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  • It's His Story: Encouragement to Worship While Wounded

    by Dr. LaSonja Flowers-Ivory

    In this amazing testament of the personalized care and powerful love of God, LaSonja uses biblical texts and reflective questioning to assist readers with applying God's Word to their lives.  As she documents the guiding, nurturing and protective hand of God, she triumphantly shares overcoming personal wounds, including the exposure of her former husband's diagnosis of HIV during their marriage.  LaSonja often stated that while her life was affected by his disease, God did n... more

  • The Patriarchs: Sometimes the Stars, Sometimes the Sand

    by Dr. Stephen Harrison & Richard Huizinga
    Before Malcolm Gladwell ‘s bestseller Talking to Strangers, we have the story of the Patriarchs who were constant strangers on a perpetual journey. Their journey mixes the God-given metaphors of stars , sand, and dust . The metamorphosis of God’s communication evolves as the Patriarchs , flaws and all, interact with strangers, including God.
  • David and Michelangelo: Heart and Stone

    by Dr. Stephen Harrison & Richard Huizinga
    David may not have posed for Michelangelo, but figuratively he posed for the court historian. Meanwhile, scriptures portray David as a man after God’s heart and a symbolic prelude to Christ. Pursue the search for that heart amidst his flaws and discover a surprise role model he envied and murdered.
  • Seeing God: Hope For A New Land

    by Shawanda R. Randolph
    Take a journey on a personal "Road To Damascus" with Seeing God: Hope For A New Land where the author tackles tough theological issues in attempt to break down the barriers we create that keep us from obtaining the relationship God wants with us and we want with Him, which also affects how we relate to one another. Take a glimpse inside a personal experience as the author shares her story of wanting to draw close to God, at an early age while finding struggles of living up to the demands of chu... more
  • Approach God in all Humility and place your Trust-IN HIS HANDS

    by Daljit Jawa
    In this little book , on the basis of his personal life experiences, the author wants to give a simple message that "even if you don't believe in God, or had such bitter experience in life that it shook your faith in Him or any such super natural power,--- then please just try one more time, approach God in all humility, and place your trust " In His Hands". You may be surprised to see the wonderful results beyond your wildest imagination."
  • Wild Path to the Sacred Heart

    by Ellen Davidson
    When empty nest leaves the author with unusual free time, and a Tibetan Lama advises her to "follow the juice", Ellen spends several days a week over the next 9 years hiking and meditating in ancient redwood wilderness. When the trees start talking to her, she's not sure this can be real until coincidences start piling up and science begins to discover some of the same things the trees have been telling her. This book is an exploration into the healing power of deeper connection with nature, es... more
  • Time to Refresh: A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Laid Off, Fired or Sidelined

    by Karen Brown Tyson

    2019 Finalist in the Religion: Christian Inspirational Category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest

    Are you looking for a way to deal with a setback? Do you sometimes feel left out or alone? God understands how you feel. During our most challenging times and circumstances, God wants us to turn to Him for comfort, deliverance, and guidance. This 21-day devotional will show you how to find comfort in God while moving through every valley.

  • The Bhagavad Gita for Awakening: A Practical Commentary for Leading a Successful Spiritual Life

    by Abbot George Burke

    Several thousand years ago in north-central India, two people sat in a chariot in the midpoint of a great battlefield. One of them, the yogi Arjuna, knew that it would be not be long before the conflict would begin. So he asked Krishna, the Master of Yoga (Yogeshwara), what should be his attitude and perspective in this moment. And above all: What should he do?

    There was no time to spare in empty words. In a brief discourse, later turned into seven hundred Sanskrit verses by the sage Vy... more

  • Due North

    by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom
    Due North is a collection of travel observations, reflections, and snapshots spanning two decades across colors, cultures, and continents by travel writer and photographer Lola Akinmade Akerstrom.
  • Hear Them Speak: A Twelve-Week Course in Telepathic Animal Communication

    by Babette de Jongh
    Hear Them Speak is an engaging and easy-to-follow twelve-week course that guides you through the process of discovering your own superpowers of telepathic animal communication. With real-life examples to increase understanding and tasks to help you practice your emerging skills, animal communicator Babette de Jongh walks you through every step of the journey to claim your ability to hear them speak.
  • Mother Stella: Her Song of Love

    by Ryan Baxter
    Have you ever turned your face to heaven, as the questions in your heart arose to your lips: Why am I here, you ask? What is the purpose of my existence? Have you given up on an answer or feel there is no one left to respond? Don’t lose heart. Don’t despair. You have not been forgotten, nor have you been forsaken. Life reaches out to you every moment, singing a song that only the heart can hear. Listen closely to Mother Stella’s song, a song that springs from the deepest love. What unfolds... more
  • Unshakable Faith: Living Strong in the Kingdom of God

    by Debra L Butterfield
    Unshakable Faith: Living Strong in the Kingdom of God is a seven-week Bible study perfect for self-guided learning or group sessions. With themed chapters inspired by scripture, Butterfield shows you how to dispel your doubts and place your trust in the Creator’s flawless plan. Whether you’re newly baptized or a long-time believer, you’ll learn to better serve the Lord and embrace the abundant life He promises to all true followers.
  • Simply Amazing: Special Authors Edition

    by K. C. Armstrong
    Simply Amazing is a collection of uplifting stories of overcoming life's greatest obstacles. KC Armstrong begins the book with the heart-wrenching story of his tormented years after leaving the Howard Stern show and then his transformation to a life of hope and service to others. He shares 12 favorite interviews from his WMAP radio station of people who've also overcome tremendous challenges to find their true life callings. Great feel-good antidote for turbulent times and upbeat gift for any o... more
  • No Absolutes - A Framework for Life

    by Benjamin C. George
    No Absolutes is the first book in a series of books by Benjamin C. George which reform the way we look at the world, how our choices affect our reality, and how to apply this philosophy to your life to enable not just a more fulfilling life for yourself, but a way to understand and traverse life that enables a brighter and better future for those around you.
  • Brokenhearted Disciple: Confessions for Overcoming

    by Shinita Kimbrough Miles

    Brokenhearted Disciple: Confessions for Overcoming is an irresistible fight of a disciple’s faith to overcome a broken heart. This book will attract and hold the attention with a captivating journey through the 5 stages of depression from grief. Translated in English and Spanish, each word through the authors personal experience unveils the deepest and hidden parts of the soul where pain resides after losing her mother. The author experiences a spiritual housecleaning and receives guida... more

  • St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael & the Angels: A Study on the Angels and the Angelic World

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    How were the Angels and Demons created and how did they end up in either Heaven or Hell. Who are the Angels and what are the Nine Angelic Choirs? What are the teachings and beliefs that people have on the Angels? See how the Angels and the Archangels interact with mankind. Get to know the three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Learn about their story from their creation, through the Bible, and to the present day. Discover how the Angels and Demons help us in our struggle to do go... more