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  • Reimagining Christmas: Discoveries of a Christmas Self

    by Laura Keller-Wolff
    What is hidden within the traditions of Christmas, buried underneath the glitz and frenzied demands of the season? Year after year we go through the motions. When—if ever—do we stand back, allowing the magic of this beautiful season to claim us? Over twelve years of stepping back, Laura Keller-Wolff refocused thought, energy and obligations, settling over time into a depth of imagination, reclaiming the heart and soul of Christmas in her life. She questioned traditions, welcomed the voices of... more
  • Return to Shandalee: 1969 and The Summer of Love

    by JF Krizan

    After graduation from Ridgewood High School in 1969, Chris Bronson takes a summer job as a kitchen boy at Shandalee, the United Christian Women’s Association girl's sleep away camp in the Catskill Mountains. His plan, after he turns eighteen in September, is to postpone college and enlist in the Army. Annie may change all that! A camper two years younger, bursts into his life and becomes his best friend. Will she be enough to make a difference in his private world? That may happen w... more

  • Crystal Healing Training Workshop

    by Cara E. Moore
    Crystal Healing is about healing the etheric body which is the source of any imbalances that may manifest themselves in the physical body. An important aspect of this balance maintenance is keeping the flow of energy moving through the Chakra System. Various meditations, vibration frequencies and colour of gemstones can help with this process. This 5 Lesson course explains the chakra system in relationship to mind, body and spirit, what crystals are helpful in the process and how to use them. Ce... more
  • [(Crystal Healing andamp; the Chakra System)] [By (author) Cara E Moore] published on (March, 2009)

    by Cara E. Moore
    Crystal Healing & The Chakra System Ebook by Cara E. Moore, BSYA (Crys.) (Herb.) is about crystal healing using the Chakra System and includes identification pictures and descriptions of crystals, using the pendulum and crystal healing grids as well as meditations with crystals.
  • Magical Oils & Incense Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Magical Oils & Incense Workshop Journal is a resource for making your own incense and magical oils for rituals and spell casting with the natural magical order of combining colors, days, elements, intentions and the planets. This helps to bring about better magical workings with more healing and empowering results. Sections on celebrating the Celtic Wheel of the Year Festivals are also included.
  • Angel Ritual Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Angel Ritual Workshop Journal facilitates working magically with your Angels for better health and wellbeing for yourself and for sharing with others. Angel magic rituals are included for working with the seasons and for higher advanced rituals of aspecting Angel qualities with the help of your guardian Angel and Archangel Watchtowers. Work with the Angel of Harmony & Love for better relationships with yourself and others, the Angel of Prosperity and Abundance for using resources for the highest... more
  • Dragon Magic Workshop Journal

    by Cara E. Moore
    Dragon Magic Workshop working with Elemental Dragons, Earth, Fire, Water and Air and how to work with a Dragon Mentor to become a Dragon Sorcerer. Spells for love, money, protection as well as weather witching with Air Dragons. Illustrations of Dragons by author Cara E. Moore.
  • Going Against the Tide: Prophetically

    by Walter Madenford
    Of all the biblical doctrines to be searched out, eschatology is, by far, the most complex. There are seven principal views, five involving a rapture at some point and two rejecting the idea together. This book is written from the pre-tribulation rapture viewpoint. It is not so much a defense of this view as it is an assessment of the multitude of events, and meanings (or purposes) of these events. it is the author's persuasion that there should be many corrections made. not the framework but to... more
  • The Journey: A Traveling Companion Through the New Testament

    by Debbie Johnson

    “The Journey” is approximately 300 entries covering the New Testament of the Bible. They are written with a travel/backpacking theme, each entry culminating with a word or two that capture the essence or key idea of the passage. Each is called that entry’s “Item in the Backpack.” Written with the angst and honesty of a fellow pilgrim on this journey called life, I nevertheless wanted the book to be theologically accurate, so I had the book read by Dr. William Kle... more

  • Cali Girl, How Did You Make It in the Treacherous Streets of Detroit?

    by Tianna Jones
    Cali Girl how did you make it in the Treacherous Streets of Detroit" is a remarkable true story of a woman growing from her past negative circumstances and coming to realize her protector was the Lord. This heartfelt story helps show the world the hard reality of life and how choices impact your future. Going through the twists and turns of author Jones' autobiography has helped open opportunities for other women to express themselves.
  • Aim Higher: Turning the Storms of My Past into My Biggest Accomplishments

    by Haifa Blanchard
    A near-death experience at the age of eight would be only the first challenge Haifa Blanchard would face, and over time, she learned we all have two choices: We can wallow in negative emotions or we can rise above them. In Aim Higher, Haifa reveals the challenging life events that led her to rock bottom, the inward journey that she embarked on to rebuild her faith and life, and the meaningful lessons she learned along the way. Join the author as she shares how we can all take control of our live... more
  • Spiritual Boot Camp for Creators & Dreamers: Encouragement, Inspiration & Basic Training to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

    by Tom English and Wilma Espaillat English
    Smart strategies and spiritual secrets for achieving your dreams! Are you a creative person? Do you have grand goals and high hopes? Are you chasing a seemingly impossible dream? More importantly, do you have what it takes? To fight fear, failure, and rejection? To weather the storms of life, defeat disappointment, and seize the day? To overcome all of the obstacles on the road to your destiny? To stay the course, no matter how tough things get, or how long the journey takes? Welcome to Spiritua... more
  • Naked Eye-Opener To Reach the Dream You Must Forget About It

    by Gisela Hausmann
    Most everybody wants to reach a dream goal and only few do; but do we even know what defines a dream? And, what do super achievers like J.K. Rowlings, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg do differently than the rest of us? While “Naked Eye-Opener’s” first edition answered these core questions, in 2017, there was no option to offer a realistic pathway to success for all readers/people, regardless of their talents and fields of expertise. Not totally surprising but still somewhat unexpectedly, i... more
  • Mind to Mind Conversation: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

    by Denis Hachey
    Do you ever feel like you could do more with your life, but you don't know where to start? In this inspiring fiction, you will meet David, a young boy, who struggles to keep his life on track, and often blames it on his family circumstances. He is born in a rather poor family and holds his family background somehow responsible for everything wrong in life. Holding his innate circumstances responsible for every problem, David gradually develops a negative mindset that tends to make him beli... more
  • Common Stones

    by Alicia Smith
    Alicia M. Smith's quest was to speak to people who understood struggle and loneliness--but who could also share their stepping stones toward higher ground. The moments shared by these individuals are humbling, to say the least: ~A life-altering car accident; ~A woman's quest to escape addiction and life under a bridge; ~A nurtured passion, years of hard work and memories, stolen by Hurricane Katrina; ~A late-night phone call, notifying a woman that the police may have found her husband's ... more
  • The Tao Teh King for Awakening: A Practical Commentary on Lao Tzu's Classic Exposition of Taoism

    by Abbot George Burke

    With penetrating insight, Abbot George Burke illumines the the wisdom of Lao Tzu’s classic writing, the Tao Teh King (Tao Te Ching), and the timeless practical value of China's most beloved Taoist scripture for spiritual seekers. With a unique perspective of a lifetime of study and practice of both Eastern and Western spirituality, Abbot George mines the treasures of the Tao Teh King and presents them in an easily intelligible fashion for those wishing to put these priceless teachin... more