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  • The Door Is Open

    by Darlene Gaston
    Jesus opened the door for the whole world, the entire human race, for all time, and invited all of us to live in God's portion. When we know that we know for 100 percent surety, within our core values, that God loves us no matter what, then we walk like we are loved 100 percent, and this is how everything else follows. In the last chapter of my last book, Time to Really Live Free, I wrote about what Adam and Eve had given up and the plan God had to return it to humanity through his Son, Je... more
  • Time to Really Live Free

    by Darlene Gaston
    I thought and believed, for most of my Christian walk, I was living "free in Christ." Until one day, for the umpteenth time, God asked me to read about the adulterous woman thrown at his feet. Have you ever wondered how in the world Jesus could tell the adulterous woman to "go and sin no more"? I have, for years, because my life did not line up with what he was telling her to do. I still "sinned," which led me to beat myself up and not love parts of myself. What I had learned and been taught in ... more
  • To Be Broken Into Freedom: A Spiritual Journey (Renewing One's Life)

    by Rene Lafaut
    I chronicle a journey that tested me, broke me and became a path way to maturing in my Christian faith. I talk about psychosis, mental illness, fears, anxieties, and coming to grips with reality. What should we focus on when going through trials or Dark Nights as described by Saint John of the Cross…
  • Love Teaching

    by Michelle Ming
    Before the end of my second year of teaching high school math, a student’s sudden suicide rocked my worldview, forcing me to reconcile the differences between simply being an educator and being a Christian educator. I discovered that no matter the educational setting, my life as a Christian and my life as a teacher are inextricably intertwined. I began focusing on my walk with God in ways that I had not in my first year of teaching. Love Teaching is about my twenty-five-year journey as an edu... more
  • A Voice from Heaven: From Earthly Struggles to Thriving in the Afterlife

    by Cynthia Girman
    A Voice from Heaven shares fascinating and intimate transcendental conversations between a grief-stricken mother and her son in the afterlife. Through the power of hope and love, they reconnect and the son chronicles his magical, inspirational and uplifting journey through the spiritual realm. Life, death and addiction are experienced through the lens of each parent and their son. For the reader with an open mind, new revelations and mind-boggling discoveries are unveiled. A must-read for ... more
  • Devotions From The Earth - Waters

    by Linda S Carter
    Take a 30 day retreat with this devotional that focuses on the beauty and healing properties of water in nature. With journaling pages every 5 days to write down your reflections and how God is speaking to you through the stories, scriptures and images.
  • Meant To Be: Choices – Repercussion – A way Out

    by Mildred M Stallworth
    An extraordinary journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This book provides profound insights into family dynamics, societal structures, and personal responsibility. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of their life's purpose, discover the significance of family in God's plan, and recognize the divine purposes of home, government, and church.
  • A Dao for the Third Millennium

    by Jack Parkinson
    Adapted from the preamble: This work is about the world’s most powerful meme Ostensibly it is about the Dao, and more specifically the classic work that predates the Bible as an instructive text and guide to proper thinking, known as the ‘Dao De Jing.’ But it is much more about what constitutes a ‘good’ life, how should be lived, and what can be done right now to make it happen. Here there is not much pretense of prioritizing scholarly analysis, and though there are indeed some academic... more
  • Awaken Your Spirit!: Lift the Veil and Receive the Light!

    by Edward N Brown

    Reveals the miracle and mystery of the human spirit in easy-to-understand terms – What exactly is it? How does it work? Why do you have one? Where did you get it? Learn why your spirit is veiled, and what you can do to lift the veil, and receive the gifts of God. An exploration into the secrets of the human spirit – written in an entertaining style for the average person – but based upon sound theological, historical, and scientific principles. It provides a fresh perspectiv... more

  • Wisdom of a Yogi

    by Rizwan Virk
    'The impact of the Autobiography wasn't limited to musicians or spiritual seekers. Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Inc., which became the world's most valuable company, was a big fan and went so far as to say it was one of his favorite books. Jobs first read it as a teenager and claimed to have re-read it every year since then.' Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi was one of the most impactful spiritual books of the twentieth century and has travelled around the world, inspiring m... more
  • The AVL Production Perspective

    by M. T. LOSEY
    Author M.T. Losey provides a thought-provoking perspective on how the truth of the gospel and your relationship with Christ impacts how you lead and serve on the production team. He encourages you to not let fear, doubt, or your lack of experience get in the way of what God has called you to do. Instead, leverage the gifts God gave you to make an impact in your church.
  • The Heart's Plea for Change: Reclaiming the Treasure of Your Divinity and the Freedom to Follow Your Heart

    by Rev. Douglas Simon Sweet
    Are you in limbo with God or uncertain about how God sees you? Are you still chasing your sins and God’s acceptance? Are you questioning your faith, being weighed down by a list of do’s and don’ts, or, more severely, feeling like an outcast? The Heart’s Plea for Change brings our Maker’s mind and heart to life. No one knows you and loves you more. And all is for love! A priest and mystic, Rev. Douglas S. Sweet, tells how he went from feeling on top of the world to the bottom. Then stepping away... more
  • Nobody Sees This Creation: The Origin of the Devil and His Replacements

    by Paul Renfroe
    The highest angel of heaven, Lucifer, rebelled against God and after being consumed with inexhaustible fire of God, Lucifer was cast down to a beautiful Earth not ever described in the Bible. Lucifer and his rebel partners ruined it and made it formless and void, a giant cooling pool. But God manhandled them in six days of terror, described in Genesis One. Their worst nightmare appeared on Day Six: physical spirit beings made in God's image—the very race of beings who would replace Lucifer-becom... more
  • How to Journal with God

    by AmyLu Riley

    If you’d like to deepen your friendship with God, and you feel drawn to journaling, How to Journal with God is for you. In these pages, AmyLu Riley draws from a long journaling practice and writing career to share insights designed to help you begin or grow your practice of journaling with God. You’ll discover: Why journal with God A divine invitation for you Content types to explore Practical tips for taking your journaling experience to another level Journal prompts God has prov... more

  • Jesus as Healer: Miracles and Meditations in Luke

    by AmyLu Riley
    Look Into the Face of the One Who Can Heal Anything Explore with wide-eyed wonder the greatest healing miracles of all time. Walk beside the most successful healer who ever lived, Jesus, and be transformed by his words and actions. •Find out the one thing that amazed Jesus—something you can still have today. •Uncover the only obstacle that ever got in Jesus’ way—and that might be in your way, too. •Learn Jesus’ cure for a fatal condition only he has healed—a solution that can save yo... more