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  • AZTEC AUTOPSIES & Mariachi Murals: Poems

    by David Gershator
    David Gershator visits and re-visits Mexico in poems ranging from headline grabbing news clips to lyrical love poems, from fiery fulminations to hallucinatory visions. As translator/editor of Federico García Federico’s SELECTED LETTERS and student of the poet’s brother, Francisco García Lorca, he takes cues from Lorca’s experiments in POETA EN NUEVA YORK; from countless rancheras and corridos; from the historical continuity of myth, madness, politics and pain; and from Inga Clendinnen’s descript... more
  • Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter

    by Nancy Bevilaqua
    The poems that make up the collection Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter are, for the most part, about my vision of what the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have been like (I do believe that they were married and/or had an intimate relationship), and what it must have been like for them and the people around them to live in that place at that time and under those circumstances. I've drawn on the New Testament and some of the non-canonical, "gnostic" gospels, as well as on my own ... more
  • The Sky and the Sea: Poetry and Prose

    by Kevin J. Johnson
    The Sky and the Sea is a collection of poetry (and two short stories) covering a number of different styles (sonnets, villanelle, haiku, rhyming couplets, freestyle) and a number of different subjects (religion, philosophy, astronomy, biology, racism, sexism). Influences include The book of Genesis, John Donne, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Anne Sexton, Malcolm X, Isaac Azimov, Elaine Morgan, Tursiops truncatus and more.
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  • Island Under the Sea

    by Ron Raye
  • After the Night Rain: Haiku

    After the Night Rain, a book of contemporary haiku, celebrates the concept of place. Set in northern Minnesota, the lake country of northern Wisconsin, South Carolina's Lowcountry, locations elsewhere in the US, China, Europe, hospitals, even the "place" of being a grandparent, these little poems will ripple your memory bank, leaving you saying "There! I've felt that, too..."
  • Arias of Ecstasy

    by Michele Krueger
    This collection of devotional poems explores the transformative relationship between a Spiritual Master and the devotee over the span of 40 years.
  • The Fairy Tales Mammals Tell

    by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta
    "Elisabeth McKetta taps fairy tales and, presto, they transform themselves into living things that reach out and tug at us, reminding us of the exquisite fragility in 'once upon a time.' Hers is a Proustian adventure that reinvents the fairy tale for us, infusing it with the drama of times past." — Maria Tatar, author of The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales
  • Hamilton Troll meets Whitaker Owl

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    While listening to the sounds of the night, Hamilton Troll hears something that scares him. He soon discovers that it is a young owl named Whitaker who is being taught by his parents how to hoot. Unfortunately Whitaker needs a lot of practice. After the lesson is over, Hamilton and Whitaker go for a walk only to discover a large bear entering the area. Worried for their friends who may not be able to get to safety, Whitaker comes up with a daring plan to scare the bear away.
  • Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Meet Chatterton Squirrel, the smallest in his family and the most frightened. While Chatterton's parents were teaching their young how to leap from tree to tree, Chatterton kept looking down at the ground, worried that he would fall. Hamilton noticed how scared Chatterton looked and decided he should help. In the end, Chatterton was able to take the big leap and make his family proud! This story helps those who are afraid of trying new things and shows there is always a way, so long as you b... more
  • Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Meet Skeeter, an excitable skunk who just wants to join Hamilton Troll and the other critters in their big Stick-Nut Game. However, Skeeter has a little problem. Whenever he gets scared or startled, out comes a Pe-Yew! So it is up to Hamilton and his friends to help Skeeter control his smelly-problem so he too can play in the game. Join Skeeter in this stinky, funny day of adventure and share in his excitement as he experiences the thrill of making true friends and getting to play in the big... more
  • Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Rudy is not a very nice rat according to Rosa Raccoon and the other children. He does bad things and says mean stuff and no one wants to play with him. So Hamilton decides to have a talk with Rudy. However, when Rudy Rat sees Hamilton Troll, he gets so afraid he runs off, which clues in Hamilton that Rudy may need a friend more than they thought. Hamilton then encourages the children to put their 'PAWS' together for friendship. Pause what you are doing, Approach, Welcome Rudy to join the gam... more
  • Hamilton Troll meets Barney Bee

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Meet Barney Bee, a very sweet, yet plumply round bumble bee who spends his day flying from flower to flower eating pollen. In fact, Barney Bee loves pollen so much he 'comes down' with hefty problem. Join Hamilton Troll as he spends the day following Barney Bee around and learning some pretty interesting facts about bumble bees as well as the names of a few Texas wildflowers.
  • Hamilton Troll meets Elwood Woodpecker

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Meet Elwood Woodpecker, who gains quite a headache after discovering petrified wood! Hamilton Troll remembers that the beaver brothers, Baxter & Boswell, learn about this so the go to learn more. This story teaches about petrified wood, how it is made, beavers and how they build dams as well as how their teeth grow constantly.
  • Hamilton Troll meets Dinosaurs

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and are now extinct yet they left behind clues that tell their story. Hamilton Troll comes across one of those clues, a fossil, that leads him and the Beaver Brothers up the river to a dinosaur museum where they learn so much about these prehistoric animals, including how big some of them were. However it is when Hamilton Troll walks up to a hatching nest of eggs and meets these dinosaurs first hand that he discovers how great and magnificent these crea... more
  • Shadowstyx by Valkyri, Poetry and Prose of Depression

    by Valeri Kathleen Paxton-Steele
    Sometimes charming, sometimes raw, this is a collection of poetry from a woman who has been diagnosed as with manic-depression. She takes us on an unexpected journey from the dreams of a little girl, to the abuse victim, to the ultimate survivor in spite of her trials. She speaks frequently of the occult, abuse, abandonment, loss, death and suicide. A must read for those who have been traumatized by childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence and depression; as well as those who love and car... more