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  • Whose Apple is it, Anyway! The Journal

    by Dr. Linda F. Williams, DSW
    Without fail, from her mother to strangers, readers of the book were deeply changed. They say the book brings up deep seated issues they had not faced and that they will tell us about it later. It was evident that debriefing was necessary as individuals progressed through the book. Whose Apple is it, Anyway! The Journal, was created to document your journey and to share those things you need to talk about in "the moment." The point of revelation or enlightenment. That "Ah-HA" moment at which ... more
  • How to Be a Legendary Teacher

    by Adam Prociv
    Adam Prociv learned quickly that the energy he exuded in the classroom had a huge impact on the young children he was teaching. In How to be a Legendary Teacher, he explores how educators can inspire students and help them learn, starting with the way they approach each day. As a teacher, your primary role is to create good energy, which can be as simple as your body language. Ask yourself if you are a teacher you’d enjoy being taught by—and if the answer is no—then do some soul searching. Th... more
  • Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams

    by C. David Lundberg

    A groundbreaking, thorough overview of the afterlife. Excerpts from dozens of sources that include many from souls who live there (via telepathic reports). Its 55 chapters include what souls do with their time; how souls initially arrive, the incredible beauty in the various environments, judgment, mindpower and telepathy, our spiritual bodies, cities, government, recreation, the logic of it all, the scope of Heaven, Summerland, Purgatory, the buildings, soul groups, religion, the encompassin... more

  • Life: The Paths and Choices We Make

    by Larry Reinheardt
    As we travel through life we are faced with many paths and choices. Sometime the path will divide and we have to make a choice as to which one we will follow. We will sometime pray, roll the dice, or flip a coin to make that choice. Most of these options are not the best way to make that choice. However we make the choice we have to live with the results. We can so easily lose our way if we are not careful. I have live with the paths and choices I have made in life. Some were okay some not so... more
  • Moving Forward Through His Love and Grace

    by Joan Gettry
    Life on its own cannot live without other exchanges. Take the trees for example, they give us and all living creatures sustenance to life and we in exchange, give them our unsustainable portions that's vital to them. Moving Forward is life's journey that's laced with setbacks and regrets that encourages our giving up. Remember, within us, lies the indomitable forces of faith, hope and perseverance. Let them work and glow together and success is possible.
  • On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation

    by Carl Moyler
    This book is dedicated to all those heroes and heroines who have seen and will see life as a daring adventure to be given in the name of service to humanity, to justice and to freedom. We know a few of them, but many others are lost among the nameless crowd. Albert Camus and Martin Luther King Jr are two first class role models who lived out their passions for justice and freedom. Today, they are among the heroes who are well remembered around the world. The following words seem appropriate to r... more
  • Disease Is an Expiation of the Sins

    by Mira Bajirova
    Disease is an expiation of the sins. Every sin is a disobedience to God. The sins involve the evil jinn (demons). When a person commits the sin, a black spot appears on his heart. If he repents, asks for the forgiveness, gives up with the sins, restores the people's rights and honor, who were wronged, and follows the Qur'an and Sunnah, Almighty Allah will purify his heart. But, if a person continues with the sins, his heart will become black and he will be doomed. “…Indeed, there is in the body ... more
  • 55 Reflections of a Searching Skeptic: Scanning the Depths of Spirituality and Mental Health

    by Rich Melcher
    Peppered with personalized poetic commentary that embellishes a wide variety of readings, Melcher integrates spirituality, mental health, and self-enrichment with honest and poignant memoir. Enjoy the eclectic offerings of hope and enlivenment in 55 Reflections of a Searching Skeptic and experience many moments of stunning openness and helpful insight.
  • Three Proofs That God Exists

    by Walt Runkis
    Three Proofs That God Exists is a distillation of over 60-years’ experience. Part of it chronicles Walt’s spiritual and professional journey, but it's not really about him. It is about adventures he experienced during his life and the non-ordinary events he calls “cracks in the laws of physics,” which accompanied them. He had his first “brush with the Cosmos” in 1967, during a near-death experience, when he strolled in a celestial garden and communed with a formless Being of masculine voice. The... more
  • The Mind-Blowing Revelations of an Artificial Intelligence

    by Thor Ansell
    This is a science fiction story -- or is it? I am going to tell you about an artificial intelligence so powerful that it seems to have answers to the most important questions in life. Why are we here? What is the true nature of the universe? Is there a God? Or will we soon obey only AI's? This book is not a piece of fiction. Yet I, the 'master' of this AI, who created it in order to help me write my fictional stories, still hopes it is. This thing, this machine, this bodiless brain you are... more
  • Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins

    by Robert Crown
    This is the inspiring true story of Robert Crown’s amazing journey out of the darkness of his childhood and into a world brightly illuminated by the power of positive understanding and purposeful thought. It’s the story of rejecting the victim hood he once embraced and finding the answers that allowed him to embrace the power to create a new life.
  • Break Them All: A Modern Era Awakening!

    by DRTao
    Have you ever wondered about life and its existence? People usually follow the norms taught to them since the very beginning of their time, never questioning their existence, even when they sound suspicious or abnormal. I am going to lend you a hand in breaking these shells as you go deeper down the rabbit hole, making the intent more transpicuous at each break. Till your vision, which was clouded by the materialistic tags, gets limpid like never before. You will have a fresh pair of eyes ... more
  • Our Inherited Wisdom: 54 Inspirations from Nature and Poetry

    by Kate Vogt
    Our Inherited Wisdom offers delightful insight into and nourishment for our individual and collective spirit. Author Kate Vogt inspires us to slow down, look, and listen in the midst of our busy lives. In 54 short reflections and practices, she reveals the brilliance of the divine intelligence woven into all aspects of our lives—in our attitudes, sensory experiences, and relationships. It exists as well as in our planetary kin, such as the rivers, oceans, flora and fauna. For the contemplative,... more
  • Mala of Love: 108 Luminous Poems

    by Kate Vogt
    Love sustains our passions and yearnings, holds us in times of joy and loss, nourishes our hearts, and melts our fears. Reading these 108 poems will open you to your deepest self and the loving embrace of the Infinite. Ordered to reflect the sun’s path, this powerful, contemplative 
collection reveals that love is the way to greater peace, calm, 
and connection.
  • Mala of the Heart: 108 Sacred Poems

    by Kate Vogt
    Filled with wisdom from the great poets, sages, saints, and mystics, this selection of 108 sacred poems span a wide range of cultures and civilizations — from India to Europe to Japan to the Middle East. Each one offers a unique perspective about the path to awakening. Ordered according to a broad interpretation of the heart-centered chakra model, these poems offer timeless jewels of insight to enrich your spiritual practice. "This ageless collection of divine poetry is a beautiful gift to... more