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  • A Book of Quotes

    by Maisie Smikle
    A collection of uplifting and inspirational quotes for every day living.
  • Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors: The Legacy of the Jewish Woman

    by Laya Saul
    Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors brings the stories of women of the Bible to life drawing on a spectrum of Jewish sources. Each chapter for each of the women written about brings us relevant lessons for living our best lives today in a section discussing her gifts. Another section "reflections in their mirrors" discusses issues that connect with the women, for example: sexuality, gender roles, reincarnation, nobility, or beauty. From the back cover: You know the story of Cinderella but do ... more
  • The Truth That Lies Within

    by Jonathan Marte'

    The concept of my book is pretty simple; it is about truth and lies. I talk about my experiences that life has taught me, while providing some information through the Word of God. The idea is to have people question whether they have been living a lie or not and to understand their own belief system. This is a book on introspection. There are parts of the book where it leads you to a song title and this is done on purpose. The songs helped me get through my trial, and have a powerful message.... more

  • 3 Strikes You're In

    by Dawn Ezelle
    Life is Like A Baseball Game. I am a sports fan, and I believe like, in sports, life can be a big game. After reading my story, you too will discover the game hidden in your own destiny. I share how bad choices mess up your destiny. I expose corporate games, use examples from pride to purity and teach 3 strategies repositioning you back into the game called life. Are you ready? Let's play baseball
  • The Art of Hitting Home Runs

    by Tyler Cook
    The simple alternative approach for how to hit home runs consistently from the perspective of a former prolific home run hitter. Gain valuable insight into the intricacies of effectively going deep on the regular. Consider the psychology and the inner workings of a home run hitter's mind, spirit and lifestyle. Take into account the vibration and consciousness of a high level home run hitting athlete over the frequently more accepted traditional lifestyles with the effect of achieving beautiful h... more
  • Paul and the Dispersion

    by Richard J. Willoughby Sr.
    PAUL AND THE DISPERSION The Teacher?s Edition Paul and The Dispersion is for Bible students. Maps are provided for students to follow Paul?s journeys to foreign nations. By tracing his land and sea voyages, students will learn the reason why Paul carried Jesus? name to those far off places. Students will discover exactly to whom Paul was sent by Jesus. For example, Paul also evangelized Jews in their synagogues. (Acts 9:20; 17:1,2; Romans 1:16) They were Jews who had scattered from Israel many... more
  • N9ne: It Gets Easier

    by Crystal Porter-Bazemore, Bryana Holcomb

    N9NE started as an experiment that led us on a journey to discovering the life we were meant to live and living it unapologetically; not finished, not perfect, not famous but beautifully our own.  We opened our hearts.  Wrote in voices only reserved for God.  Communed with one another.  And let go of our plans, trusting that God’s will was greater than our own.  And it was!  This book is our proof.  He moved us beyond our limits on a journey to N9NE wh... more

  • Before Success: The Beginning with No Ending

    by K'BANA BLAQ
    Before Success, a prolific story of freedom, insight, pain and wholesome joy, provides the reader with a point of view containing no filters. This book is designed to be the most honest, profound, and clarifying piece of literature anyone picks up in 2018. Before Success, is revealing, motivating and intriguing. This book serves to inspire growth through tough times, overcoming fears and staying in love with life, while savoring the beauty that each day brings. “This book is the beginning ... more
  • Advancing in Enlightenment: The Crash Course

    by Gail Knox

    Advancing in Enlightenment contains forty-four years of metaphysical study of the most profound channeled teachings from five of America's teachers with the highest integrity. With seven simple chapters, this book combines the wisdom of the ages to master the physical reality that surrounds you to personally improve your life. Spiritual knowledge allows one to manifest the life of one's dreams in balance with inner peace while projecting that peaceful state out to the rest of world.

  • Freedom from the Unconscious: Spiritual Structure of the World & Path to Return to the Source of Creation

    by Sophia Bridge
    Freedom from the Unconscious synthesizes spiritual wisdom from many sources in order to bring clarity and understanding to a complicated spiritual transformational process. It also discusses how to live in balance between the physical and spiritual worlds in your everyday life. In addition, it tries patriarchy, the return of the feminine, and the movement to egalitarianism and its part of the spiritual path to enlightenment for humanity.
  • Saying Thanks and Beyond

    by Ralph Mosgrove
  • Loveletters

    by Scholart Academy

    Loveletters are a curious camp- just Erma’s type. Her fiance, the headstrong Gambian poet is worlds apart but insists they're soulmates. Then one in dozens of teachers at seminary tops them in Loveletterism... and attraction. The kind of soul connection (and eventual heartbreak) is another story. One lesson stands out in this satire about people of Allah: appearances change but love remains.

  • God’s Unreasonable Reasoning

    by Dr. Preston Williams II

    In an age devoted to narrow speculations in an attempt to understand God’s reasoning through hardships and struggles, this book successfully synthesizes life experiences with God’s purposeful intent, thereby reaching conclusions that are stunningly prescriptive and courageous for those in crisis. God’s Unreasonable Reasoning is a sequel to The God of How. It is a captivating book of understanding God’s reasoning in life’s many transitions. It gives insight as to ... more

  • A Reunion in Heaven

    by John Kumara
    The happy marriage of Margaret Thompson and Peter Doyle is brought to an abrupt end by a dramatic traffic accident in which he dies and she is left blind. Margaret receives an important sum of money in compensation for these serious consequences, which is complemented by the no-less-important amount she receives as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy contracted by her late husband. Her comfortable economic situation attracts unscrupulous people, including Thomas Corbett, who pretends to b... more
  • The Supreme Plan

    by John Kumara
    Tom Bosak, a successful broker in New York, decides to take break from his job, as he feels stressed and empty. What at first is a well-earned rest becomes a spiritual calling that will reach its zenith during a trip he decides to make India with his girlfriend, Patricia Ross. Tom is unaware that his soul is highly evolved, until an anchorite, named Kashi, reveals to him in Benares that his soul is the reincarnation of the master Rishi Kaushica, and that he is to fulfill a spiritual mission on E... more
  • Amish Acres: The Celery Patch

    by Samantha Bayarr
    When a celery patch mysteriously pops up overnight in the Yoder's field, it begins to draw some unwanted suitors competing for Naomi's hand, and she gets accused of trying to "catch" a husband.