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  • Faith at Hand: Finding My Way to Depth Journaling

    by Barclay Braden PhD
    In a labyrinth of midlife identity challenges, entering a new profession and a new marriage after the age of forty, I found myself yearning for both greater understanding and deeper connection. As a traditionally trained psychologist, I was surprised to be venturing into an unfamiliar field of spiritual awareness. My ultimate discovery, Depth Journaling, utilizes nondominant-hand writing for a profound method of written self-inquiry. Engaging both hands and both sides of the brain reveals new in... more
  • When Saved Men Sin

    by T Brooks
    Phones were ringing about the Men's Conference of the year at Out The Way For God Church, and inquiring minds wanted to know why SHE was preaching a Men's Conference sponsored by newly appointed Pastor, Claudelle Cheesecake. What everyone didn't know was God was getting ready to break up a spiritual gang and Bishop Steps, the "I'll only preach Holiness" preacher, and a group of 6 clergies was the jackhammer that was going to break it up! Hands and hats are getting ready to fly!
  • A Thankya Don'T Cost Ya' Nothin' 2

    by T Brooks
    Veronica was in the hospital waiting room nursing a cold cup of coffee. She had no words, they were a big blob of jumbo thoughts in her mind, but she couldn't formulate them into sentences to verbally say or make them coherent thoughts. "Roni?" Kiesha softly called from the entrance of the waiting room. Veronica raised her weary head and opened her cried out red-stained eyes. Kiesha confidently walked over and hugged Veronica while warmly smiling at her play sister. Grabbing her hands, she sa... more
  • A Thankya Don't Cost Ya Nothin

    by T Brooks
    The musicians were on Fiyaaa this morning! Everyone was on their feet clapping, singing, waving their hands and giving God due praise. The praise and worship team was singing so hard I thought the Angels were going to come down and take them to heaven. I looked around the sanctuary and smiled. I loved my church. I had been a member for a few years and yes, most churches had its issues but I really loved my church. As the music got quiet and worship ended one of the Deacons stood to testify. ... more
  • How to Keep Your Mind While Everyone Else's Is Being Blown Apart by the Land Mines of Life

    by Eddie Naylor
    The dawn of twenty-first century has brought with it numerous technological advancements that have made our life better, easier and more productive. In addition to these positive changes, it has also brought many dangerous, risky, challenging, frustrating and stressful new problems with it that are like land mines that are waiting to blow our minds apart. You may be asking, "How is this book different from the other self-help book written?" this book reveals to you the "SECRET UNIQUE INNER POWER... more

    by Devi Nina Bingham

    Readers who loved, “A Course in Miracles,” won’t want to miss Messages From Metatron: A Course in Self-Transformation by Devi Nina Bingham.

  • American Pharisee: Overcoming the Beliefs That Deceive

    by Kevin Hover

    'American Pharisee: Overcoming the Beliefs That Deceive' is a true story about the reality of suffering and the promise of redemption for those who chose to follow Christ in faith.

    The American Dream of happiness, comfort, and success is constantly competing against the believer’s pursuit of Christ. Over time, the believer begins preferring the American Dream over God. Similar to the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, American Pharisees believe they are worshiping God, but in ... more

  • Jesus Throughout Eternity: A Series of Jesus’ Apparitions

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    The Bible teaches us all about Jesus’ life, His ministry, and His Ascension to Heaven.However, that was just the beginning of Jesus’ role.Throughout time, Jesus has appeared to several individuals whether it is through the Eucharist or physically to individuals.Find out which saints had the privilege of witnessing the risen Christ.Plus, you will also discover the many miracles and messages that Jesus delivered though the saints as He continues to guide humanity to Him and the Eternal Father in H... more
  • One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create

    by Erin Werley
    If you could ask your inner voice anything, what would it say? In the summer of 2011, Erin and Phil Werley started having conversations with Erin’s inner voice. Most people would call One Truth, One Law: I Am, I Create a “channeled” book, but the truth is anyone can access this information. Erin’s intention is to show you how to access your own inner voice so you’ll be able to get the answers to your own questions.
  • Finding Hildegard: healing through medieval wisdom

    by Gregg Koskela

    Each day, it seems another Christian institution or leader breaks our trust, raising questions about whether faith is an asset or a liability for living today. After almost three decades as a pastor, Gregg Koskela watched the disillusionment and pain grow as their church community splintered and broke apart. Looking for wisdom and a perspective on faith that has stood the test of time, he found Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)—a remarkable medieval woman who experienced the living vitality of ... more

  • Soul of the Seasons: Creating Balance, Resilience, & Connection by Tapping the Wisdom of the Natural World

    by Melody Harris
    Everyone and everything on this planet journeys through passages of birth and rebirth, maturation, harvest, loss, and death. There are no exceptions. Soul of the Seasons: Creating Balance, Resilience, & Connection by Tapping the Wisdom of the Natural World is a map, a guide for the reader along these highways and byways of life. Based on indigenous plant spirit healing and Five Element medicine (a form of Traditional Chinese medicine), Soul of the Seasons reveals how nature’s seasons and cycl... more
  • Unlimited Life

    by Joseph Matiko
    Would like to publish and sell my book
  • America's Goddess: Who is she? ASIN 1691902608 ISBN: 978-0-9685537-4-9

    by Grace Powers
    When Frederic Bartholdi unveiled his colossal Statue of Liberty in 1886, New Yorkers wanted to know who the masculine looking diva was that reigned over their city. Was she his mother? His wife? His mistress, perhaps? Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Bartholdi was a member of a secretive brotherhood. Both men coded and hid privileged knowledge in their masterpieces. Although Bartholdi took the secret of Lady Liberty's identity to his grave, he hid her name in plain sight. Her name can be found... more

    by Gregory St. James Mundy
    Book Review: I LOVE GOD The book I LOVE GOD by Gregory St. James Mundy may be a controversial book to some. However, everyone will love the beautiful gospel poems that will bring joy to your soul. Great poems talking about Hard Times which we all have encountered sometime during our lives. Poems of losing a love one, like the poem called Death, will bring a tear to anyone’s eye. There are many great poems in the book in the section called Verses. The book is written for all religion... more
  • Steal, Kill & Destroy: A Guide for Today's Christian on How to Disarm the Adversary.

    by Loribel Maldonado
    Steal, Kill & Destroy, a guide that equips today's Christian on how to disarm the adversary, was written with you in mind. Have you ever wondered why you face so much opposition, grief, and strife in different areas of your life? It's because you have an adversary! Together, we will disarm the devil and take back everything that he has stolen.
  • The logic of Srimad Bhagwad Gita: Science of Creations, Spirituality and Humanity

    by Pramendra Srivastava

    The book is probably the first logically analyzed concept of Sanatan Dharma, segregating facts camouflaged in myths. Bhagwad Gita can be said to have three major sections, 1. Creations from unmanifest which exactly matches to sciences, 2. Spirituality, again a metaphysical entity that defines us in our body, 3. The human psyche driven by Satwa Rajas and tamas triguna nature. All these has been discussed in detail, with due references from sciences and logic as needed. Amazing finding... more