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  • A Holy Haunting: Why Faith Isn't a Leap But a Series of Staggers from One Safe Place to Another

    by Sam D. Kim

    What if we've been looking at faith all wrong? What if faith is not a mere byproduct of cultural factors, but an echo resounding from eternity? Atheists like Richard Dawkins often mock prayer, equating it to calling upon a fairy in the sky. This misunderstanding pervades western society, criticizing those that practice traditional faith as out of touch. In A Holy Haunting, Dr. Sam D. Kim interacts with this perception of faith and challenges readers to look at faith another... more

  • A Temple of Her Own: Unfiltered Confessions of One Woman's Self-Love Adventure

    by Kori Hahn
    A Temple of Her Own is a treasure map for the soul, guiding readers through the mystical landscapes of India, Sri Lanka and Bali while learning the basics of sacred feminism. As Kori pops in and out of the temples dedicated to the Hindu goddesses, she discovers the art of self-love and empowerment in the most unexpected places. With unflinching honesty and a contagious sense of humor, Kori guides us through the turbulent waters of divorce, depression and life's myriad disappointments. Each ch... more
  • A Better Man, Husband, Father

    by Joe Miller

    Inspiring Men to Lead with Love, Integrity, and Purpose.
    A Better Man, Husband, Father is a book to help men to recognize their yearnings to be better as men, to be a better husband, and to be a better father. This book will help them grasp the idea that becoming a better man is a life-long process.
    A Better Man, Husband, Father is a collection of short stories from the author's life that all tie into les... more

  • Dog Walk Talk

    by Joe Miller

    In the quiet moments of contemplation, we often find ourselves confronting profound questions that linger in the depths of our souls.

    Have you, in those reflective moments we all experience, ever wondered:

    Why do I sometimes feel I have 'that empty spot' in my heart?
    Why do I do things that I really don't want to do?
    Why don't I consistently do the things that I know I should do?
    Am I somehow 'off' a bit?
    ... more

  • Dr.

    by Paul J. Hudson
    The major premise of Healthcare and the Mission of God is that anchoring healthcare ministry's purpose in the mission of God enables workers to serve with joy. Today’s medical training and modern culture promote a mechanistic view of humankind, divorcing the body from the soul. A Biblical worldview enables healthcare professionals to treat the whole person, created for the purposes of God. Aligning the purpose of healthcare ministry with the mission of God frees people from both a culture-bo... more
  • What's GOOD About TODAY?

    by Christopher Cochran
    This book represents our captivating journey through Christian’s short, though extraordinary life, spanning a mere 23 years. In that time, he fearlessly confronted terminal cancer with his unwavering spirit, boundless wisdom, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of diverse spiritual perspectives. I hope to offer some insight to guide your questions, assist with overcoming challenges, cultivate resilience, and foster a sense of acceptance. I would like to help you embrace positivity, nav... more
  • Let Go!

    by Rachel Jobe

    Are you weighed down, burnt out, and yearning for a more fulfilling spiritual life?

    Do you find it challenging to reconcile Scripture's promises of breakthrough and victory to the real-world issues you're facing? In Let Go!, Rachel Jobe weaves Biblical teaching with powerful testimonies of God's intervention in her personal life as well as her work as a missionary. Each chapter explores a different area in which the Lord desires to extend transformational breakthrou... more

  • Notes from Planet Widow

    by Gwen Suesse
    Planet Widow: Finding My Way After Loss is the story of how a grieving woman painstakingly found her way through the alien territory of widowhood. Life was rolling along largely in the way my husband and I expected it would. Ups and downs here and there, for sure, but basically on a mostly predictable trajectory. But on an August day I will never forget, our normalcy vaporized with the sudden death of my beloved husband. Boom! Without warning, I landed on Planet Widow, an utterly barren lan... more
  • She Sweeps Her Dirt: Having A Grateful Heart

    by Tracy Adams

    Book Synopsis:
    Discover how having a grateful heart can strengthen your relationship with Christ and bring a little bit of Heaven to Earth. "She Sweeps Her Dirt" is a literary work that includes 186 passages to help you journey towards a grateful heart and overcome barriers to gratitude. The author has done an excellent job of exploring the deeper meaning of many of these passages, often by studying the original Hebrew and Greek texts.
    During a mission tr... more

  • Prayerful Warrior Mom: Embracing Faith Through the Storms of Your Child's Congenital Heart Journey

    by Tracy A. Ripley

    "Prayerful Warrior Mom: Embracing Faith through the Storms of Your Child's Congenital Heart Journey" by Tracy A. Ripley is a deeply moving and practical guide for mothers facing the heart-wrenching reality of a child's congenital heart defect. Tracy Ripley, drawing from her own profound experiences, interlaces a narrative that combines personal storytelling with spiritual guidance, aiming to provide solace and strength to mothers facing similar challenges.... more

  • Following the Light: A Guide in Practical Theology

    by REV Kenneth D Klaman

    "FOLLOWING THE LIGHT" is a guide in practical theology. Theology pertains to the field of study and analysis that examines the God-consciousness: its attributes and relationship to the universe. Included in this book are examples of divine happenings, which establish religious truths or enlightenment. Finally, this book discusses how "FOLLOWING THE LIGHT" can help enrich our understanding of Theology as it applies to our daily lives. "FOLLOWING THE LIGHT" describ... more

  • And...So We Walked: The Inspirational Story of a Couple's Walk Across America

    by Rick and Jane McKinney

    This is the story of two very unlikely people God asked to walk across America. They were to walk from one side of the country to the other, in every conceivable kind of weather, facing what seemed like insurmountable odds, taking every step together and accomplishing it in just six months. Starting in Los Angeles, California, and ending on the Supreme Court steps, 2770 miles later, Rick and Jane McKinney shared their faith, prayed for their nation, and, most importantly, had their lives tran... more

  • Champions of Enlightenment

    by Archimysticus
    Archimysticus' book 'Champions of Enlightenment' discusses the spirituality of some of the most famous thinkers of world history, like Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Alan Watts, Osho, Etty Hillesum, Aldous Huxley, Ken Wilber and many more. Some you might know already. Others will be new to you. But what all these thirty thinkers in this volume have in common is their ecstatic love for the Divine. This love may prove to be very contagious!
  • Bereshit

    by Nora Goddess
    Goddess invites the reader into her world and shares her unique views on God, Satan, and other topics.
  • Rebranding The Church

    by Peder Tellefsdal
    Why do Church leaders and Christian organizations struggle to connect with modern audiences? Where once the church was a cornerstone of local communities, today many people believe it is irrelevant or out of touch. And so, church leaders are now stuck between a warped public perception and the true message of the Gospel. If you care about the Christian message today, it is hard not to feel discouraged. But what if we look at this all wrong? What if the problem isn’t that people don’... more
  • Journey to Joy: From Spiritual Rigidity to Freedom

    by Ronald (Al) & Louise Rauckhorst
    Start with a man motivated by fear, hemmed in by rules and regulations, knowing his obligations, but not aware of his feelings, with an eye strictly focused on an uncertain future of heavenly happiness. Where is this man really going and where will he end up? Only when he questioned the rules, rebelled, and set off on his own path did he begin to become free enough to grow and become more fully human. "Journey to Joy" takes you on a walk with him on his spiritual path to freedom and joy.