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  • Holy Hodgepodge!

    by Paul E. Sago
    We often claim that religion is the most important facet of our lives. It determines the quality of life here and in the hereafter, yet we give it little serious thought. Our beliefs are arranged. We simply borrow or accept what someone else tells us. It is customary?and generally expected?that we follow the same religious patterns and preferences as our parents and grandparents.<p> In <i>Holy Hodgepodge</i>, author Paul E. Sago invites us to think seriously about our religious... more
  • Success Clone is in You

    by Chinedu Ihekwoaba
    Many dreams have been shattered because they couldn't find the right channel to visualize it. Potentials are not developed and skills are being buried daily. Seeing success as a chance or luck has to be eradicated. Everyone has got success adrenaline.
  • Project Domino Effect: Secrets to Creating Long-Lasting Success for Millennials

    by Vanessa Gowora
    A book that explores various ways you can change your life by focusing on crucial factors that determine success. This book uses a proven method many successful people and experts use to improve their life and deliver results. It also shows the various ways young people can change their lives by using this proven method to do just that. This book was written by a millennial for millennials and proves that success is within reach if you are willing to learn how to achieve it.
  • Sons and Dads: Who Will Reconcile Them?

    by Humphrey Muciiri
    Dad's behavior communicates a lot to his son. In traditional families, a son looks up to his dad as a model for his behavior. When a dad creates opportunities for free discussions with his son, the son grows up respecting and trusting him as his model. On the other hand, when a dad becomes authoritarian, lays down rules and regulations for his son without adequate and reasonable explanations or discussions, the son may resent it, feel alienated, and seek other avenues, albeit honorable or dis... more
  • The Bible Is a Single Book

    by H Doyle Smith
    As a child the author was taught to read the Bible, memorize verses and learn the Bible completely. After meditation on it for over sixty years he had the insight that this book shows. The Bible is really simple, and a single book with a clear outline. People who have added or subtracted from what it teaches have found that conflict almost always follows. By understand what this book teaches, people have enjoyed life more and contributed to it more effectively.
  • I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent

    by joyce wilson-sanford
    I PRAY ANYWAY—Devotions for the Ambivalent by Joyce Wilson-Sanford is comprised of 365 daily reflections and 12 monthly personal stories. It tells of the author’s return to a prayer/devotions practice as she shares her own very naked, very funny, very touching prayers and reflections. The book also shares Joyce’s personal history of bumps and bruises both in her life and in her spiritual growth. This is not a didactic book. The author has no answers for others, but shares how and why she prays. ... more
  • Closer To Truth Closer To Love

    by Black Warrior
    BOOK DESCRIPTION Question! Do we as a human family know who we are or who we were Created to be? Unfortunately for the majority of us, I’ll have to say the answer is No. Which means we’re not anywhere close to realizing our full potential and being at our absolute best. How could we possibly be, when we’ve been maliciously lied to at every turn and are totally confused about our origins and our purpose? The hard Truth is We Are Lost! Some of us are still trying to figure out whether we a... more
  • Come as You're Not

    by Micah Ann Duckett
    Come as You're Not is a platform for hope and encouragement based on true overcoming stories from Micah Duckett's life. Utilizing the have, am, and are not examples of being human, Micah showcases God's character, care, and provision in an accessible, easy-to-read format full of depth and wisdom. Come as you're not because God welcomes you as you are.
  • Renew Your Hope! Remedy for Personal Breakthroughs

    by Pamela Christian

    Second book in the award-winning Faith to Live By series market copy reads:

    More than ever before, most people are finding it difficult to remain optimistic about their life and their future. So much has failed--marriage, family and personal relations, the job and economic markets government, education and even the Church. In whom or what can we find the hope and personal breakthroughs we desperately need? Clearly there is no hope in our natural existence. There never has been. That is ... more

  • Examine Your Faith!: Finding Truth in a World of Lies

    by Pamela Christian

    First book in the award-winning Faith to Live By market copy reads:

    Well-meaning people want to believe all roads lead to the same God and heaven. But wanting something to be true is far different from truth lining up with reality. Unless you make an intentional effort to examine what you believe and why you believe as you do, it's possible you are living your life on the basis of a lie and don't know you are. * What is truth? * Is it relative or absolute? * Is it personal or un... more

  • Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart

    by Pamela Christian

    Third book in the award-winnig Faith to Live By series, Revive Your Life! Rest for Your Anxious Heart is written to help people discover truth about life's meaning and purpose, and step into a reformation that will change the world for the better one life at a time. The significant impact you long to make is possible. Revive Your Life! is written so you can become all you were meant to be. Endorsed by Bill Johnson, Dr. Richard Land, and James Goll.

  • The Legacy Family: Father, Son, and “Holy Coach”

    by Kip Kolson
    You've seen it, heard the stories, and maybe it has happened in your family?the dissension, fighting, greed, and legal actions when an inheritance is up for grabs. You?re thinking, ?That won?t happen in our family.? Think again! It has been statistically proven that 70 percent of wealth is lost each time it transitions to the next generation and is completely gone when the third generation passes. Two primary factors are loss of trust and breakdown in communications. Working with families of all... more
  • Keeping Your Gratitude Intact Journal

    by Angelique L'Amour
    Gratitude. One of the kindest things you can do for yourself is to find gratitude in your life. You can find something every day to be grateful for from small things such as lip balm to large things like a child’s love. Keeping a list of things to be grateful for on a daily basis will help you keep focused on what really matters, and also help you hold onto your positive attitude. Keeping Your Gratitude Intact Journal is a wonderful companion to Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools, How To Go Through Ch... more
  • Hang in There: Quotes & Meditations for Spiritual Survival

    by Jeanette Bishop and Helen Varga

    With all the stress of daily living, how do you keep your spiritual sanity in an instant gratification filled world? Readers feeling disheartened and devalued will discover a compilation of quotes and meditations inspired by Spirit to have faith when one is in doubt and losing hope while staying on the course of love. The authors share both new as well as previous spiritual communication retrieved from their books WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fe... more

  • Questions of the Spirit

    by Brent Green

    In Questions of the Spirit, author Brent Green guides readers through a thoughtful and inspirational journey of eighteen chapters.

    Each chapter explores a significant question about mortal existence, the nature of loss, and life’s most difficult challenges. Evocative chapter themes include: What was your first experience of loss? Is there value in suffering? Have you been blessed? After each chapter, additional questions inspire further contemplation and... more

  • The Secret Wisdom of The New Jewish People

    by Galorian Creations
    New Guide Reveals: How You Can Make A Change To The World By Following These New Secret Jewish Wisdom's. INTRODUCTION The background to writing this guide is a common concern for the fate of humanity. Therefore this guide is published in order to provide everyone with the tools to create major change and raising humanity on a new path – and it all starts with YOU. Sometimes the secret is in seeing things from a different angle, a different perspective from the one you have been used to, ed... more