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  • The Delusion of Hope - a Guide to a New Age

    by Steven Pfister
    We, as a species, have been blessed/cursed with the phenomenal gift that is the human mind. It has given us dominion over the natural world and set us above all the other creatures we share it with. But in so doing, it has isolated us in a world of our own making, one that has imprisoned and so restricted our awareness to a purely egoic, mind-based interpretation of Life. Within the confines of that lower frequency perspective lies a sinister force, one that has kept us from a direct communion ... more
  • Believe: Prayers Are Miracle Possibilities

    by Michele Gayle
    “BELIEVE,” will eradicate the routine, boredom, and frustration from your prayer time; making prayerfulness your way of life! “Believe,” will restore, add meaning, and excitement to your life. As you desire so will it manifest. Every prayer is a miracle possibility. “Believe,” applies to all people regardless of their point of views, be it spiritual, cultural, religious, or scientific. Universal principles taught by all the sages, especially the teachings of the Christ, echoes rivetingly throug... more
  • Is There Evidence For God … an Economist Searches for Answers

    by Robert Genetski
    Economist Robert Genetski uses research skills developed over more than half a century to seek answers to questions that have baffled mankind forever: Is there evidence for God? Is God real, or is he simply a figment of our imagination? The search for truth about God leads to an extended journey. The quest examines evidence for God not existing; it seeks evidence of life after death; explores how the world’s religions might lead to God; and investigates miracles. In each instance, the evidence... more
  • Holy Doubt: Hope for Fractured Faith and Questioning Hearts (Revised and Expanded)

    by Erica Barthalow
    A young mother moves to India as a missionary with her husband and two small children. In just a short time, she's facing suicidal thoughts and her faith is unraveling. "Holy Doubt" is the story of how her faith was stitched back together through embracing her questions and doubts.
  • Praying is (not) Hard

    by Erica Barthalow
    Let’s face it, sometimes praying is hard. And we don’t always know why. We really want to pray, but somewhere along the path between wanting to pray and actually doing it, something is broken. We’re left scratching our heads, wondering, "Is there something wrong with me? Will this always be a struggle?" In "Praying is (not) Hard," Erica Barthalow reveals seven surprising hang-ups that may be sabotaging your conversations with God and gives practical steps to overcome them. If you struggle t... more
  • Together Is Home: The Healing Messages of A Course in Miracles

    by Lara Pollock
    WHY do we struggle to survive in this challenging world? A comprehensive response is found within the masterpiece, A Course in Miracles. However, the language and concepts within the Course can be difficult to grasp. As a companion book to the Course, Together Is Home offers a streamlined explanation of WHY we find ourselves in a dualistic world that seems to be separate from God. Learning ACIM's concepts enables us to heal and transform our lives.
  • Least of These Least

    by Lancelot Schaubert
    It unsettles me that Jesus never specified on the second time he said it. The verse fills us with dread in general: where have we overlooked the hungry, the sick, the undocumented refugee or person experiencing homelessness, the naked, the prisoner? When have we neglected to quench, feed, heal, host, and visit? And when - specifically - have we done so to Jesus himself? The dread grows. For Jesus, the second time - in the judgment passage, says the least of these. These what? ... more
  • Embracing God In The Right Perspective With The Right Foundation of Faith In Him

    by Chris Tham
    Knowledge without God is not the Truth. Only Truth leads us to the meaning of Life as the Power of Life is in God. God is The Everlasting Truth. Faith without Understanding of Faith is an Unfinished Work in Faith. Each and every one of us needs to discover our true identity of who we are before we could truly inherit the fullness of Life as we desire to live a life filled with gifts in the fullest measure of Peace, Love, and Joy in our Hearts Now and Forevermore, with an Assured Destiny of Et... more
  • A Path to Wisdom - How to Live a Balanced, Healthy and Peaceful Life

    by Tony Jeton Selimi
    Daily distractions prevent us from listening to the inbuilt ALARM our body uses to alert us when something is wrong. This is what brings us many life adversities, it is the root cause of disease, and what creates the alarming negative side effects we observe in all layers of society. If you’re wanting to see the changes you seek in this world, make a greater contribution, and live a more balanced, healthy and peaceful life but you’re unsure where to start, then look no further then Tony Jeton ... more
  • The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms

    by Tony Jeton Selimi
    Modern life comes with many expectations and much stress: career, work, business, finances, relationships, health; you name it. While we sleep, our brains and bodies work hard to heal past wounds. Selimi makes a very compelling argument on why should we be the victims of history and expectations of others when we can teach our minds and bodies to rest and rejuvenate while awake. He shows you the secret to Reclaiming Your Power and Living every critical area of life Prudently by Being Real. By. C... more
  • Tomorrow Has Never Happened: Understanding the Nature of Time And The Workings of Providence

    by Thomas Eddy
    Paul declares “For those whom he foreknew he also predestined” (Romans 8:29). Those two words “foreknew” and “predestined” have caused many divisions and disagreements within Christian theology. But in order for those disagreements to even happen a theology of time must be developed. One common belief is “God is everywhere in time; our past, present, and future are all now for him.” Is this true? Is this biblical? In Tomorrow Never Happened, author Thomas Eddy, explores the nature of time. His c... more
  • Dream it to Do it: The Science & the Magic

    by Howard Eisenberg, M.D.

    This is an inspirational and empowering book by a Physician and long-time scientific explorer of the various realms of consciousness. He authored this spiritually and scientifically integrated book of revelations for these troubled times as a global wake-up call. There are exciting new breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of ‘how reality works’ and the real relationship between brain & consciousness. Ironically, soft mysticism and hard science are converging – ancie... more

  • God's Sovereign Reign Over His Creation

    by DALE HEIL
    There have been many good books written on the subject of God's sovereignty, but it always seems as if there are many questions left unanswered. For example, If God is truly sovereign, why is the world in a state of spiritual confusion and darkness? Why is there sin, sickness, death, and even a devil? How do all these things work to fulfill the plans and purposes of God? There are many questions left unanswered, yet the answers are found in God's Word. This book will reveal, from scripture, that... more
  • Destroying the Lies

    by Billie-Jewel Sexton
    Destroying the Lies calls out specific lies that linger in our minds and dismantles them using biblical truths about God’s love, mercy, and grace for the world. Each chapter focuses on different lies ranging from everyday self-doubt to those surrounding trauma, self-harm, and abuse. This book was designed to give you quick access to the truth and tools needed to fight the deceitfulness of the enemy. Within seconds of finding your lie in the table of contents, you will be able to discover sola... more
  • Defiant! Redefining Singleness at 30+

    by Ethleen Sawyerr
    In a world that still treats marriage as an accomplishment, Ethleen Sawyerr found herself conflicted about the arrival of her 30th birthday. Still single, she questioned why God had continued to withhold one of the things she desired most: a husband. With a spouse came a lifetime companion to love, close confidant to share every secret with, and partner to raise a family. Join Ethleen on her introspective journey chronicling pivotal moments of frustration, loneliness, and transformation as a sin... more
  • Aftermath of Jennifer Kesse's Abduction: An Uncle's Quest for Understanding & Inspiring Life Lessons

    by Bill Gilmour

    Are you overwhelmed with circumstances in life that you can’t control? Is pain or suffering draining happiness and joy from life? You’re not alone!

    Jenn’s uncle, Bill Gilmour, was gripped by sadness and questions while grappling with brokenness – he felt completely helpless and hopeless. Jenn’s abduction was a catalyst that forced him to face the truth about his life.

    He shares his journey to find hope that began with a pivo... more