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  • Longings of My Heart: To the God of Israel

    by Chante Shirelle Holsey
    This is a book that expresses my relationship with the God of the universe. It is a true record of my life and where I am with God. Too many times we try to look like we are without fault, but it is the Glory of God to save a sinner. It is my desire to make his name famous. May the reader of this book understand that God is love and by his spirit we can fulfill his commandments.
  • Earth’s Final Crackdown Prophesied

    by Customizedsongwriter Mike McCracken
    The end is here! We are about to enter the Great Tribulation with the seven seals, seven trumpets and the seven bowls with the mark of the beast. The Antichrist will control the one world government, one world satanic religion, and one world currency. Today's events along with the prophecies of the Bible itself now and yet to come are happening even now with today's headlines. This leads to Three and a half years of the Tribulation and three and a half years of the Great Tribulation. This is kno... more
  • They Did the Best They Could

    by marnie vincolisi
    Follow Marnie through her spiritual journey as she searches for her estranged father, uncovers compelling tales about her Italian heritage, learns to release resentment and judgment, and begins to understand her life’s struggles more compassionately. Her touching stories are entertaining yet highlight the issues that are familiar to many of us. The second part of the book gives practical ways to stop heartache, anger, blame, and resentment. As a result, one can perceive distressing situations... more
  • Song of Grace: Stories to Amaze the Soul

    by The Mosaic Collection
    How amazing is grace? Eight short stories trace the path of grace through the lines of a well-known hymn that was birthed in tragedy. These characters each desperately seek a variety of prizes: relationships, hope, fame and fortune, security, eternal youth. All of them struggle through trials and troubles to stumble upon the same amazing answer.
  • Supernatural Photos: Red Letter Edition

    by Mikah
    FULL COLOR PHOTOS OF THE SPIRIT REALM This is the 4th and last glorious Book that was prophesied in 2006 that Mikah would write. This is a brief introduction to the 5000+ supernatural photos she has taken with a Nikon Coolpix L18. These photos are used to teach the truth about spirits and the Kingdom of Light. She is prompted by Father when to take photos and usually does not know what the camera will see. Spirits are all around us all the time, some holy and some not!
  • The Destiny and Signs of God

    by Ionel Rotari
    So far, our civilization has developed only one method of communication – OUR EVERYDAY INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION. Time has come for all of us to learn a second method of communication – to commit our thoughts to COMMUNICATING WITH THE UNIVERSE. By interacting with the Universe, we communicate with God, and God is THE ONLY ONE in the Universe WHO can give us the best advice regarding our choice to build up our destiny and secure ourselves with a sound and continuous evolution.
  • Shakespeare Meets the Buddha

    by Edward Dickey
    The Buddha taught his followers to transcend the world by doing no harm, training the mind, and benefiting others. Shakespeare wrote plays about romantic love, sex, war, royal power, betrayal, jealousy, murder, and revenge. They might almost seem to have been from different planets. But beyond the obvious differences, they had far more in common than we might think. Both were concerned with the mind, impermanence, death, illusion, awakening, interdependence, suffering, and qualities that offer ... more
  • Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic

    by Hedin Daubenspeck
    This book tells of the pony ride to an awakening and other stories of the Spirit. Encounters of an otherworldly kind happen to many people. My efforts are to describe some of the spiritual experiences that we may encounter from early childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and then maturity, retirement unto renunciation, and then consciousness beyond death. We are closest to the Spirit at the beginning of our life, just entering incarnation from the Spirit, and at the end of our life, as we pre... more
  • Love Pain: Stories of Loss and Survival

    by Lynn Jaffee

    Love Pain is about a young man who is finding himself just as his life is being cut short by a terminal illness, and a mother who is coming to the realization that she is losing her son. Set against the backdrop of tragic loss, the vignettes in Love Pain tell the story of travel, small miracles and finding strength.

  • Discovering and Embracing Your Life Purpose

    by Paul Peters
    This book has been my dream to write. It truly is my life?s purpose illustrated in words. It begins by taking you on a personal journey by peering into a man by the name of Tim and his life. We do not come by knowing our purpose when we first entered this world. There are no instructions or clear guidelines given to us, but there are clues. Many of us never even find our purpose and thus never live the life we were created for. My attempt in this book is to provide the clues or ?Puzzle pieces? t... more
  • Time to Reset: A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Sidelined, Disappointed or Knocked Off Course

    by Karen Brown Tyson
    Has your life been interrupted? Do you want to know how to move forward? It's time to stop running in circles. When we experience setbacks and disappointments in life, God is ready to not only offer refuge but is prepared to provide redirection. In Time to Reset: A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Sidelined, Disappointed, or Knocked Off Course, Karen Brown Tyson offers 21 daily devotionals that will show you how to reset your mindset to move forward with renewed strength.
  • Water Drop Journeys

    by Tan Eng Chew
    Water Drop Journeys is an easy-to-read, full-colour illustrated book that tells a tale of love & kindness through a tiny water drop. The story contains themes of interconnectedness with nature interspersed with short passages of guided mindfulness meditation. This story brings the reader on an inward journey towards finding peace and self-acceptance. It also reminds us that all we have is now. Audio guides of the seven mindfulness meditations are also found within the book.
  • The Purpose of Life

    by Mark Kolodzeij
    We need to know how we relate to others, the purpose of various institutions including marriage, government, the justice system, education and work.
  • Book of Testimonies: Ten testimonies that will change your life!!

    by Claire Arene-Ikedi

    This book of testimonies will help you stay encouraged and demonstrate the effectiveness of prayer in the midst of whatever challenges or trials you may be going through. It is written from a Christian perspective but will help and inspire anyone facing a difficult situation. 

  • Awakening Your Soul's Truth

    by Anya Goode
    In Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, Anya Goode guides the reader on a life-changing journey that brings the spiritual seeker to a deep and profound understanding of the self, and provides a unique avenue to achieve a more fulfilling, abundant, and meaningful life. This powerful book breaks down complex spiritual concepts in a practical and easeful way for readers who are seeking growth, healing, and spiritual development. In this debut work, Anya teaches the reader how to work with beliefs, challeng... more