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  • Faith in the Mountain Valley

    by Misty M. Beller
    This epic journey is the only way to leave her secrets behind. After eleven years spent looking for the girl who stole his heart, Jean-Jacques Baptiste—better known as French to his friends—is tempted to give up. Until the day he spotted the flaxen-haired stranger traveling the wooded path with Blackfoot Indians. He never imagined he’d find his childhood friend masquerading as a man in this Rocky Mountain wilderness, hundreds of miles from the Canadian town where he last saw her. No matter he... more
  • Revelation!

    by Jane McCabe
    REVELATION! The Single Story of Divine Prophecy to Abraham and His Descendants?the Jews, Christians and Muslims tells the story of prophecy as ONE story, recognizing Mohammad as a prophet in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and comparing stories from the Koran with their biblical versions.

    by Alison Alverson
    Understanding the way your chakra works can change your life… But how can you awaken your inner chakra? What are the chakra steps to achieving peak physical and mental health? Welcome to the ultimate guide of self- healing through the world of energy! Embark on a journey to tap into the chakra that lies within us all. Learn how to find your dedicated chakra altar, harmonize with your life force, and ease the physical pains and emotional turbulence that hinder your spiritual awakening! ... more
  • Chakra Healing For Beginners (1)

    by Alison Alverson
    In a universe made of energy... you control your own is essential. Are you ready to expand your health and happiness? To awaken, one must understand the power of the chakras. To heal one's mind, body, and spirit, one must align them. The wonders of a quiet mind allow anyone to achieve a level of joy and abundance they never knew existed. This journey will change your life. You'll learn: ◆ Ancient Medicine and the Use of Chakras ◆ Secret and Powerful Healing Techniques... more
  • The Art of Being Alive

    by Suzette McIntyre
    The Art of Being Alive is a brilliantly illustrated photo essay, enriched with powerful insights and guidance on living life with more vibrancy and purpose.
  • Letting Go

    by T. C. Bartlett
    The last leaf of autumn refuses to fall and must deal with the frightening aspect of facing the unknown when letting go.
  • Christianity in Plain Language

    by Average Joe Speaks

    Whether there is a God or not is not a hard question for logical people. Today, most people still believe this universe could not have created itself out of nothing. The bigger question is Jesus and whether or not he is who he claimed to be. Is it all just wishful thinking by a strange sect of people who must have greater meaning to their lives? There is a trail of logic to follow and we don't need the "geniuses" of our world to show us the way. We only need the courag... more

  • Accidental Blessing

    by K.A. White
    Accidental Blessing tells the fascinating story of the life of a young professional that was forever changed with one night’s encounter with a mysterious visitor. The life and death struggles that ensued coupled with the loss of almost a decade of productive life. It is a story of loss, brokenness, healing, and a mighty God who enshrouds us in His grace and carries us even the dark moments of our lives.
  • My Daddy's Workbook, "Running Your Race"

    by Regina Ross
    My Daddy’s Workbook is a hands-on workbook that has examples of solutions to different problems some parents may encounter. The Workbook, allows dads and moms to get fresh ideas on how to connect or reconnect with their children through different activities outlined in each chapter. Every chapter has a space to write answers to different scenarios and can be used as a reference as family connections are being made.
  • My Daddy's Handbook, "Pathway to the Father", Second Edition

    by Regina E. Ross
    My Daddy’s Handbook, “Pathway to the Father” Second Edition is a resource for parenting to help dads be more involved in their children’s lives. There are real-life stories about the author and her dad written in such a way to captivate any audience. This book will make you smile, laugh or cry as you go through each chapter.
  • Sparkle & Shine: 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.s to Brighten Your Day and Lighten Your Way

    by Meg Nocero
    Sparkle & Shine is a handbook that sets out to inspire the reader to embrace their magic within through the practice of M.A.N.T.R.A.s, or reinforced positive affirmations. This book offers a supplement to the wisdom in my guide, the award-winning The Magical Guide to Bliss, Daily Key to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit & Inner Bliss; it keeps the reader moving forward on their hero’s journey with daily tools to help with their amazing transformation. With this, get ready to add a meditative mantra pra... more
  • Vision and Dreams

    by Kenneth Powe
    What are visions? What are dreams? What does the Bible say about them? What does the church tell us to believe? What if dreams are messages from God expressed in symbols that we have to rightly decipher? What if dreams are actually figments of our own imagination expressing our own fears and desires and nothing more? Are divine visions in the Bible actually just hallucinations? Can scientific research provide a possible answer? For centuries, there have been conflicting and shifting views about ... more
  • Come Climb Toward God

    by Marianna W. Albritton
    Are you hungry to develop a relationship with God? Are you hungry to hear God speak to you? Are you hungry to know God's callings? Are you hungry to respond to God's callings? Then this book is written for you. Throughout my years of teaching the Bible, I've taught to the "one". So, I'm writing to the one who has a hunger to understand the callings of God and to develop a great relationship with Him. From the time I gave my life to Jesus, there has been a compulsion to know Jesus as a real perso... more
  • Sabbath Economics

    by Judith Favor
    In Sabbath Economics, Judith Favor offers inventive ideas to support readers in exploring new approaches to old difficulties. Contemplative money management involves a shift from head-centered control to soul-centered attentiveness. Calling upon the Inner Guide is an art anyone can learn, for all of us know the power of meaning and purpose when it touches us. Stories explore themes of slowing, owing, owning, consuming, sharing, neighboring and belonging. Practices support us in giving fuller att... more
  • Healing the Wounded Soul

    by Arline Westmeier
    The eidetic memories of our traumatic experiences remain recorded like unresolved “videos” in our conscious and unconscious memory. These memories of traumatic experiences influence our lives and families by projecting their pain onto our daily experiences. No parents can fully meet their children’s basic needs to receive love, pardon, protection and praise. This causes varying degrees of feelings of inferiority, which we try to compensate with equal degrees of superiority through such things as... more