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  • Resurrecting the Cross

    by Ernest Randolph
    Do you ever wonder why everyone, even Christians, continue to struggle with failing to do the good they want to do? Do you worry about what God thinks of you when you sin? Do you struggle with defining what is morally right and wrong? What if God intended to change the paradigm of the whole world with Christ’s death on the cross by transforming the way we deal with sin and providing the way to restore our relationship with God, others and ourselves? This book explores these questions and explain... more
  • Spiritually Parented

    by Meg Gibbs

    "Spiritually Parented: A Foot in Both Worlds" weaves together stories, gifts, and lessons learned from growing up in a household with a devoted sacred practice. This mother-daughter story is rooted in love, authenticity, and the intricacies of studying a shamanic path as a family. There are guided meditations, exercises, and invitations to explore your own spirituality, along with what it was like growing up as an intuitively gifted child in a world that doesn’t always understand.

    ... more

  • The Way: Meaningful Spirituality for a Modern World

    by Larry Jordan
    The Way integrates religion and science and reconciles Eastern and Western worldviews, confirming with the mystics and the scientists that everyone is related, and everything is connected. This book recognizes the perennial philosophy that underlies many spiritual traditions. The book is clear, fair, insightful, and respectful.
  • Yin Yang: The Elusive Symbol That Explains the World

    by Jack Rasmussen

    Yin Yang focuses on the yin-yang symbol’s prominence in cultures worldwide and its immersive history. Religious leaders, meditation guides, award-winning authors, psychedelic therapists, and business executives provide in-depth conversations about the vital importance of healthy duality within our lives and how to bring mindfulness, spirituality, and harmony into effective leadership.

    Rasmussen is known for making complex topics digestible for his readers. Here, he draws ... more


    by Rejoice Kur
    The art of moving above the line is a booklet on a model called 'above the line and below the line thinking model'. It is a book on personal development and an inspiration to individual leadership journey.
  • The Recrucifixion of Christ by Barack Obama and Christians Who Support Homosexuality and Abortions

    by Elijah Paul

    This book was not written to attack homosexuals, transgenders, and abortionists, but to inform them that God is not pleased with their behavior. God loves all humans and blesses all humans, but he is not pleased with all humans. Just as parents love all their children, the obedient children bring more joy to the life of parents, but parents are not pleased with disobedient children. This book was written to remind Christians who support homosexuality and abortions that God is just as unplease... more

  • Taking On The Legacy of Christ: Volume 2

    by Rj Schuhmeier
    Taking on the legacy of Christ is a book that focuses on a concentrated walk in Christ if we look at The Life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His life was one of purpose, dedication, and vision. This book will encourage you to build your spiritual and natural life with God. As Christians, we must recognize factors around us that lead to spiritual death the Bible tells us that Satan comes to steal Can have life and have more abundantly, kill, and destroy, but Jesus declares that we Can have... more
  • Taking on the Legacy of Christ

    by Rj Schuhmeier
    Taking on the legacy of Christ is a book that focus on a concentrated walk in Christ if we look at The Life of our Lord and savor Jesus Christ his Life was one of Purpose, delegation and vision this book will encourage you to build your spiritual and natural life with God as Christians we must recognize factors around us that Lead to spiritual death. the Bible tells us that satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus declares that we can have life and have it more abundantly.
  • Yoga Wise: 365 Days of Yoga-Inspired Teachings to Transform Your Life

    by Molly Chanson
    With just a page a day, you can connect to your profound inner teacher and transform your life. Molly Chanson provides simple, daily practices that are organized into twelve chapters based on yoga philosophy, psychology, addiction recovery, and her own experiences. These practices are designed to help you align with your truth, find your purpose, and walk through the fire until you gain a new sense of Self. You'll use saucha (cleansing) to clear your inner and outer worlds, pranayama (breathwork... more
  • The Truth About You

    by Bradford Baber
    This book is about you. You arrived in this world with a pure understanding of who you are, where you came from, and why you are here. Along with this, came absolute clarity about the meaning of your life and what is really important and true in this world. Then, during the normal process of growing up, while adapting to the world, and before you could share this truth with your tribe—you forgot. This is a truth-seeker’s journey to remembering who you are, where you came from, and why y... more
  • When the Miracle Doesn't Happen: How to Survive Loss and Find Purpose in the Pain

    by Jalesa Heneke
    Jalesa always dreamed of experiencing the joys of life with her mother at her side: visits with grandchildren, chaotic holidays, and family trips. Instead, just a few months after her 29th birthday, she experienced the loss of her mother. In When the Miracle Doesn’t Happen, Jalesa recounts the last year she spent with her mother who was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Forgiving Like God: A Conversation with Frank, an AI Persona

    by J David Wyatt
    What if an AI and an author uncovered the startling truth about forgiveness? In this fascinating book, their back-and-forth biblical conversation gently shatters misconceptions. You'll uncover forgiveness as God designed it—the life-changing power that restores relationships and heals wounds. No longer does "forgive and forget" seem unrealistic as God's Word transforms perspective. False dichotomies fade as grace lights the path. You'll discover a biblical model that makes forgiveness achievable... more
  • Aatma (The Soul) ISBN 978-93-5529-704-4

    by Durga Sasi Kiran Saripalli
    The original anthology, Aatma is written in Telugu, by Raamaa Chandramouli and reveals the two worlds that man has within and outside. Without marring the beauty of the original, an attempt is made to offer the experiences through 35 selected poems which are translated into English by Durga Sasi Kiran Saripalli. Poet Raamaa Chandramouli is a well-known wizard of a poet and a prolific Telugu writer with fourteen anthologies of poetry out of which six were translated into English. He won countle... more
  • Seed of Simon

    by Michael Goings
    A story of a young African American man who has recurring dream of the trail of suffering of Christ where Simon of Cyrene is compile to carry the cross of Jesus unbeknown to Rafael Smith is historical lineage to Simon.
  • You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are

    by Dave Lanyon

    You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are is a compilation of practical, actionable steps people can take in their lives to better understand themselves using the ancient wisdom of Hermetics.

  • The Transmigration of Depression and Buddhism with the Turn of a Page

    by Michael Boyajian

    A single straw is but a fragile thing, however, a bundle of straws is like steel.  So too this book bundle where a profound change has occurred where as always in Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism first you must make yourself well before you can help others through your practice of Tonglen Meditation.  But today, now, that means projecting love and compassion towards that which you fear in the way of what Ruth King describes as ignited by, The Glance of Mercy.

    The book opens with Socr... more