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  • My Story, His Glory: A Lens on Racism and Religion In America, and God's Final Judgement

    by Nathaniel X. Arnold

    Follow the provocative memoir of a Black Christian born in the Deep South during a racially conflicted era in the US—a conflict that still lingers today—and his incredible story of faith, purpose, and spiritual path that spans life and death. Battered by racism and discrimination even from within the church, Nathaniel Arnold found himself questioning God’s truth and love. Sometimes, it felt like God was punishing him while leading him on a desperate search to survive and und... more

  • How To Live Your Life In God's Glory A Letter To The Saints

    by Lakella L. Davenport
    This book is all about learning to live your life to the edification of the body of Christ and the glory of God. In this book, I share with the reader how I learned to live in God's Glory as a homemaker, and Christian writer. I share how I overcame my failures as a secondary school teacher, and learned to appreciate my gifts and talents for writing about the world and things around me. It is a book done with love for all believers. It is a Christian testimony and letter that all Christian mothe... more
  • Just a Zillion Things Before You Go

    by Hugh O'Neill
    “Just a Zillion Things Before You Go” celebrates a young person setting sail – an epic parental poem for parents to stuff in dorm-bound duffle bags as grads head out to their next big adventure. The book offers a high-spirited salute and one last nagging yet vital piece of advice – how to be careful and courageous at the same time.
  • Underwater Daughter

    by Antonia Deignan
    Underwater Daughter follows how Tuni grappled with her relationship with her parents, the aftermath of her rape, an eating disorder, drug and alcohol excesses, and shame as she came of age and began to build a life. In order to not lose her inner innocence, in order to protect herself, in order to believe in love, she began early on to create imaginary worlds into which she could escape, to use dreams to transport her away from her fears. By early adulthood, she was well practiced at slapping li... more

    by JJ DiGeronimo
    If you are tired of chasing standards that are imposed on you by others; if you are drowning in to-do lists that deplete your energy and maybe even your impact; if you are swimming in negative thoughts and self-talk; or if you are simply seeking more meaning…you are not alone! JJ DiGeronimo knows these feelings all too well as an accomplished businesswoman who felt an internal tug for something more. Off the side of her desk, JJ found herself seeking to stay energized as she chased external m... more
  • Whole Body Prayer: Five Seasons of Healing

    by Yan Ming Li
    In this daily meditation and prayer book, which consists of 25 short essays for personal growth and transformation, you can align yourself with the flow of Nature for optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Awake

    by Swami Nityananda Giri of Baltimore
    What does it mean to be Awake, and how do we experience Awakeness? _Awake: The Yoga of Pure Awareness_ reminds us that Awakeness is our true nature. The book guides us with freshness and simplicity to use everyday experiences to Awaken to our true Self and be present to dynamic light in everyone and everything. We transform pain, obstructions, limitation, fear, and suffering, to live in joy and freedom. The book will appeal to readers who love yoga, meditation, Buddhism, mindfulness, self-tra... more
  • Grow Through The Storms

    by Seema Prisha
    As long as there is life, there are life’s storms! Some storms just brush against us on our surface... Some push us a bit harder almost about to knock us down... Some do knock us down... And some fiercely gush within us, jolt us from the inside, uproot us off the ground, bash us against the rocks and throw us off life’s track!! If your life has been thrown off-track by a storm and you’re sinking with the victim feelings of helplessness, anguish, fear, despair and pitying your poor self.... more
  • Spiritual Energy Explained: You, Your Soul, and the Universe

    by Walter Broach

    God and the Universe are the same entity. You are composed of the spirit of God and constantly manifest your future. You are a spiritual entity walking around on earth with a physical body. On your way through eternity you will experience many reincarnations. 

  • Words of the Resurrected: Meditations for Easter and Beyond

    by Robert J. Nash
    How do we connect with the living God outside of hearing sermons on Sunday mornings and special programs? Christ speaks to us today in our deepest pain, strongest longings, and private thoughts through his Word, the Bible. In Words of the Resurrected: Meditations for Easter, we explore those precious last interactions with Christ before his ascension. Christ offers us comfort, hope, forgiveness, peace, purpose, power, and more. This short book will inspire you and encourage your soul. It i... more
  • Harvest

    by Andrej Poleev

    This book is dedicated to unraveling the apocalypse mystery as a self-fulfilling prophecy, and illuminates following events of the 2nd advent of Jesus of Nazareth: Signs, Last Judgment, and emergence of a new age of universal peace and brotherhood on the earth, without crime, war and poverty.

    And I looked and saw a white cloud, and seated on the cloud was One like the Son of Man,c with a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand. Then another angel came out of the temple, ... more

  • Discover How to Study Your Bible Guide: Bible Study Guide

    by Feyi Obamehinti
    There has never been a time like now, to know the Bible for yourself! In an age of culture wars, discovering what the Bible says is key to every Christian living a purposeful and impactful life that brings honor and glory to God. Discovery is a journey anyone can take to find life's treasures. The Bible is full of time tested wisdom for every area of life. In this treasure packed Bible Study guide, you will discover why the Bible is the living word of God, how to thoroughly study the Bible for y... more
  • Where Are You? A Beginner's Guide to Advanced Spirituality

    by Dan Ehrenkrantz
    In Where Are You? A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Spirituality, Dan Ehrenkrantz leads you on a journey of transformation. Aided by wisdom from multiple traditions, the reader finds a spirituality that fits within every religion, and within no religion. Atheists and believers, the faithful and the rebellious, will all experience a taste of enlightenment. There is no dogma to be accepted, no ideas to be believed. Instead, readers are asked to place authority in their own experience. The book is... more
  • God Out of the Shadows

    by Delores J. Porter
    How can the universal church know it needs a change, a renewal of truth, if the people don’t even know we have a serious problem? What if evil influence got into the foundation of our Christian doctrine back in the Dark Ages, hiding the true character of God, turning multitudes against the God of Jesus Christ, and stealing our faith and miracles? Wouldn’t you want to know it? These pages address the fables in our Christian doctrine and include the truth about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spir... more
  • New Testament

    by Andrej Poleev
    Preface to the print edition of the New Testament in Russian, edited and published by Dr. Andrej Poleev in Berlin, 2021, 622 pages.
  • The God Experience

    by Mark Bonair
    The God experience is as real as any human experience. It's an authentic encounter with spirit reality freely available to anyone willing to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It's a real spiritual experience connecting you to the Divine Source of all reality. The God experience is getting to know God as well as yourself. It's a mindful look at the way you perceive the people, events, and relationships in the world around you, how your thoughts and habits affect your understanding of God a... more