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  • The Joy of the Heart: Acquiring a Special Kind of Wisdom (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 11)

    by Zinovia Dushkova
    “Joy is a special kind of Wisdom,” the Great Teacher tells us. But how can you find it in this joyless world — one full of pain, grief, and suffering? Book 11 continues the trilogy within The Teaching of the Heart series that sets the tone of Love with the aim of carrying out the mission of the current Solar System — the mission of Love-Wisdom. In this book, the Lord of Love and Compassion together with His Beloved will help human hearts acquire this special kind of Wisdom — Sacred Joy — a... more
  • The Sun of Love: Merging Two Halves into a Single Whole (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 10)

    by Zinovia Dushkova
    What is the heart without Love? It is like an ocean without water or a garden without flowers! Book 10 begins a trilogy within The Teaching of the Heart series that sets the note of Love pouring forth the currents of Dao to fulfil the task of the present Solar System — which is neither knowledge nor information but pure Love. Yet at the same time great cosmic mysteries are revealed between the lines to every sensitive heart. Through the beautiful interweaving of prose and poetry, the Lord ... more
  • Brotherhood: Saving Humanity and the Earth (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 9)

    by Zinovia Dushkova
    What does the concept of Brotherhood mean? What kind of relationships are needed between people to create a single family of humanity? Based on love and trust, Brotherhood is the ideal human relationship. Although it may seem unattainable in our present world, since ancient times, the Great Brotherhood of Teachers has been an embodiment of high concord between people on our planet. Its Brothers and Sisters have worked tirelessly for the common good and self-sacrificially shared all the burden... more
  • The Prayer of the Heart: Mastering Omnipotent Power (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 8)

    by Zinovia Dushkova
    Few people today think about the secret power of prayer, although this way of communicating with God and the Supreme World has existed since time immemorial. Instead, we often limit ourselves to a mechanical repetition of memorized phrases. In various world religions, prayer is manifested as hymns, chants, mantras, and meditations but, irrespective of beliefs, everyone has appealed to the Higher Powers for help at some point, whether willingly or unwillingly. What is prayer? Why do we need... more
  • The World of Fire: Ascending into the Heavenly Kingdom (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 7)

    by Zinovia Dushkova
    The World of Fire is the Kingdom of Heaven promised by almost all religions and spiritual traditions to those who follow simple moral commandments. Created from the Divine Fire, this Paradise is characterized by an atmosphere of absolute Enlightenment, Joy, and Love. Your spirit came to the Earth from this place, and you can return to it after accomplishing your earthly purpose. But how can you, while living on the Earth, approach the Fiery World? And how does it already affect your daily lif... more
  • The Fiery Heart: Discovering the Source of Divine Wisdom (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 6)

    by Zinovia Dushkova
    All great sages and philosophers of antiquity emphasized the importance of the heart, calling it the “Abode of God.” It contains enormous magical potential and all the divine abilities people are destined to unseal in the coming New Era — the Era of the Heart. What is the fiery heart? What unknown functions does it perform? What are the specifics of its work? What is it capable of? How can you hear the voice of your heart and how can you avoid confusing it with the mind? Answers to these a... more
  • 7 Mysteries of Life Unfolded for Awakening

    by Jeremy (Ju) Huang

    Awakened your inner being, be "still" in your meditative mind-thought to facilitate experiencing within your body, the alchemy process of transmutation naturally and effortlessly for self-transformation  With patience and perseverance, you will be blessed to receive the ultimate Divine Light that bestows you a gift to living a unique, authentic "Pathways" of the "Tree of Life." 

    As you consciously ... more

  • The Elegance of Simplicity

    by Sophie McLean

    The Elegance of Simplicity is the story of an encounter between two women: one in search of answers, the other having already completed her spiritual journey. Guìa, the profound, whimsical character in the story, takes us through her passage into consciousness from pre-birth to enlightenment. As the riveting adventure of Guìa’s life unfolds, you will become one with the knowledge-seeking narrator and find yourself on a voyage of discovery into the nature of human ... more

  • Boldly into the Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief, & Holding onto Happiness

    by Autumn Toelle-Jackson
    Life for Autumn Toelle-Jackson started out happy, almost like a dream. When she entered her thirties, however, tragedy made up for lost time. Over the span of a few short years, she endured severalmiscarriages and the loss of her husband, a dear cousin, a grandparent, and child. But one small cross-section of a life doesn’t do justice to the amount of love, resilience, growth, and blessings a person experiences after such titanic losses. With each new harbinger of grief, Toelle-Jackson was force... more
  • The Life of a Psychic Broadcaster

    by Alan Cox
    Autobiography of the life of Reverend Father Alan Cox who is a spiritual healer, psychic and radio broadcaster.
  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray...

    by Rev. H. Maurice Barnes

    the prayers contained in this book seek to raise our awareness that God, as the Ultimate Reality, is always "speaking," yet we are so oftentimes preoccupied with the stuff of life that we fail to recognize that what is most essential to God is how we treat one another. 

  • The Twenty-First-Century Gospel of Jesus Christ

    by Jo Ann Levitt
    While on a spiritual retreat in France, I received an etheric download from my guides and an invitation to scribe a book whose subject crossed my mind like a banner at a football game. It was The Twenty-First-Century Gospel of Jesus Christ. Never having channeled or done any automatic writing, this was both shocking and exhilarating news, especially since I was a perpetual student of Christ’s teachings and mystical works everywhere. More importantly, it demonstrated the strong need for us all to... more
  • It's in the Bible!

    by Arthur Padilla
    The Bible is easily the most influential and most quoted book in western society. It is revered so much that it is used to swear in to office the President of the United States, Supreme Court Justices, and other elected government officials. When the President and other U.S. government officials swear that they will carry out their duties with the help of the Biblical God, few if any are aware that according to scripture the Biblical God is actually a man. He is specifically a man of war, as sta... more
  • Family Structure By Choice

    by Daniel Ukadike Nwaelene
    While this book is not just about making choices, it is aimed at presenting the kinds of family structures that are prevalent in the world today in comparison with the original family structure as God designed and ordained it. To be able to detect a counterfeit, one must know the original very well. In effect, many people may not know wrong family structures because they do not know God’s choice of family structure. This book is, therefore, meant to point the reader to the right direction in or... more
  • Three Dimensions

    by Elizabeth Reinach
    This is a collection of stories I have written over ten years. Some have been performed on stage and were greeted with great hilarity. Some are more somber, even a little spine chilling. I have also included some of my history pieces as history is one of my great interests.
  • Three Dimensions

    by Elizabeth Reinach
    This is a collection of stories I have written over ten years. Some have been performed on stage and were greeted with great hilarity. Some are more somber, even a little spine chilling. I have also included some of my history pieces as history is one of my great interests.