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  • On Evolution: Charles Darwin and the Russian Prince, First Nations and Twelve Step Societies

    by James Duncan
    Charles Darwin's work is challenged, particularly his emphasis on competition in evolution. I amass evidence showing that cooperation, or mutual aid, is the more important factor; its protagonist is Russian naturalist and anarchist, Peter Kropotkin. Examples of anarchic mutual aid are cited, First Nations (Natives of the Americas), A.A., and the Al-Anon Family Groups. I urge all to adopt mutual aid, supported by Higher Powers, in our struggle for survival.
  • Handle With Love: One Woman's Approach to Kicking a Nasty-Ass Cancer

    by Donna J. Moore
    It is a true adventure - not just a cancer story. It was labeled “Donna’s Big Adventure” merely to soften some of the fear. To say this is a book to follow if you have cancer and all will be okay – is not a true statement. No one human has that kind of power. You will follow Donna through series of highs and lows, comedy and sadness, and all the while with underlying spirit of one incredible lady. You will see how she shines through with faith, friends and family. You will learn and get the answ... more
  • I Didn't Believe Any of This Hippie Dippy Bulls**t Either: A Skeptic's Awakening to the Spiritual Universe

    by Julie Rasmussen

    "Do our souls know each other before we're born? Does the Universe send us signs through license plate numbers? What's the acceptable number of napkins to take from Taco Bell? Does God care that I swear? What is God?" These are the questions one perplexed woman asks in Hippie Dippy Bulls**t, a humorous and intelligent memoir of how a former skeptic became a full-on believer in spiritual awakening, consciousness, soul mates, and "good vibes."

  • Mountaintop Mornings

    by Alysa VanderWeerd
    Mountaintop Mornings is a 365-day devotional that is pure Scripture pieced together, with every devotion ending in an Amen. When we pray Scripture, we align our heart with God’s heart. The power in prayer is found in God’s Word, not our voice; it’s God’s voice, not our words. The goal of every Christian is to know God- to know God’s heart, to live His heart, and to share His heart with others. His heart is His Word. Every believer can have a mountaintop experience with God when they read Scri... more
  • Hebrew Names Of God - My Favorites

    by Alias In Town
    A great little Bible study for $2.99 on Kindle. In today's culture people select unique and original baby names without a lot of thought to the meaning. But in Old Testament times names were phrases. For example : Benjamin is "Son of my right hand." This tradition followed through to giving God names when a person had a powerful encounter with him. For example Jehovah Nissi means The Lord is my banner and it was mentioned by Moses after winning a great battle. This brief Bible study i... more
  • Satsang with the Abbot: Questions & Answers about Life, Spiritual Liberty, and the Pursuit of Ultimate Happiness

    by Abbot George Burke

    "Satsang with the Abbot is a must-read for the seeker of truth. Brilliantly presented."~ Sandra Carrington-Smith, award-winning author of Housekeeping for the Soul: A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Inner Sanctuary.

    "The scriptures contain a mixture of sand and sugar, as it were. It is extremely difficult to separate the sugar from the sand. Therefore one should learn of the essence of the scriptures from the teacher... more

  • You Are the Light: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple

    by Muz MURRAY
    Do you want to experience Peace of Heart and Mind? Muz Murray’s inspirational insights into the profound wisdom of the ancient sages are here clearly explained in refreshingly new and astonishing ways that will help you achieve it. You Are the Light cuts through all the spiritual claptrap and clarifies many confusing concepts, including Advaita, Awareness, Belief, Consciousness, Depression, Dreams, Ego, Emotional Pain, Enlightenment, Free Will, God, Karma, Love, Mental Conflict, Self-Real... more
  • Celebrating Christmas: An Anthology of Tales, Tips, & Truths about Christmas

    by Nate Lee
    "Celebrating Christmas" is chocked fuller than a hefty Christmas stocking! It's a collection of submissions from 45 people who have strong feelings about Christmas and who wanted to pass along in stories, poems, thoughts, and more, what is packed into their understanding of Christmas. Is Christmas a time to rush and prepare surprises? There are a couple approaches from writers on that. Is is when a romance can get more serious? Hmm. Who would have thought so? Ah, a few factual and fanciful stori... more
  • Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses. You ARE Worth Living For!

    by Bernette Sherman

    As long as you are moving in alignment with your truth and with your purpose, it is gonna be alright. In fact, it already is. I want you to be inspired and motivated to get up and say yes to your life. I want you to show up in your life and realize it is happening right now. You deserve to be happy and to experience joy and success. It is okay to want and to dream and to fall and to cry. But you get back off your butt and start living again. We do this step by step with intention.

     ... more

  • Unstoppable: A Recipe for Success in Life and Business

    by Besty Craig
    In her new book Unstoppable: A Recipe for Success in Life and Business, Betsy Craig lays out 10 road-tested principles to conquer life’s challenges. Themes include self-help, entrepreneurship, chronic illness, food allergies, and women in business. She developed these tools beginning when she got sober at the age of 20 after years of alcohol and drug abuse, then beat the odds against the rare autoimmune disease scleroderma that wanted her dead, and on the heels of the economic downturn in 2010, ... more