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  • Angel in the Kitchen 2: A Second Helping of Wit & Wisdom Inspired by Food, Cooking, Kitchen Tools and Appliances!

    by Tom English and Wilma Espaillat English
    TOM & WILMA’S FAMILY OF ECCENTRIC KITCHEN ANGELS IS BACK! Meet Garbo, our tough-guy garbage pail, the crusty and outspoken Signor Panini, and Mr. Freeze, star of “The Big Thaw.” Learn why Katie the kettle frequently shrieks, and discover the curious link between pineapples and hospitality. These are just a few of the “kitchen angels” eagerly waiting to greet you within.Grab a cup of tea, find a comfy chair, and indulge in a second helping of witty and wise articles inspired by food, cooking, and... more
  • The Unfolding: A Journey of Involution

    by J.S. Wolfe
    After meeting my first psychopath, I had to know where his humanity went. But after meeting many more over 20 years, while working as an acting and meditation coach, the worlds of Buddhism and Psychopathy converged. Another pattern emerged, and that was the fast decline in empathy in general. Whether we wanted to be detached or callously indifferent, the end result was the same. Our emotional illiteracy had blocked our understanding, and without understanding, there is no empathy. Take a journey... more
  • Hope Deferred

    by Sophia Elizabeth Lambert
    Crisis, disappointment, uncertainties, and hardships are characteristics of every life. While some of these issues can easily be overcome, there are others that threaten to suffocate the life out of us. But why are they happening? Why has our world turn upside down ? In the darkest of night when hope seems elusive, or its permanently gone, instead of being deferred.... even as you try to see the silver lining, life's difficulties insist on holding you by the throat as you're trying to make se... more
  • Rise Up: Mentoring Boys to Become Men of Integrity

    by Sophia Elizabeth Lambert
    How would you like to change our future history today? Would like to make an indelible impact on your society? Rise Up is a call to stand up to the challenge of mentoring our boys to young men to prevent history's repetition in demonizing our youths. In these times, we have to be intentional in preparing our younger generations for the future. This book was written so we can help our young men make wise choices, encourage them to endure the discipline of becoming men of integrity and receive... more
  • Beautiful Souls

    by Christopher Adam Rice
    This is only the beginning for “BEAUTIFUL SOULS”. We are focused on creating positive directions in our lives and the lives of others around us. All photos in this book were taken by “BEAUTIFUL SOULS” members. Come join us and be part of something beautiful!!!
  • Jeus High Priest of the New Covenant

    by Greg Mills
    Background and historical context The Apostle Paul warned the Church at Philippi:  they should all understand their claim to salvation, …work out your own salvation with fear and trembling,  Philippians 2:12b This book is to help Christians understand God’s plan for salvation. We carefully examine the letter to the Hebrews, verse by verse. For those who question our faith, we should have a ready answer. We can’t explain it to others until we fully understand it ourselves. First some ... more
  • Jesus, King with Two Crowns

    by Greg Mills
    Jesus taught His return at the end of days had specific warning signs. These signs include plagues, earthquakes, the ecological collapse of the planet, wars, and rumors of wars. An asteroid called wormwood strikes the oceans turning 1/3 of the seas blood red. The universe itself is shaken at the end of the tribulation, and mens' hearts will fail them. There will be great evil everywhere as humanity rebels against all authority. The Antichrist will arise and kill many Christians for thei... more
  • HOLDING ON LOOSELY: Opening My Hands, Lightening My Load, and Seeing Something Else

    by Dana Knox Wright
    Helicopter parents. Control freaks. Perfectionists. Intolerants. Over-consumers. Social media junkies. We all fit in there somewhere. Read one woman’s stories of clinging, turning loose and becoming free We are overly busy helicopter parents, control freaks, perfectionists, intolerants, over-consumers and social media junkies--who worry, fear, laugh less and always want more. In the midst of it, we wonder what it would feel like to open our hands and turn loose of all of it. In HOLDING ON ... more
  • Warum hörst du deine Seele nicht?

    by el maya
    We live our everyday life and hardly worry about why we are here on earth. Money and power determine our life. El Maya describes in an exciting and authentic way what we have forgotten in our lives and why many people find life difficult. With comprehensible case studies from everyday life it becomes clear that our happiness depends on the well-being of the soul and on nothing else. El Maya shows solutions to achieve happiness and an easy life by starting to hear the soul. Let yourself be inspir... more
  • I Never Knew You

    by Patrick Higgins
  • Westfalia

    by Blake Hill
    The seed of this book started with a hug. But at the time of that hug. I didn't realize my life would change forever. She gently pulled me in and whispered these two words, "I'm done." I was completely thrown off guard. I ask her what she meant. What do you mean you're done, done with what? She quietly whispered in my ear, I'm done with us. My heart sank and a numbness of emotions consumed every cell in my body. I couldn't grasp how we could be married for twenty years and now it was over. What ... more
  • Inner Alchemy: The Path of Mastery, Updated and Revised Edition

    by Zulma Reyo
    For those who want to deepen their understanding of the world we live in, for those who want to see change happen and know that this begins with themselves, Inner Alchemy offers a path to inner peace, meaning, purpose, joy and wisdom. In this practical guide to consciousness, you will discover key concepts relating to energetic work, such as chakras and the seven rays, as well as dimensional and astral realms, and karma, gratitude and dreams. Over 45 visualisations, meditations and exercises,... more
  • The Spiritual Stamina For End-Time Church

    by Freeson Eze
    You need to know this if you are a Christian. The hidden secret of their secret, on how they finish the race and were anointed beyond measure in their days, and why today's believers struggle to get what that was so common in their days. This book will open your eyes on the hidden secret of the life of old believers in Christ and how they could be so anointed and work with God, and why the end-time believers is struggling, weak in prayers, praying so much prayer with no or little results. You... more
  • It's All the Same to Me: A Torah Guide to Inner Peace and Love of Life

    by Moshe Gersht
    - Wall Street Journal Bestseller - USA Today Bestseller - Barnes & Noble Bestseller - Amazon Bestseller After spending a decade and a half studying the depths of Torah, Kaballah, Chasidus, and Spirituality, Moshe Gersht has gifted us with a new lens on life. With his spiritual guide It's All The Same To Me, Moshe Gersht inspires readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived in the deep connection of "sameness." Gersht introduces the powerful kaballistic idea of Hishtavus... more
  • Life As Seen in the Eyes of Tatiana

    by Monica Brosnan
    I decided to relate Tatiana’s story because she means so much to me. She is also part of and a continuation of Bill, my late husband, because she shared our bed for eight years. She is my doughty, plucky, four-legged friend who takes the bite out of living alone. After she had a very sad, troubled kittenhood, we adopted her. Soon she established herself as the chief occupant of our large home. Our days together began not with a cup of tea but with playing with Tatiana because she would usually b... more