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  • Radical Wisdom

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    This luminously written volume is a wonderful resource for women and men to reclaim their spiritual lives. Radical Wisdom introduces the concept of via feminina (way of the feminine) and the importance of gender in the spiritual life. Drawing especially on the mysticism of Julian of Norwich and Teresa of Avila, Beverly Lanzetta lays out the contemplative process used to achieve their highest spiritual potential and to break through the “dark night of the feminine.” She also investigates how unju... more
  • The Other Side of Nothingness: Toward a Theology of Radical Openness

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    From the mystic’s experience of nothingness and the desert, The Other Side of Nothingness offers a theology of humility sensitive to religious pluralism and to the pain of spiritual oppression. With a passionate concern for contemporary interreligious issues, Beverly J. Lanzetta provides insight into how mystical consciousness overturns claims of dogmatic truth and prepares the self to experience the radical openness of divinity.
  • 40-Day Journey with Joan Chittister

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    40-Day Journey with Joan Chittister is designed to draw the reader into a contemplative reflection on the wisdom of Benedictine sister Joan Chittister. Each of the forty days of meditation begins with a selection from Sister Joan’s spiritual writings, followed by a Biblical passage, as well as questions for further reflection and original prayers written by the editor, Beverly Lanzetta. An international figure, Sister Joan has been recognized for her spiritual wisdom and her commitment to peace,... more
  • Nine Jewels of Night: One Soul's Journey into God

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    Nine Jewels of Night is a profoundly moving personal account of theologian and spiritual teacher Beverly Lanzetta’s search for a new expression of the eternal quest for truth. With open-hearted storytelling, she chronicles her growing restlessness to answer a spiritual call until on a gorgeous autumn day, in her twenty-ninth year, she is converted by a series of revelations beyond the boundaries of established religions to the one reality at the heart of all religions, and to an entirely singula... more
  • Path of the Heart: A Spiritual Guide to Divine Union

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    Path of the Heart is a modern spiritual classic, and the first written account of the life-changing mystical revelations of divine suffering and divine love that Beverly Lanzetta experienced in 1976. Completed in 1984, and published in 1985, the text describes the interior process of mystical intimacy or union, combining insights from her own transformation with those she witnessed in the souls of people who came to her for spiritual guidance. Now published in a new expanded edition with Be... more
  • Emerging Heart: Global Spirituality and the Sacred

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    Highlighting pioneers of global spirituality such as Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Abraham Heschel, Mohandas Gandhi, Howard Thurman, Bede Griffiths, and Dorothy Day, Emerging Heart shows how a variety of religious traditions emerge from and converge on a divine nature and mystic quality that creates a loving heart. Lanzetta first describes this phenomenon in her own experience and then elaborates on that mystical core, the notion of the divine, the new shape of interreligious dialogue, pioneer... more
  • Awakening the Good in Humanity: Ending Violence Forever

    by Michael Lanfield
    How can we support a system of violence and expect to live in peace and harmony? Since infancy, we’ve been heavily conditioned by our culture, believing that we’re living healthy, normal, and natural lives. Everywhere around us, there is violence. People all over are partaking in this and think nothing of it. For years and decades, like robots, we have followed orders, rituals, and belief systems and think that it must be right because it is legal. This has been the case for millennia, so ... more
  • Creating a Beautiful World

    by Michael Lanfield
    The book that will save your life and heal the Earth! 2nd Edition - rewritten, expanded, and updated, and with nearly 50 full hi-resolution colour images, Creating a Beautiful World teaches us why and how a path to Eden Fruitarian has the ability to transform this world into an Earthly utopian paradise. It shows us that with acts of compassion and love, we can heal ourselves, live in harmony with each other and nature, and create communities of caring and kindness for all.
  • Return to the Gentle Sea: For the Love That Lives in Everyone

    by Michael Lanfield
    Return to the Gentle Sea: For the Love That Lives in Everyone is a book on spiritual healing and cultural transformation about the truth of our relationship with other animals. It is not a book telling people what to do, but rather to awaken us to our natural wisdom and compassion for all life. How can we live in harmony with each other when we torture and consume other innocent beings we share this world with? Do we want to live in peace with love and compassion for everyone? Why do we ravage a... more
  • Our Path to Freedom: How We Can Live Freer and More Peaceful Life

    by Michael Lanfield
    In this defining self-help and informational guide, Michael Lanfield explains how corrupt our lives and culture are, and sets the facts straight, politically correct or not. This is a must-have book for those who are struggling in various areas of their lives through poor health and dietary choices, stress, anger, fear, depression, anxiety, money management and financial troubles, personal and romantic relationship issues, so we can truly become better and happier people.
  • The Lost Love

    by Michael Lanfield
    At the core of our being, lies the heart. The heart is what contains human emotion, including love and compassion. Though humanity wants world peace, we can’t seem to live peacefully amongst one another. Religious institutions, schools and educational systems, military and governments have done little to nothing to end the violence. Love is the solution, yet we continue to justify the violence. Why is this? The Lost Love examines why we lost our innate love for all life, and what we can do to re... more
  • The Interconnectedness of Life

    by Michael Lanfield
    We need to realize that we are interconnected with one another and that we depend on one another for survival. We must love one another unconditionally to survive. Love not only includes humans but all beings. No one is ever excluded, as unconditional love means, by definition, that there are no conditions when it comes to whom or what we love. The Interconnectedness of Life explores humanity's transformation fro living by killing into living by loving. If we want to live in a more harmonious, l... more
  • Unraveling Fairy Tales - Bible Study Book: Learning to Live Happily Ever After

    by Kim A. Larson
    Living happily ever after isn’t reserved for fairy tales or the afterlife. It’s for us—today! God wants us to live abundant, productive, and happy lives. Yet, it’s not always easy when we live in an imperfect, sin-ravaged world. How is happily ever after possible? In this 10-session study, you’ll learn God’s how-to answers. Each story highlights a common problem hindering our happiness. Through Bible stories, spiritual principles and insights, and personal examples, Unraveling Fairy Tal... more
  • New Proof of God & Satan

    by James L. Ryave
    This nonfiction book provides new proof of God & Satan, including the first photograph of Satan derived through God’s ingenious plan. It includes practical guidance for how to protect yourself and others against evil as well as approaches to addressing current global problems (prevent nuclear war, eradicate racism and xenophobia, reduce gun violence, improve law enforcement and community relations, reduce substance abuse, prevent suicide, etc.). Join the author on a triumphant adventure overco... more
  • 978-0-9657389-2-7

    by Sylvia Bambola
    The Coming Deception: What everyone needs to know about the dangers ahead What’s going on in the world? Why does it seem like everything is going downhill? How did we get here? And what does our future look like? Are there “invisible” hands behind a curtain pulling the strings? How does God figure into it? How does man? Or Satan? Knowing how it all started can give us a clearer picture and make it easier to understand why we are in this state and where we are headed next.
  • A Gem of Worth

    by Mary L. Ball
    Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews’ was fitted with a breastplate created from twelve magnificent stones. These gems connect to our Birthstones. The spiritual meaning of these stones, and their colors, hold an insight to your aspirations and believing in all God has in store for you. What does your birth month reveal? Bonus; Flowers and meanings.