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  • King Here: Never Too Old, Too Rich or Too Anything to Meet Jesus

    by Trish Porter Topmiller

    King Here is the eye-opening true story of God’s unfolding plan to bring a rich man through the “eye of the needle”.

    Trusting God and sharing Jesus with aging parents can be difficult. As Trish Porter Topmiller watched her father’s casket be lowered into the ground, she knew the complicated jigsaw puzzle of his life finally held the missing piece—Jesus. But for years his life seemed as far away from grace, and a believing faith in God, as a person can be. A... more

  • Suppose The Relevance Of Daniel: A Fact or Fiction

    by Bobby James

    Too much to be coincidental.

    Were Daniel's dreams and visions almost 3000 years ago talking about today?

    Not many pages but crammed full of hair-raising comparisons to what the world looks like today.


  • Dispensing Truth: Divine Prescriptions to Restore and Maintain Good Health

    by Dr. Ron Girardin
    “Dispensing Truth” is an eye-opening revelation into the cause of all mankind’s illnesses, but far more importantly it informs the reader of the biblical way of returning to sound health.
  • Effective Prayers: Prayers That Move God's Heart

    by Godwin Arisa
    Supported by Scripture and the experiences of believers, Effective Prayers, Prayers that move God’s heart introduces us to the kind of prayers that bring the truths of God – his absolute authority and powers to deal with oppressive earthly realities in the lives of those who believe. Inspiring confidence in prayer conversation as a key part of the relationship with a loving father, this book also exposes potential pitfalls in this relationship that tend to become obstacles to answered prayers. I... more
  • Heavenly Whispers: How God speaks with us

    by Oteng Montshiti
    God is the creator of the universe. He is perceptive and understanding. To Him, day and night are the same. When he speaks, every opposition blows and the mountains melt like wax. He is constantly speaking to us in every situation. As a believer, don't limit God because He can use anything in his creation to express His will. In this book, we will be talking about the various ways God speaks to us as His children.
  • God's Order of Operations: Spirit Reborn · Soul Restored · Body Recovered

    by Janice Gallop Harper
    Seeking an answer to that age-old question, “Why am I here?” Did you know that God made man to love him? No other reason—no hidden agenda—just to love him? And regardless of what man may or may not do, God doesn’t alter His original intent? He stays focused on showering man with His goodness and securing him in His love? “Some time ago, the LORD appeared to me and told me to say: ... I will always love you; that’s why I’ve been so patient and kind.” — Jeremiah 31:3 CEV Within the pages of thi... more
  • The Inside Hustle: A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure into the Unknown

    by Joanna Walden
    Living through 9/11 in New York, Joanna Walden experienced a moment of clarity, which propelled her to search for something greater than her 9-5 existence. Leaving her successful advertising career on Madison Avenue behind her, Joanna sets off in pursuit of a bigger purpose hiking the Camino de Santiago. Becoming a booze cruise on legs, this adventure is the start of the hilarious comedy of errors that best describes her transformational journey. Seeking her purpose in London, Joanna falls into ... more
  • Renew Transform Repeat

    by Jalesia Packnett
    At some point in our lives, we wonder if we are our best selves. I am sure many of you have felt stuck in discouragement, and hopelessness. You feel like faith is not enough to get you through. Well that is what my uplifting quotes journal, is here to do for you. The key to stay hopeful and keep eternal happiness, by inner transformation to fully renew your mind, heart and spirit. My personal quotes and inspirational messages are to help you strengthen and rebuild your spirit when you need it th... more
  • The MSCP Principle

    by Rene Qian
    The 16-exercise easy to do energy routine revealed in the M.S.C.P., will grant the reader mind clarity awareness; by regulating breathing and posture, awaken hidden creativity talents while reducing stress.
  • The Road to the Cross

    by Susan Mouw
    This book of poems follows the author’s life in Christ, with all the questions, the worries, the trials, and the triumphs. She questions God, waits to hear His answer and then shares both in her search for wisdom.The poems follow her growth in Christ, with the first one, Twenty-five Years, giving her testimony of all the years she was blinded by the lust for things of this world.
  • Today's Decisions

    by Oladipo David
    God made us free moral agents, giving us the power of choice between good and evil. While we can make the decisions we want; unfortunately, we do not have total control of the consequences. And often, those consequences cascade through generations. From the contemporary and biblical examples discussed, we can see that the decisions of yesterday impacts today and today’s decisions will impact tomorrow. Apart from breathing, we do nothing more in our lives than making decisions; this cannot be... more
  • Except the Lord Build the House

    by Norman Eberly
    Millions of dollars have been profited from the popular "Left Behind" novels and their affiliated movies, which are based on the widely accepted belief that the church will be raptured prior to the "Great Tribulation" of the endtime. But is the pretribulation view an accurate account of what the Bible really says? ...or is it merely based on someone's interpretative opinion? In his book, entitled "Except the Lord Build the House: A Biblical Examination of the Return of Jesus Christ and the Raptu... more
  • B0818D32F2

    Every Navy SEAL has one thing in common: they first graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, California. To survive this unnerving training you have to be physically tenacious, mentally robust, and prepared to die, if necessary. Dare to Live Greatly is a powerful uncensored self-help bestseller Christian book about courage, leadership, personal growth and inspirational faith that proves everyone is called to be a victorious warrior in life. No matter how d... more
  • The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose

    by Horace Williams Jr.

    Pain is inevitable. But did you know there is a divine purpose for suffering? The Furnace of Affliction will help those struggling with the "why" of pain find hope. This book will encourage readers to look to God, who is bigger and more significant than any affliction. Horace Williams, Jr., a stroke survivor, well-acquainted with pain, throughout The Furnace of Affliction, blends real stories, practical advice from religious leaders, and biblical truth. Toge... more

  • Neither Do I Condemn You

    by Marie A. Tombow
    This book is based on God’s and my journey together. The only other resources I’ve brought into this was to support what God had already given me. Been there, done that, but didn’t want the t-shirt so to speak. But I’m glad I’ve been there and done that because now I can help someone else who no longer wants to be there doing that.Being the second book in the series, this work is aimed at the families, loved ones, and friends who have gay folks in their midst – as well as the gay folks themselve... more
  • Welcome to the Shivoo!: Creatives Mimicking the Creator

    by Laura Bartnick
    Where does your creativity come from? The Creator's ingenuity is expressed in the ongoing logos inside you. He has chosen to belong in you, thriving in speech, radiant in nature, just and merciful in His law. The logos is expressed in your human gifts, offices, and in the fruits of the Spirit in your community and in you. Because you are created in God’s image and given specific creative gifts and a life of purpose, you are very special to Him. This Creator has a few guidelines to make you... more