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  • Deep Living with the Enneagram, Revised & Updated

    by Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD
    Deep Living with the Enneagram reveals how we unknowingly avoid vulnerable aspects of ourselves, relying instead on familiar personality patterns that distance us from our deepest nature. As a result, rather than experiencing ourselves as whole and integral to the fabric of life we feel separate, even from ourselves. Drawing on the sacred psychology of the Enneagram and the power of presence, this book guides us in recovering more of who we really are. With compassion, wisdom, and practical ins... more
  • El Duro Trato

    by David Tucker y Burton Spivak
    ?El Duro Trato? describe con gran detalle y con una prosa elegante el conflicto de voluntades entre un padre famoso y su ambicioso hijo mediano. Richard Tucker, el estelar tenor estadounidense de la época dorada del Metropolitan Opera, exigía que su hijo se convirtiera en cirujano. Rechazando los deseos de su padre, David quería seguir los pasos de este hacia el escenario de la ópera. Su batalla sobre el futuro de David ? por turnos hilarante y humillante, sabio y adorable ? se juega en espacios... more
  • From Stroke to Recovery: My Walk with God

    by Ms. Kim Blackwell
    this book is for anyone who has suffered a severe illness, catastrophic injury, caretakers, family members and anyone who cannot work again. it is about a 51-year-old active, independent, healthy, Christian woman who was doing what she loved running a art business and working for a travel company. On October 8, 2008 she suffered a massive stroke that would change her life forever. The word recovery represents not just getting back her physical body but obtaining the things she would need to get ... more
  • Buddha is a Greeter at Walmart: Using Zen in Everyday Life

    by Kris Neely
    The idea is simple—everyday items and situations as sources of Zen insight. From a junk drawer to a butterfly. From Ginger Rogers to Colonel Mustard. We’re surrounded by items and situations which teach Zen—if we just take the time to see. Zen is a perfect antidote to the noise and untruths of daily life. Yet for many people, Zen is something that requires rigorous study, years of solitary meditation, dressing in odd garb, and quoting Buddha. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyday... more
  • Workbook Companion for The Full Armor of God: Are You Sure You Got Dressed Today?

    by Crista Crawford
    The Workbook Companion for The Full Armor of God: Are You Sure You Got Dressed Today deepens your understanding of just how important it is to fully dress each morning in the protection and love of Christ. You were not left defenseless on this side of heaven, but many of us leave our homes each day oblivious to the landmines that are waiting.
  • The Full Armor of God: Are You Sure You Got Dressed Today?

    by Crista Crawford
    Tired of wondering when the onslaught of battles you face daily will ease up? Do you feel as soon as you overcome one hurdle, another one is just up ahead? God did not leave you on this side of Eden to succumb to the worries and fears our broken world throws at you daily. He provides specific gear to battle through these storms while still feeling unimaginable joy.
  • Reimagining Christmas: Discoveries of a Christmas Self

    by Laura Keller-Wolff
    What is hidden within the traditions of Christmas, buried underneath the glitz and frenzied demands of the season? Year after year we go through the motions. When—if ever—do we stand back, allowing the magic of this beautiful season to claim us? Over twelve years of stepping back, Laura Keller-Wolff refocused thought, energy and obligations, settling over time into a depth of imagination, reclaiming the heart and soul of Christmas in her life. She questioned traditions, welcomed the voices of... more
  • Return to Shandalee: 1969 and The Summer of Love

    by JF Krizan

    After graduation from Ridgewood High School in 1969, Chris Bronson takes a summer job as a kitchen boy at Shandalee, the United Christian Women’s Association girl's sleep away camp in the Catskill Mountains. His plan, after he turns eighteen in September, is to postpone college and enlist in the Army. Annie may change all that! A camper two years younger, bursts into his life and becomes his best friend. Will she be enough to make a difference in his private world? That may happen w... more

  • Crystal Healing Training Workshop

    by Cara E. Moore
    Crystal Healing is about healing the etheric body which is the source of any imbalances that may manifest themselves in the physical body. An important aspect of this balance maintenance is keeping the flow of energy moving through the Chakra System. Various meditations, vibration frequencies and colour of gemstones can help with this process. This 5 Lesson course explains the chakra system in relationship to mind, body and spirit, what crystals are helpful in the process and how to use them. Ce... more
  • [(Crystal Healing andamp; the Chakra System)] [By (author) Cara E Moore] published on (March, 2009)

    by Cara E. Moore
    Crystal Healing & The Chakra System Ebook by Cara E. Moore, BSYA (Crys.) (Herb.) is about crystal healing using the Chakra System and includes identification pictures and descriptions of crystals, using the pendulum and crystal healing grids as well as meditations with crystals.
  • Magical Oils & Incense Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Magical Oils & Incense Workshop Journal is a resource for making your own incense and magical oils for rituals and spell casting with the natural magical order of combining colors, days, elements, intentions and the planets. This helps to bring about better magical workings with more healing and empowering results. Sections on celebrating the Celtic Wheel of the Year Festivals are also included.
  • Angel Ritual Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Angel Ritual Workshop Journal facilitates working magically with your Angels for better health and wellbeing for yourself and for sharing with others. Angel magic rituals are included for working with the seasons and for higher advanced rituals of aspecting Angel qualities with the help of your guardian Angel and Archangel Watchtowers. Work with the Angel of Harmony & Love for better relationships with yourself and others, the Angel of Prosperity and Abundance for using resources for the highest... more
  • Dragon Magic Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Dragon Magic Workshop working with Elemental Dragons, Earth, Fire, Water and Air and how to work with a Dragon Mentor to become a Dragon Sorcerer. Spells for love, money, protection as well as weather witching with Air Dragons. Illustrations of Dragons by author Cara E. Moore.
  • Going Against the Tide: Prophetically

    by Walter Madenford
    Of all the biblical doctrines to be searched out, eschatology is, by far, the most complex. There are seven principal views, five involving a rapture at some point and two rejecting the idea together. This book is written from the pre-tribulation rapture viewpoint. It is not so much a defense of this view as it is an assessment of the multitude of events, and meanings (or purposes) of these events. it is the author's persuasion that there should be many corrections made. not the framework but to... more