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  • Etiquette within the Social Dance: Black and White Edition

    by Raul Folea
    Etiquette within the Social Dance teaches you how to reasonably behave on the dance floor. It tells you everything you need to know about the most beautiful unspoken language: the Social Dance. This book is the first step to a more pleasant dance space, for a friendlier and larger community, for increased respect to the dancer next to you. The iBookstore eBook contains 15 videos made by professional dancers, that will help visualize the common conduit errors made on the dance floor, as well as h... more
  • A Primer for Pilgrims (Soul*Sparks Book 5)

    by Steven McFadden
    This eBook – A Primer for Pilgrims – is an invaluable guide to personal spiritual growth, as well as to earth healing. It’s also a collection of riveting and beautifully told true stories about critical geospiritual actions in North America This nonfiction eBook by veteran journalist Steven McFadden also acknowledges, honors, draws from and strives to integrate the many cultures and traditions which have streamed onto Turtle Island (North America) over the last 500 years or so. We have long ... more
  • Teach Us to Number Our Days: A Compilation of Keys for Adept Aging (2nd ed.) (Soul*Sparks Book 4)

    by Steven McFadden
    Throughout history most successful and long-lived civilizations have held a place of respect for elders, and have benefited from their life wisdom. By and large this tradition is missing today, to the detriment not only of elders but also of society. This inspirational Soul*Sparks title from author and editor Steven McFadden offers a sagacious compilation of keys for adept aging. True elders are people who have gracefully accepted the passage of time, integrated their life experience with ... more
  • Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for One and All (Soul*Sparks Book 2)

    by Steven McFadden
    This refreshingly original ebook offers a concise but potent compendium of both contemporary and ancient North American (Turtle Island) wisdom teachings that may help guide the Human Beings through our ongoing era of transition. AUTHOR: It has been my destiny to travel with many contemporary Native American spiritual elders, and to hear many of the teachings they offer about the Earth and about the era of transition in which we live. This ebook is my effort to distill and then to express some... more
  • Blurry Daydream: When Faith Feels Like Make Believe

    by Anthony Does
    The author of Blurry Daydream has outlined a creative work merging motivation and memoir that leads to the intersection between faith and life. Using imagination, curiosity and trust, Anthony Does has penned a most personal book as he provides a heartbreakingly honest and insightful portrayal of how to overcome the struggles of make believe religion to reconnect to real and meaningful belief. Ample stories mixed with wonder and humor quickly leads the reader into its pages. A wise and passionate... more
  • Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Myths & Mysteries for Our Times

    by Steven McFadden
    Tales of the Whirling Rainbow: Authentic Myths & Mysteries is a journalist’s account of some of the key myths and mysteries of the Americas, and an electrifying exploration of how those myths are echoed in real time. Veteran journalist Steven McFadden weaves the living myths together seamlessly in a tightly written ebook that is highly authoritative, informative, and soul-resonant.
  • Breath of Life: Living God's Promise of Peace in the 7 Dimensions of Wellness

    by Karen Ferguson
    Breath of Life is an insightful twenty-one-day devotional designed to appeal to the busy person. Join the journey, and discover a balanced, whole-being approach to wellness that is centered on the spirit-breathed Word of God. Inspiring and practical, each daily devotional explores one of the seven dimensions of wellness that contribute to optimal well-being and presents a My Daily Breath section that includes one or more of the following: • A song recommendation for inspiration • A verse for med... more
  • Learned by Heart: Dialogues with my Father

    by Dr. Milton S. Klein

    This book provides a fascinating interplay between medicine and Talmudic wisdom addressing themes of love, life, death, and core beliefs. It was born from a posthumous conversation between a cardiologist and his father, a rabbi and philosophy professor. 

  • Serving Others/978-1-4787-7913-1

    by John Koenig, PhD and John F. Kamwendo, ThD
    The book makes it clear that there is a profound and indissoluble unity between mankind and the need to help (serve) others. They stress that “service to others” is the foundational vocation of humanity and should be expressed in all areas of our lives. It reminds us that “Every profession involves serving or attending to other people in one-way or another and that we are to ‘love one another’ and provide acts of charity and service to those we encounter each day while protecting against consid... more
  • You Can Change The World: Be A Change Wizard and Get It Like You Like It

    by Bever-leigh Banfield
    You have an ultimate magic within you, capable of transforming yourself, your life and everything that exists. You needn’t fear change, leave it to others, or get stuck with whatever happens next. You can pull heaven right out of your hat with the alchemy of your heart and mind. You just have to know how to use your abracadabra presto change-o. You can make things disappear or pop up because you are the change you crave. Your dream is a reality somewhere, ready for you to experience it by making... more
  • Who Told You That You Were Naked? A Refreshing Reexamination of the Garden of Eden

    by William Combs
    In his recent book, William Combs takes a creative and compassionate look at sin, starting where it all began – in the Garden of Eden. There. sees innocence and good intentions gone wrong in that tumultuous afternoon. Combs brings a scholar’s mind and a pastor’s heart to finding fresh ways of challenging Christians to understand one of the most basic concepts of Christian believers – that of sin in our lives and in the world – and living with the effects of us knowing we are, outside of Christ, ... more
  • What Does God Do from 9 to 5?

    by Ronald R Johnson

    "What role does God play in our lives while we're working?" That's the question that two young professionals, Dayton and Savannah, set out to answer. With the help of a unique discussion group led by Dr. Grizzled Mane, Philosopher-in-Residence at the Cathedral of Our Lord (C.O.O.L.), they begin to view the work world as a web of stories, with God acting as both observer and participant. 
    Along the way, they consider other questions: 
     ... more

  • Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ

    by Ron Johnson
    This book gives an insider's view of what happens in the daily routine of a customer service call center. It also tells how one person overcame some of his call center's inherent challenges through prayer.
  • Wisdom Better Than Wishing: Book 1 in the 1 Month Wiser Series

    by Kristi Bridges
    In 31 days, you could recognize when God is guiding you and move confidently through life. Your relationships could be less stressful and more enjoyable. You could love being you! The book of Proverbs is an operating manual for humans. Wisdom - Better than Wishing uses the practical Proverbs to connect you to our deeply personal Creator. Get the journal as well!
  • Stories from the Well

    by Tracy Medling
    Everyone has battles to face in this life. Each one has the potential to make us better or bitter, depending on our attitude and the resources we use to address them. The bigger the battle, the greater the degree of damage it can cause – or the higher the elevation from the victory over it. We often begin from the position of defeat, unable to see the path to triumph. We inherently know there must be a way to overcome it, yet we seem to get bogged down in all too familiar frustrations. We w... more
  • The Power of Choices

    by Tracy Medling
    Abortion is a power-packed and heated subject of much controversy. It is deeply personal, politically charged, and fraught with emotion from both sides of the debate. It is also the subject of many individual testimonies of pain, regret, physical damage, and personal heartache. The Power of Choices is one woman’s personal testimony of her journey through this emotional minefield. It is a look back at the progression of choices that resulted in the most pain-inducing decision of her life, the co... more