young, it soon became apparent to us that it was much better and much more meaningful if as part of our celebration, we discussed each holiday with each other, talking about why the holiday is celebrated, its origin and history, how it is celebrated and very importantly its meaning, relevance and value to us today and what we can learn and use in our everyday lives. We wanted the children to feel and... more
  • Words of Comfort from the Heart

    by Jerry Schock
    A collection of Poetry for Sympathy and Encouragement. My heartfelt thanks to all who have encouraged this publishing. Through the years, my desire was to publish and share with others who may need encouragement. Many poems have been emailed and handed to those in need along the way. As friends and loved ones were in valleys and going through trials, God would give me words of encouragement for them. Every poem was written out of a need someone had that the Lord sent my way. The poems s... more
  • Sunshine for the Soul: Words of Light Through the Darkness of Covid

    by Nick Olsen

    There is light...

    This collection of poetry is a personal reflection of the author’s experiences amid the Covid-19 crisis and the world around us. He watched the reports on television, spoke with first responders, and witnessed many who died from this horrible virus and the toll it has taken with families. Covid-19 brought out the horror of our society—friends, family, and neighbors fighting amongst themselves— but it also revealed those who love and care for their fel... more

  • Glowing through the Chakras: How to Find Balance, Build Confidence, and Live Happily

    by Tracy Kyler

    Your Journey Begins To a Happier, Healthier, and Glowing You!

    All living beings share centers of energy called Chakras. The Chakras hold the depth of ancient wisdom and understanding. In your daily routines, learning the forces of foundational energy that lie within you can bring you to a more insightful, rewarding self. Tracy Kyler explains the seven major Chakras, and how to set your own pace to release emotional attachments and barriers that may be preventing you from being happy.... more

  • Grasp

    by David Yuen
    Grasp is an exploration of the human condition through a collection of poems, essays, and prose. Part memoir, part commentary, and part poetry, Grasp wrestles with diverse themes from a Christian perspective in light of the COVID pandemic, clashing politics, and the human struggle. What does it mean to be human? What is the value of an individual in the face of trials and tribulations? There is light and darkness. There is life and death. There is faith and hope. Existence is filled with mome... more
  • Deliverance for the Saved

    by Donatus Okafor
    Are you confused in life? Are you controlled by the spirit of fear? Do you think that you are held by unknown forces? Are you always faced with failures and disappointment even after much effort? Are you depressed in life? Are you thinking of committing suicide? Do you think that your future is being held and manipulated by some people? Are you held by generational curses? Are you really in need of God's intervention in your life? If you are affected by one of the above then "Deliverance for the... more