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  • Taking Back the Gospel

    by Nancy Golden
    The Second Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) tells us to go and make disciples. By combining these two commandments from our Lord, we are able to share our faith with those around us in a natural way. In the pages of this book, you’ll find ways you can share the Gospel that are both comfortable for you and effective. Since it is all about sharing the love of Christ by building relationships with tho... more
  • Taking Back Advent

    by Nancy Golden
    The beginning of Advent marks the first day of the Christian calendar and is a period of anticipation and preparation for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This Advent devotional may be the perfect way to keep the miracle of Christmas in our days. In these pages you will find an easy-to-understand book that is intentionally not very long, so you can savor each reading in a short period of time. I think you will find it very convenient to fit this devotional into even the busiest of schedules, ... more
  • Taking Back Lent

    by Nancy Golden
    This Lenten devotional may be the perfect way to help us reflect on what we can do to lead holy lives while bringing hope to our days. In these pages you will find an easy-to-understand book that is intentionally not very long, so you can savor each reading in a short period of time. You will find it very convenient to fit this devotional into even the busiest of schedules, yet it will help you experience the peace and hope that this special season brings. The daily readings and activities will ... more
  • Miracle at Angels Bend

    by R Christian Bohlen
    Four people encounter a mysterious book. Their lives will never be the same. A budding musician living in the fast lane. An aspiring missionary using opioids to cope with family loss. A husband grappling with his marriage to a mentally ill spouse. An outspoken journalist in love with a married man. The topic of this mystery book? The life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through the historically accurate life of Christ, these modern-day disciples in crisis experience unforeseeable miracles ... more
  • Catholic Church? Why Not?: Diaries of a Modern Priest

    by John Scissons
    This is a fictionalized account of journal entries of a newly ordained Catholic priest in a small rural community in western Canada. He became a priest in mid-life after being married to his childhood sweetheart, studying social work at university, worki...
  • Two Fuckers Playing Chess Using Us As The Pawns, THE EGO IS A NARCISSIST: Breaking Away From The Entity That Controls You

    by Sharon Francis
    There is No Heaven or Hell, We do Not die - We come Back! Those of You who think you are Awake - 'woke’, are merely Playing! The Physical and Spiritual Laws That Govern Humanity on This Planet. This book is about the 'Process' required to exit this 3- dimensional existence we believe to be reality. We do not belong here! you already know that too! you wouldn’t have found this Book otherwise. We have become trapped here, not against our will but, in spite of our Will! by a Custodian entity... more
  • Dinner at God's House

    by Todd B. Lieman

    What kind of life is possible when you finally learn to forgive, trust, and love yourself?

    Erik Bernstein wasn’t afraid of death. He was afraid of life. He battled with inadequacy and the feeling that he never belonged. He became an expert at deflecting intimacy to mask his shame, lies, self-doubt, and bad choices. From the time he was eleven years old, or even younger, death was never far from his mind. Needless to say, death was front of mind as he sat ... more

  • The Mystery of Time Is Who You Are

    by Elizabeth Upton

    Being a human means living in a cycle of suffering and joy, failure and success, rejection and acceptance. Yet, finding the strength to maintain that faith, motivation, and gained wisdom requires us to accept that much of life is mysterious and beyond our control or understanding.

    To find true peace and happiness, we must give up the constant frustration of trying to know the unknowable or control the uncontrollable. “The Mystery of Time is Who You Are” is a deep and pr... more

  • Self Proclamation: A Story Of The Spiritual Science Of Cycles

    by Nkosi Efa
    Self Proclamation offers to share with the Seeker a coming-of-age story of a particular Soul that is on the same enlightenment journey as the rest of the Universe. Through this story, the Universe will display concepts of wisdom and knowledge that will assist the Seeker in examining their own story. The goal of this work is to share with the Seeker a narrative, the subsequent training phase to cope with the realities of the narrative, and the unfolding process of practicing and attaining Self-aw... more
  • Wings to Rise above Divorce

    by Loren Cribbs
    Are you struggling to reconcile the hopeful dreams of your wedding day with the stark reality of a crumbling relationship and feeling disconnected with yourself? When life unravels after marriage, Loren finds herself in a dusty duplex surrounded by packing boxes—jobless, husbandless, childless, feeling less. This book serves as a hope for those navigating the turbulence of a lacking marriage, separation, or divorce. In the pages of this empowering devotional, Loren shares her personal jour... more
  • Jesus' Parables Interpreted

    by Elena Horas San Martín

    Jesus' Parables Interpreted is an informative and reflective book. It contains the most important parables Jesus gave us and offers analysis and background information to help better understand them. The book aims to be instuctive but also to bridge the distance between Jesus and ourselves, encouraging us to meditate on his words and his message, and helping us strive to be better and happier human beings. 


  • Escaping Our Fallen Nature

    by David Piper
    As the fall of this tree following an ordinary weather event surprised its community, revealing that the roots beneath the surface had decayed, the minor turbulences in our own lives will often reveal that the foundation on which we have built our lives has severe deterioration just beneath the surface also. It is when we come to realize that our falling flat on our faces was caused by our corrupt hearts that many of us will then look outside of ourselves for an escape. The scripturally bas... more
  • Salutations from Heaven: Dear Lord . . . My Child . . .

    by Evangelist Debra Harper
    Are you one who has difficulty in expressing yourself? Has past hurts caused you to build up a wall of defense to protect you from feeling any future hurt, pain, or emotional anguish? Are you numbed to any feeling at all? Do you desire to release those feelings and emotions that have been bottled up for so long and have held you captive, angry, confused, and in bondage? Then this is the book for you. Read how God has blessed me to communicate and release unto him my innermost thoughts and fears ... more
  • My Daddy's Handbook: "Pathway to the Father"

    by Regina E. Ross
    My Daddy's Handbook (Pathway to the Father) is about my daddy-daughter relationship that encounters all kinds of situations that turn into teachable moments. Stories range from childhood to adulthood with different kinds of solutions to everyday problems. The comparison is between my earthly daddy compared to my heavenly Father and their roles that helped me develop into a kind, loving, smart, and ministry-minded individual. My earthly dad assisted in my growth to get to adulthood with knowledge... more
  • The Day of the Space Voyager

    by James Parker Walker
    Combining contemplative spirituality, mysticism, and cosmic wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Day of the Space Voyager is both a fantastic adventure and a provocative parable for the 21st century. \tJames Parker Walker's novel shares the metaphysical wanderings of an old hermit who learns that everything he has ever known is false. His quest for the truth takes him to places he never imagined, experienced on all levels of awareness. The deeper his true identity is revealed, ... more
  • Give Your All to God: Be a Pleasing and Delightful Offering

    by Morris Williams
    God is pleased that you want to devote your entire life to Him? Do you know how to give every part of your life to God? Do you know what spiritual offerings to make that’s acceptable to God through Jesus Christ? Whether you are aware of some, you will not be truly satisfied until you enact all five with God’s help. Also, you engage your mind, legs, inwards, health, and strength with purpose. In this book, Morris Williams shares biblical teaching and amazing experiences to show that you can... more